How to Create ADESA Login and Place Bids on Auction Cars


ADESA is a web portal that specializes in providing wholesales car auction for professional car sellers and buyers. ADESA login links car auction buyer to car auction sellers, open ground for car auction where interested buyers place a bid and the highest bidder wins the option when it comes to an end.

Other ADESA services apart from bringing professional car sellers to professional car buyers via auction include;

  • Vehicle manufacturers
  • Rental companies
  • Financial institutions
  • Fleet managers
  • Independent dealers
  • Franchise dealers

To create ADESA login you need AuctionACCESS code which is provided by

AuctionACCESS Requirements

The following requirements are needed to create an AuctionACCESS membership to be able to create an ADESA Login.

Membership Number

An AuctionACCESS membership number is a nine-digit number beginning with (1) which can be found below the AuctionACCESS CARD. So, if you have an AuctionACCESS card your membership number can be found below the photo in the card.

Photo ID Number

Photo ID number is the number on the means of identification you provided to AuctionACCESS to create your AuctionACCESS login. The number varies depending on the photo type you provided during AuctionACCESS registration.

Create AuctionACCESS Code

Therefore, we’ll proceed to create AuctionACCESS to generate AuctionACCESS code to create ADESA login.AuctionACCESS Code

  1. Go to AuctionACCESS web page
  2. Click on “Create Username” under “Manage Membership” tag
  3. Enter your Membership number
  4. Provide your date of birth
  5. Select a “Photo ID type” (Driver’s License, Mexican voter’s card, Passport, & State/Province ID.
  6. Type your Photo ID number
  7. Click on “Continue” to the top right

Follow the instruction on the next window to complete your AuctionACCESS account.

How to Create ADESA Login

Get an AuctionACCESS code at the back of your AuctionACCESS card and follow the procedures in this guide to create your ADESA car auction site login.

  1. Go to ADESA homepage web portal.
  2. Click “Register” to the top right.
  3. Enter your AuctionACCESS number (9 digits below your AuctionACCESS card photo).
  4. Enter Your Date of Birth (DoB).
  5. Enter the last 4 digits of your photo ID you used while registering on AuctionACCESS website.
  6. Type a “valid” email address and confirm the email address.
  7. Enter the verification code and click “Continue”.
  8. Fill the business registration form
  9. Select your franchise and click on “Next”
  10. Create your user login and provide other relevant information
  11. Click “Submit”

An email confirming your registration will be forwarded to your email to confirm your registration. Next, you will be able to sign in to your ADESA ACCOUNT and place a bid on your favourite auction car or place your car for auction on

Reset ADESA Password

This covers a quick approach to reset ADESA password.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Forgot username/password” to the top right.
  3. Enter your “ADESA username”.
  4. Click “Continue”.

Follow the instruction on your screen to reset and change password to auction account. For further assistance, contact ADESA support on (1)-888-526-7326 to reset your password.

How to Place a Bid on

ADESA auction allows you to bid for your favourite auction car on and finally buys it when you won the bid.

  1. Login to your ADESA auction code
  2. Find the car you want to bid
  3. Place a bid on what the existing bidders placed with the normal bid increment.
  4. You can also use the “BUY” now button.
  5. Keep your fingers crossed to see if you will win the bid and buys it.

For the record, most ADESA auctions are for licensed, registered, and special dealers only. Always make your research very well before you place a bid on auctions on ADESA to make sure you know the history of the car whether it is an accident car or flood car.

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