Samsung Washer UB Code

How to Fix Samsung Washer UB Code

Maybe you’ve started a wash cycle and you’re close to midway, then your Samsung washer suddenly stops working and you are seeing a UB error code. It only means one

Samsung washer not draining

How to Fix Samsung Washer Not Draining

You have just completed a wash cycle only to discover the issue of the Samsung washer not draining, and you are wondering what you can do to resolve the issue

samsung washer ur code

How to Fix Samsung Washer UR Code

As a new user, seeing the Samsung washer UR code might be strange to you. But you don’t need to panic as it doesn’t mean your dishwasher is spoilt. When

Samsung dc washer

How to Fix Samsung Washer DC Code

Have you been using your Samsung washing machine for a while now? Then you must have encountered several error codes being displayed on the display screen with different meanings. In

Samsung washer nf code

What is the Samsung Washer NF Code

Have you tried using your washer, but you have been encountering the Samsung washer NF code and have been wondering what it means and how you can resolve it. Then

Samsung washer code SE

What is Samsung Washer Code SE

Is the code SE appearing on your washer, and you have been wondering what the Samsung washer code SE means? Then read through this article to learn what it means

Samsung washer SE code

How to Fix Samsung Washer SE Code

Have you been getting the Samsung washer SE code and wondered how to fix it? Then you are reading the right article, as this article will explain the reason for

Samsung Washer Self Clean

What is Samsung Washer Self Clean

Samsung washers are known for efficiency and durability, but they must be handled with care to ensure a smooth running of your washer. You need to regularly clean your Samsung

Samsung dishwasher not draining

How to Fix Samsung Dishwasher Not Draining

Samsung dishwasher not draining issues is a persistent problem faced by all models of dishwasher. This problem is often due to a clogged or blocked connection between the dishwasher and

How to charge Samsung gear s2 without dock

How to Charge Samsung Gear S2 without Dock

One of the things that might have prompted this question about how can you charge your Samsung gear S2 without the dock is when your Samsung Galaxy Watch battery is