Angela Victoria Johnson Net Worth, Age, Ex, Daughter, and Bio

Angela Victoria Johnson is famous for being the mother of young American reality star Chloe Christley. And she was previously known for being the ex-girlfriend of Kyle Chrisely.

Angela Johnson’s daughter Chloe Christley was born on 10 Nov 2012. Chloe Christley’s father is Kyle Chrisley, the son of businessman and popular figure Todd Chrisely.

Victoria Johnson and her ex-boyfriend, Kyle Chrisley splited shortly after the birth of their daughter Chloe. And it was even reported at a time that the Chrisley family got joint custody of the child when they took Angela to the court.

She finally lost the custody of the child to Todd Chrisely and his wife as she was unable to take care of the young child. However, she has been referring to Todd and Julia as her parents.

Where is Angela Victoria Johnson now

Not much is currently revealed to the media about her whereabout, but she still resides in South Carolina.

However her Ex-boyfriend Kyle Chrisley has moved on with his life. He got married to Ashleigh Celeste Nelson and the couple has been together since 2019.Angela Victoria Johnson Net Worth

Angela Victoria Johnson Net Worth

Angela Victoria Johnson net worth is worth less than $100,000, not much has been revealed about her to the public. As a registered nurse she is expected to earn an average of $31.17 per hour and about $65,000 per year.

She only earns as an average individual in the country, she even lost the custody of her child because she cannot properly take care of her. She was arrested by the Anderson County police in South Carolina and was sentenced for a period of time for filing a fake Medicaid application.

Does Chloe Chrisley see Her Mom?

Yes, Chloe Christley still sees and spends time with her mother Angela Johnson, although they don’t share pictures of them together with the public.

Chloe’s grandfather Todd Chrisley currently has Chloe’s custody and she even lives with the Chrisleys family. Chloe also appears on Todd Chrisley’s reality TV show “Chrisely Knows Best”. However her grandfather Todd Chrisley has often times expressed his love for her.

Chloe Chrisley is currently 9 years old, she was born on the 10th of November 2012, in  South Carolina, United State. She is the celebrity daughter of  Kyle Chrisely and Angela Victoria Johnson.

Chloe Chrisley’s Mother: Angela Johnson

Angela and her baby daddy Kyle Chrisley have been unable to be on good terms to settle out their differences. Some people are of the opinion that Victoria Johnson is a very bad mother and she would have laid down a very bad example for her daughter Chloe.Chloe Chrisley

She was caught in the middle of some serious drama from losing the custody of her child to Todd Chrisely to getting caught by the police for Medicaid fraud.

However other people have advised her to work hard and get enough money to file a lawsuit to get the custody of her child back.

Does Chloe Chrisley see her Mom and Dad?

Yes, Chloe Chrisley still does see her mom (Angela Victoria Johnson) and dad (Kyle Chrisley). Chloe is the famous celebrity daughter of  Kyle Chrisley and Angela. Her father Kyle Chrisley is the son of a real estate tycoon and “Chrisely knows best” reality show star, Todd Chrisley.

However, Kyle Chrisley is a recovering drug addict with bipolar disorder and he has not been constantly present in the life of his daughter Chloe since she was born. He even went as far as trying to demand money from his father, Todd for his daughter Chloe’s time on Chrisley knows best.

Well her mother Angela Victoria used to share custody of her daughter at a time but since she was arrested and charged with food stamps and Medicaid fraud, She lost her daughter’s custody as well.

Kyle’s millionaire father Todd Chrisley and his wife Julia Chrisley have Chloe Chrisley’s custody and have been her caregiver for a long while now.

Angela Victoria Johnson’s Social media

Angela Victoria Johnson got pretty popular on social media from her lawsuit battle with Todd Chrisley, the father of her ex-boyfriend. In fact, her lawyer even threatened to sue Todd for $20,000 and mention in court that he and his family are racists.

However, she lost that battle due to her arrest for Medicaid Fraud. People have been quick to react on social media that she was set up by Todd Christley and his wife.

Angela Victoria Johnson hasn’t been very active on social media for a while now.  But She has a Twitter account and she has not been active on Twitter for a very long time. Her Twitter handle is @angej201211 and she last posted a picture in 2016.

Angela Victoria Johnson Instagram

Angela Johnson Victoria does not have an active Instagram social media account. From the little research I made, I could not come up with any of her profiles on Instagram. However, She has been known to be a very private and lowkey figure.

Angela Victoria Johnson Age

She was born on the 26th of September 1968. She is 52 years old at the time of writing. And she celebrates her birthday every year in her own little way with friends and family. She would be hope to celebrate her 53rd with her daughter.

Angela Victoria Johnson Relationship

She is currently a single mom. Her relationship has not been publicly known by the media, since her last relationship with her ex-boyfriend Kyle Chrisley went badly and sour.

Although she has previously been seen flaunting her model body at the beach, at parties, occasions with family and friends. But she has been focusing so much on raising her daughter Chloe.


Angela Johnson Chrisley can’t be found on Instagram. However,  her ex-boyfriend and baby daddy Kyle Chrisley can be found via @kyle.chrisley where he has 96.2k followers.


Angela is the celebrity mother of reality star Chloe Chrisley. She currently has just one child, with her Ex-boyfriend Kyle Chrisley.

Angela Victoria Johnson Height

Angela Victoria Johnson has an average height of about 5 feet 4 inches ( 163 cm or 1.63 m) tall. She has dark eyes, long dark hair, and dark skin.

Angela Victoria Johnson Weight

Angela Victoria Johnson weighs about 55 kg or 121 lbs, she has slim and a model stature.

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