5 Hacks to Get More Engagement on Your Snapchat Profile

Although Snapchat was first released in 2011, more than 10 years ago, this service is still growing more than ever. Moreover, it seems like its future is even brighter.

For business owners, Snapchat is a goldmine, its snaps can be very profitable to you and your brand. With the rise of Instagram and TikTok, Snapchat surprisingly still averages 306 million daily users, and that’s 5+ billion snapshots.

In addition to that, the Snapchat audience is generally young people. According to the Statista Research Department, as of the 3rd quarter of 2020, 78% of Snapchat users are people aged 15 — 35 years.

So, it is understandable that Snapchat is still one of the leading social platforms in the world, do not underestimate the power it has and grows. Unlike other social platforms, reaching out to the world in Snapchat might be a bit harder.

Nice Hacks to Get More Engagement on Your Snapchat Profile

So what to do to win over this app? Whether you’re a Snapchat newbie or a digital marketer seeking new hacks, we will discuss how to engage more followers and get your snaps more and more views.

Post more frequently

Just like on Instagram, they first show the most recent posted stories to all the users, hence, your posts need to be at top of your Snappers’ feed, the higher it is, the more probable they are to see it.

However, think thoroughly of the content and choose your strategy wisely. Snapchat is quite smart to drop you down if you just fire up meaningless posts one after another.

There are various techniques on how to make your snaps look amazing, for example, through Snapchat filters online introduced by VistaCreate’s design team. You may edit your stuff to create your own astonishing Snapchat Geofilters and pack together all your amazing memories and moments.

Do not forget about your picture quality: your story may be good, but if the quality is not, Snappers may lose their interest quite quickly. If graphic design or photography is not your strength, do not be afraid to call on the pros or leverage quality stock images.

Use your brand to share your Snapchat

You may consider mentioning and sharing your Snapchat account through:

  • E-newsletter
  • Blog
  • During events
  • Business letters
  • Other announcements

Remember, social media platforms make a lot of people burn out a little, or not. Netizens do not want to see the same content on each social media platform.

The format of Snapchat almost demands you to create unique content that you cannot share on other services. To attract more Snapchat users, post exclusive teasers with some of your offers.Snapchat

Suggest a Conversaion

Snapchat can be your communication tool with other Snappers not only one-way. This can help increase your views and get the most of your small Snapchat subscriber base.

Some brands use this approach very smartly. They used Snapchat’s video calling feature to communicate directly with their customers one-to-one. Not only is it a valuable way to connect with customers and answer their questions, but also use what you’ve learned from those conversations to improve your Snapchat strategy.

Your main goal here is to make sure that your audience feels valued whenever possible. Thus, rewarding them for taking the time out of their day to watch your snaps by offering deals or gifts exclusively to them, will only strengthen your authority.

Take risks with Snapchat

Brands may see Snapchat as a riskier platform to engage their customers. However, the rewards for such risk can be enormous. Snapchat not only empowers you to grab the attention of a young audience, but its flexible and short format forces you to get creative with marketing in ways you never imagined.

You can spend a significant chunk of your marketing budget on Snapchat if you want to, but some of the top-performing accounts have very low budgets. Snapchat is also a great starting point for new brands.

If your brand is not suitable for direct communication, you still have the opportunity to receive feedback from your followers. 

Always Give Value

The secret of great content is always the value that stands behind it. Which value is great depends on your brand, what it is like and who your targeting audience is. When being a famous person, snaps about your personal life will definitely rocket.

If you are a mere businessman or businesswoman, you might want to think about your content strategy. Clearly, educating your audience is the simplest way to give value to your content.Content

It will not only speak about who you are but also make you an influencer, which gives you a great start to further promote your product. 

No matter what you choose to do, continue trying, learning, engaging and experimenting. And it pays off many times over. We hope this post provides you with all the necessary info to hit the ground running!

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