Amanda Serrano Next Fight, Net Worth, Career, and Wiki

Amanda Serrano was born on October 9, 1988, she is a Puerto Rican professional boxer, mixed martial artist, and professional wrestler.

As a boxer, Amanda Serrano is the unified featherweight world champion, having held the WBO title since 2019, and the WBC and IBO titles since 2021.

She is the only female, and Puerto Rican, to win world titles in more than four weight classes, and holds the Guinness World Record for the most boxing world championships won in different weight classes by a female, and she has held 9 major world titles across seven different weight classes.

Her older sister, Cindy, is also a professional boxer. The pair became the first sisters to hold world titles from major sanctioning bodies at the same time after Cindy won the WBO featherweight title in 2016.

Serrano has been recognized with the Female Boxer of the Year Award twice (2016 and 2018) by the WBO, an entity that also granted her the first “Super World Championship” awarded to a woman.

As of March 2021, she is ranked as the world’s best active female featherweight by The Ring and BoxRec, and the third-best active female, pound for pound, by ESPN and third by The Ring.

Early life and Amature Boxing Career

Amanda Serrano was born in the municipality of Carolina, where her sister Cindy was also born. Her grandparents were also born in the municipality of Carolina.

When she was young, the family moved to New York and joined the large Puerto Rican diaspora community there (colloquially known as Nuyoricans). Surrounded by this community, she grew up in an oasis of Puerto Rican culture in which traditional food and salsa music were predominant.

Her upbringing is reflected in the manner in which she speaks Spanish, in a dialect with a distinct accent often attributed to that population (Spanglish).

The family lived in Brooklyn, where she continued to live well into adulthood. During her youth days, she was an active child, with a distinct passion for swimming.

After her sister Cindy began boxing training intending to lose weight, Cindy started attending the gym of her husband Jordan Maldonado, and the 12-year-old Amanda Serrano accompanied her sister there. She continued frequently visiting the facility and eventually got her first job there.

Initially, Amanda Serrano was not interested in the sport, she did not even attend a family event to watch the Oscar De La Hoya vs. Félix Trinidad fight. But she was an avid follower of Cindy’s career and developed a passion for it as she grew older.

When she graduated from Bushwick High School (located in Bushwick, Brooklyn, and closed in 2006) at the age of 17, she decided to begin training as a method to buy things and bond with her sister.

Her father supported her decision, but her mother was hesitant until she began earning success and saw it as a way for the elder sister to retire after having her second child.

Serrano’s amateur career was brief and concluded with a record of only 9–1, but she won the Staten Island amateur championship in 2008. From there she competed in the featherweight division of the New York Daily News Golden Gloves, where she defeated Glenyss Puentevella by a technical knockout) in the semifinal and defeated USA Boxing’s national champion Jody-Ann Weller in the final.Amanda Serrano net worth

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Amanda Serrano Net Worth and Salary

Amanda Serrano Boxing Promoter Jake Paul revealed that she made seven figures from her fight with undisputed Lightweight champion Katie Taylor.

The entire sum is not known but it should be in the range of $1 million and above. However, this is the first time Amanda Serrano is making such huge money from a boxing fight.

Amanda Serrano Spouse

Amanda Serrano is not married and she is not in a relationship with anyone.

Amanda Serrano even revealed that after she became a full-time boxer, She adopted a monk-like routine that required not purchasing a cell phone (or any other device that allowed text messages and the sort) to avoid distractions and avoid getting involved with boyfriends.

When she was asked about it, she insisted that there would be time for that in the future, after carving a legacy.

Amanda Serrano Jake Paul

Jake Paul and Eddie Hearn are the show promoters of the boxing match between Katie Taylor and Amanda Serrano. However, Amanda Serrano is signed to Jake Paul’s management company.

Jake Paul stirred controversy with his demonstration during the final minutes of the match between Katie Taylor and Amanda Serrano. Jake Paul revealed statistics on Twitter to show that Amanda Serrano should have won the fight instead of the eventual winner Katie Taylor.

Jake Paul has been in a constant war of words and memes on Twitter with fellow boxer and MMA fighter Connor McGregor and maybe it’s time to see a real fight between those two.

Amanda Serrano sister

Amanda Serrano’s older sister is Cindy serrano, she was born on May 8, 1983. Cindy Serrano is a Puerto Rican professional boxer who held the WBO female featherweight title from 2016 to 2017.

She also challenged for the WIBA featherweight title in 2005; the WIBA and WIBF welterweight titles in 2011; and the unified WBA and IBF female lightweight titles in 2018.

The pair (Amanda and Cindy Serrano) became the first sisters to hold world titles from major sanctioning bodies at the same time after Cindy captured the WBO title in 2016.

Amanda Serrano’s next Fight

Amanda Serrano’s next opponent hasn’t been announced and I am very sure boxing fans would like to see a rematch between Amanda Serrano and Katie Taylor.

Amanda Serrano vs Katie Taylor

Katie Taylor vs Amanda Serrano is being billed as the biggest fight in the history of women’s boxing. However Katie Taylor won the fight and the three judges gave a verdict of 94–96 in favor of Amanda Serrano,  97–93, and 96–93 in favor of Katie Taylor.

However, Amanda Serrano’s fans have been quick to criticize the judges’ decisions and claimed that Amanda Serrano should have won the fight.

Amanda Serrano Age

Puerto Rican boxer  Amanda Serrano was born on October 9, 1988, she is currently 33 years old.

Amanda Serrano Height

Amanda serrano stands at 5 feet 5 inches (166 cm or 1.66 m) and she has a  reach of 65 inches (166cm).

Amanda Serrano Weight

 Boxing champion Amanda Serrano weighs 133.6 lbs (60kg), she fights in the Lightweight division.

Amanda Serrano manager

Amanda Serrano’s trainer is Jordan Maldonado, however, she is currently signed under Jake Paul’s management. Jake Paul even brokered the deal with Matchroom sports chairman and promoter Eddie Hearn for the match between Katie Taylor and Amanda Serrano.

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