Activate Fandangonow on Various Streaming Devices

In this article, we will put you through ways on how you can activate FandangoNow on various supported streaming devices.

You can visit the FandangoNow activation webssite by navigating to to activate your chosen device once the  FandangoNow activation code is available for your device.

FandangoNow is a streaming service on Roku (and other streaming devices) with limitless access to interesting shows and movies. To get this wonderful channel you have to join Roku to activate the FandangoNow app on your streaming device. 

FandangoNow (VUDU) provides the 3D watching option of both historical and modern 3D films for users who have 3D televisions or video projector watching sets. The FandangoNow channel also offers a vast reward system giving the viewers’ points and offering about 10%, 15%, or 20% discount depending on the purchase done.

Follow through this article as I take you through the process involved in signing in to a FandangoNow account, activating the FandangoNow app on various compatible streaming devices like Roku, Apple TV, Android TV, Occulus, Xbox, etc. In case you encounter activation issues, some troubleshooting tips that will help you solve the issue have been stated below for your perusal. Enjoy!

What is FandangoNow?

FandangoNow offers a free online streaming service and TV information, in addition to its secondary companies like Flixster,, and Rotten Tomatoes.

FandangoNow is an American-based ticketing company that sells tickets for movies on its mobile app and website. In the early part of 2016, FandangoNow bought M-GO which was then changed to FandangoNow.

Fandango bought Vudu in July 2020 and in August 2021, FandagoNow later integrated into Vudu. Fandango decided to keep their “Vudu” name since it was the main service with a larger customer base. And since then, you need to go to to link Fandango and your streaming device.

Streaming Devices Compatible On FandangoNow

Not all devices are supported by FandangoNow, the ones that are compatible with it are listed below:

  • Roku
  • Xbox
  • Chromecast
  • Amazon fire stick
  • Android
  • Apple
  • Oculus
  • Computer

Smart TVs that support FandangoNow

The following are brands of smart TVs that support FandangoNow:

  • Samsung
  • LG
  • Vizio
  • Hisense
  • Android
  • Sony
  • Roku
  • Vewd

Sign in to FandangoNow Account

To sign in to the FandangoNow account, you need to visit the account login page after your FandangoNow account has been activated. You can then sign in to watch and access the features online seamlessly. Once you have logged in, you will be able to access a vast range of services, watch new releases, favorite shows, and more interesting content. Follow the steps below:

  • Visit the account login page to sign in with the account already created on your FandangoNow account by using the link. 
  • Tab the “Sign in” button which is located at the upper right-hand corner of the page.
  • You will be prompted to enter the correct details of your “email address” and “password”.
  • Just before tapping “Sign in”, you need to verify the CAPTCHA.
  • After signing in, then you can now access all options on FandangoNow.Activate FandangoNow

How to Restore FandangoNow Login Password

You can reset your FandangoNow password by navigating to In case you forgot your password and you can’t log in to your FandangoNow account, follow the steps below to restore your FandangoNow Login Password:

  • Select the “Sign in” option, located at the top-right-hand part of this page.
  • Click the “forgot password” option.
  • You will need to provide your correct email address so that you can receive a link to reset your password.
  • Tap on the link sent to your email address and follow the instructions carefully to reset your password for your account.

I hope you can sign in now since you have been able to reset your password.

Activate FandangoNow on TV

Here are steps to activate FandangoNow on your television, follow the steps below:

  • Download and Install the FandangoNow application from the bright TV app Store.
  • After installation, go to
  • Submit the 5 digit activation code displayed on your television.
  • Tap the “Activate” button.
  • After the activation process, create an account on FandangoNow.
  • Now, you can have access to all content of FandangoNow on your television.

Activate FandangoNow on Roku device

Here are steps to activate FandangoNow on your Roku device, follow the steps below:

  • Go to the home menu by tapping the remote’s button.
  • On the left side of your screen, locate the search bar.
  • Navigate to the streaming channels section.
  • After doing the above, select the streaming channels you want to access on the Roku channel store.
  • Search to locate the channel you will like to include.
  • Then, click OK on the remote control to open the channel. 
  • Select the Add channel option to add free channels.
  • With Fandango, you will have to rent or purchase some of the shows or movies to be able to stream them.Activate FandangoNow

Activate FandangoNow on Apple TV

Below are steps to activate FandangoNow on your Apple TV, follow the steps below:

  • Turn on your Apple TV, and set up the FandangoNow application.
  • An activation code to activate will be displayed on your screen.
  • Navigate to the FandogoNow Activation page,
  • Enter the activation code, then tap the button to activate.
  • Now the FandangoNow app will be accessible on your Apple TV.

Now, you can search and watch your favorite programs with FandangoNow with the Apple TV!Activate FandangoNow

How to Chromecast FandangoNow 

FandangoNow offers indigenous support to the Chromecast. You can cast FandangoNow contents from the mobile applications on Android or iPhone. To Chromecast FandangoNow from a computer, you have to cast the FandangoNow site through the Google Chrome browser tab. FandangoNow works with Chromecast effectively. You need the following basically:

  • A Chromecast device connected to your TV via HDMI port or.
  • A Chromecast in-built TV

From Smartphone: Chromecast FandangoNow 

  • Ensure your Andriod or IOS smartphone and your Chromecast device or Chromecast in-built TV are connected to the same WiFi network.
  • Download the FandangoNow app on your Android phone from the Play Store and the App Store if you are using your iOS phone.
  • Log in to your account with the correct details.
  • Select a movie that you purchased or rented. Play it!
  • Click on the cast icon located on the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Select your Chromecast device or Chromecast in-built TV from the list of available devices.
  • Now, all the app contents will be streamed to your TV seamlessly.

From Computer: Chromecast FandangoNow

  • Ensure your Mac or Windows computer and your Chromecast device or Chromecast in-built TV are connected to the same WiFi network.
  • Be sure to open the Chrome browser on your PC or Laptop.
  • Navigate to
  • Log in to your account using your correct details.
  • Click on anywhere on the screen (but not near an image or link) and select the Cast option.
  • Your computer will search for the available devices automatically.
  • Ensure you select the Cast Tab option from the Sources dropdown.
  • Be sure to select the Chromecast device to which you want to watch the contents.
  • Now, all the FandangoNow contents will be streamed to the TV. Select and play any of your favorite movies.Activate FandangoNow

How to Activate FandangoNow on Fire TV

Below are steps to activate FandangoNow on your Fire TV, follow the steps below:

  • Set up the FandangoNow application on your Fire TV.
  • Note down your FandangoNow activation code displayed on the TV’s screen.
  • Navigate to using any browser on your PC or smartphone.
  • Enter the activation code in the provided box before clicking the activate button.
  • After the activation process, then FandangoNow is now activated on your Fire TV.

You can now enjoy streaming FandangoNow content on your connected TV with Fire TV.Activate FandangoNow

Activate FandangoNow on Android TV

Below are steps to activate FandangoNow on your Android TV, follow the steps below:

  • Download and Install FandangoNow via the app store on the Android Smart TV.
  • After installing the FandangoNow app, go to to activate it on your Android TV.
  • Enter the five-digit activation code shown on your TV.
  • Tap the “Activate” button for activation. 
  • After you have done that, you need to either sign up for a FandangoNow account or log in with an existing account.

That’s it!! You’re now ready to connect your Android TV to get access to all FandangoNow’s features as well as shows.Activate FandangoNow

Activate FandangoNow on Xbox

FandangoNow app is now available for download on Xbox One. From latest releases to classic favorites, FandangoNow allows you to watch the latest movies and TV shows from your Xbox straight away with no need for a subscription. Follow the steps below to activate FandangoNow on your Xbox game console:

  • Switch on your Xbox console.
  • Go to the Xbox app store to download and install the FandangoNow app.
  • After installation, go to to activate it on your Xbox.
  • Input the five-digit activation code displayed on your TV in the provided field.
  • Tap the “Activate” button for activation.
  • Create a FandangoNow account if you haven’t.
  • Now, you can access all content of FandangoNow on your television via your Xbox.Activate FandangoNow

Activate FandangoNow on Mobile App

It is quite straightforward to sign up for a new account via the FandangoNow website or via the app. Below are steps to activate FandangoNow on Mobile App, follow the steps below:

  • The Roku app is accessible on both Android and iOS devices.
  • Launch the Roku mobile application first.
  • Search for the channels you want to stream in the menu located at the bottom of the screen.
  • Check out the list of channels in the categories to find the channels you are searching for.
  • You will be prompted to sign in to the Roku account.
  • Tap on the icon of the channel to get more details about it.
  • Select the Add Channel button to add the content you have chosen.
  • In case the channel is not free, then you will need to pay for it.

Activate FandangoNow via Web

It is quite straightforward to sign up for a new account via the FandangoNow website or via the app. Below are steps to activate FandangoNow via the website, follow the steps below:

  • Go to the Roku store online by signing in using Roku’s correct account information.
  • Carefully search for the channels’ categories or find the channels you like to add to your list.
  • Submit the details to get more details about the channel, like the synopsis as well as the price
  • Tap on the Add channel option to add the channel to your device.
  • In case you already chose the paid channel, you will receive a prompt to complete the purchase on FandangoNow activate.
  • You will then receive a confirmation via your website.

Activate FandangoNow on Smart TV

Not all smart TVs are supported by the FandangoNow app, the supported smart TV list has been listed above, be sure your smart TV is one of the compatible TVs on FandangoNow. Below are steps to activate FandangoNow on smart TVs, follow the steps below:

  • Choose “Fandango VIP” on the web, enter your valid email address. 
  • Create a password you can always remember.
  • FandangoNow is available on tablets, smart TVs, and smartphones at
  • Now, you can watch your favorite films and TV shows without any hassle.
  • The next page will display “Activate”, click on the Activate button.
  • You can also add your most loved genre or content to your watchlist, and you’ll be asked to activate your device.
  • Go to
  • Use the activation code gotten from your TV, smartphone, tablet, or computer.
  • Enter the activation code in the provided box on your television. 
  • Now you need to Log in with the correct FandangoNow details to create an account.
  • Use your FandangoNow account to make various purchases. 
  • You will then receive a confirmation via your website.Activate FandangoNow

Activate FandangoNow on Oculus Device

Below are steps to activate FandangoNow on Oculus device, follow the steps below:

Tap Sign-in or Join, then select the Settings tab. You will be asked to turn on your device.

On mobile

  • A message will be sent to your phone’s Oculus friend app.
  • It is important to add the URL to the action page and the code you want to use.
  • To begin the activation process, click the link, and a resizable browser for the web will open.

On Device

  • It will begin with the Oculus web browser, which will allow users to begin the process of activating their device.

Can’t Activate FandangoNow? Try these Fixes!

Are you experiencing issues with activation? You can contact the customer support department for Roku for assistance. Many users do complain that the FandangoNow app crashes oftentimes and there’s no solution to fix the issue. Some other users can’t even open the app.

However, before then, you can try the following fixes stated below and see if any of them will solve your FandangoNow activation issues:

Solve issues with a movie or show

  • Ensure your device uses the latest version of Google Play Movies and TV.
  • Close and reopen the FandangoNow app.
  • Start your device again.
  • After the system restarts, play your movie or show again.

Try another solid internet connection

You might need to change your internet connection, then play your movie or show again.

  • In case you’re connected to your mobile network, change the connection to the Wi-Fi network.
  • Are you connected to Wi-Fi? Then, connect to your mobile network. Depending on your data plan, streaming or downloading a movie or show may end in additional charges.

Empty the FandangoNow app’s cache

  • Open the Settings app on your device.
  • Click Apps & notifications >> See all apps.
  • Click Google Play Movies & TV.
  • Click Storage & cache >> Clear cache.
  • Play your movie or show again.

Download your movie or show

  • Open Google Play Movies & TV on your device.
  • Click the Library located at the bottom of the screen.
  • Select your movie or show to stream.
  • Click on Download.

Now, you can stream various FandangoNow content seamlessly without any hassle. Enjoy!

In case you tried all the troubleshooting tips listed above and none worked for you, kindly reach out to their customer representative to drop your complaints. I hope this article was helpful in a way or two? Let’s know in the comment section below. For a related article, click here to read more.

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