Akinator Genie Game Download

Akinator is an Artificial intelligent app and mobile game that tries to guess a real-life character or fictions by asking questions. Akinator uses your response as a player to guess and predict the exact character.

The genie game hacks into players mind and brings exactly what they are thinking from the answer provided to the questions asked by Akinator.

Don’t be surprised that this app will tell exactly what you are thinking from proving answers to the list of questions you are able to provide answers to.

Meanwhile, when you play smart on the app you get a wrong answer from the AI app.

Popular names like Angela Akins, Rhett Akins, and Akins Ford are some of the popular names you can use when configuring the game.

Akinator is one of the few 3D games that should be recommended in technology school aside games like Scrabble, Chess, and other AI games.

If you need to play games that don’t need an internet connection here is the list of 13 games you can’t play that don’t need a WiFi.

I have started playing Akinator for a while and I will guide you through how Akinator works.


Unblock Akinator

When you first download and install the Akinator game you need to make sure that the game opens when you launch it. If you are blocked in your country from playing the game you can use a VPN to unblock your access.

That is the first thing. You can use a paid VPN like OperaMini VPN. You can also use a Paid VPN to totally secure your identity and bypass the restriction.

If you are a fan of launchers you can use Hola Launcher with the VPN to unblock Akinator in your region. I have detailed how to set up a free VPN with Hola launcher, take a look in this guide.

How Does Akinator Works?

Akinator is programmed to ask users a series of questions using a different character name. You will see the like of Angela Akins, Rhett Akins, and Akins Ford.

However, you can prompt the Akinator app to record a different character name if the answer provided to the questionnaire is different from what the app has in its database.

So, how do Akinator works?

Akinator works like a chatbot. Like you are interacting with a chatbot by providing answers to questions asked by Akinator bot in other to guess the character name.

You will learn more about the character name under how to play Akinator as a novice. It’s very easy for the chatbot to know exactly what you are thinking if you answer its questions correctly to the best of your knowledge.

And not only you, when you want to play the game, if you pretend to be someone else and you were providing answers to the questions in related the character, but, the chatbot will also just guess the actor correctly.

How to Play Akinator Game

To start play by answering the chatbot questionnaire you first have to click on the play button. Think of a popular actor or character or public figure or movies entertainer or musician or presenter or social network influential, etc.

Now, the chatbot genie will begin asking a series of questions with a “Yes or No or Probably or Probably Not or Don’t No as your answer.

With your response, the chatbot will be able to determine what you have in mind exactly and it’ll match the character you picked.

However, you can possibly hack the Akinator game down to ask you to choose the character yourself. I’ll show you in the next line.

Hack Akinator Chatbot

If you have a popular character that is not included in the game database you can obviously include it by hacking the chatbot to give a wrong guess once you completed the questionnaire.

I’ll show you how to include a new character in the game’s database. But, don’t do this to harm the game’s popularity. Do this for educational purpose only.

Firstly, the answer has to be narrowed down to a single likely option before you reach 20 questions. Now, the chatbot genie will ask you whether its response to the questions are correct or wrong.

If the character guessed by the genie game is wrong three times in a row according to the tree match algorithm used to predict the answer, you will be prompt to provide the real character to help expand the game’s database.

You can also earn a reward for being a loyal player. Here is how to earn an award.

Earn a Reward

You can just input a new character name and go. But, Aki takes it so seriously that it wants its users to earn a reward for a good job.

However, the “Aki Award” after you have guessed a new character which is not an animal or object, the “Aki Award” can be used to purchase VIP in the game as well as clothing in the game.

Do you want to earn “Aki Award”? Then guess a real character that is different from animal or object and don’t try to confuse the game.


When I first downloaded the game it wasn’t working fine. In fact, I couldn’t launch the game until I troubleshoot it.

  1. Open the Settings menu.
  2. Tap Apps.
  3. Tap Akinator.
  4. Tap the ‘Force Stop‘ button.
  5. Tap the ‘Clear Cache‘ button.

Then restart the game. Unfortunately, the app has stopped working will be cleared.


There are two ways to download the AI game. You can download it through your OS apps store and you can download the APK for Android.

Download from Play Store

This is the first place you want to check to download Akinator game for Android OS. Here, it’s easy and direct. If you prefer this approach, then, follow this step.

  1. Launch the Google play store app on your phone
  2. Type “Akinator” without quotes
  3. Tap on the search button
  4. Tap install

Once the installation process is done the game icon will be added to your app icons. Here is a guide to hiding the app icon so your friends won’t be able to match up with your game spirit.

Akinator APK

This is more tricky and it’s recommended only for a developer. Or if you know what you are doing. Otherwise, download the game from the play store.

Unknown Sources

First, you have to enable install from unknown sources to be able to install the game APK. Follow these procedures.

  1. Go to phone settings
  2. Tap security
  3. Scroll down and tap unknown sources
  4. Click OK from the popup
  5. Done.

Now, to download and install the APK app. Download and install APKmirror on your phone If you have APKhere or APKpure or Uptodown or Revdl APK site app on your phone you can skip the APKmirror download.

Type “Akinator” without quotes and tap on the search button. Tap get or download button and start installing the app once the download is completed.

Note: You can delete the .APK file to keep more space on your phone memory. You can check how to increase your phone memory using Google Datally.

Akinator for iOS

Akinator game recorded 5/5 game rating on Apple store in 2009. The game has since become one of the most rated games in the apps store.

To download the genie game just head to Apple apps store and log in with your iTunes username and password. Search for the game and download it.

Akinator is a popular game that should be used by security companies to extract information from culprits.

Do you enjoy playing the game? Have you ever earned a reward for suggesting a new character?

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