Apple Refurbished iPhones: Why You Should Consider Buying Them

I know so many people frown at the idea of buying an Apple refurbished iPhones for so many reasons. However, we are going to change your view about them and in fact, give you reasons why you should consider buying them. Already, pre-loved items are in vogue in the markets today and iPhones are not excluded from this.

Especially in an era where iPhones cost a fortune, these seem like the best options to use a pretty good phone at a cheaper price. These used phones are not only good for your wallet but for the earth as well. Stick around with us and we will get right into all the details about Apple refurbished iPhones.

Why you should Consider Buying Apple Refurbished iPhones

We have some convincing reasons why your next iPhone should be refurbished.

What is a Refurbished Product?

Normally, the products that you will see in Apple’s online refurbished store are pre-owned Apple products that were returned by the customers. Usually, these products are returned because they have some defects like a faulty SSD on a Retina MacBook Pro or dead pixels on an ‌iPad‌’s display. They could also be products for recycling or just unwanted products.

So, Apple would repair these products, fixing all their faults, and offer them for sale once again using their refurbished online store. However, these products are only available on Apple’s online stores and cannot be found in retail stores. Hence, you would get to see a wide variety of these items on their site. Ranging from Macs to iPads and iPhones, Apple TV and other Apple accessories like Airpods can be found in the store.

These products also consist of the stock models as well as devices that have been custom built with upgraded pats. Also, Apple sells both products that are either current-generation machines or machines from previous years.


Why most people opt for a refurbished iPhone is because of the price. All refurbished Apple products are sold at a hefty discount. This usually ranges from 15 to 20 percent and sometimes, the price could go as low as 25 percent. Also, the older the iPhone model, the lower the price. Most of the time, the prices of Apple refurbished iPhones would probably not beat the ones you can get from third-party stores but they are definitely cheaper than new ones.

They also bet the sale prices on new phones available on popular third party retail stores like Amazon and Best Buy. This saves you a fortune while you get to use good iPhones. Another thing to have in mind is that most people would be able to tell the difference between a refurbished iPhone and a new one.


Another thing you should note is that these refurbished devices go through rigorous testing by Apple before they are put on sale. Apple gives out this information on its website where they outlined the testing procedures the refurbished products go through to ensure every device is working very well and free of any defect.

They revealed that they use the same testing guidelines for testing finished goods. Check out the general refurbishing process Apple follows below.

  • Every single product is tested to ensure that they are in great working condition. In this phase, several tests like the full burn-in testing for displays are carried out.
  • The defective modules that were identified during the testing process are then replaced with functional parts.
  • More importantly, iPads, iPads, iPhones, and iPod touches also get new batteries and outer enclosures. This helps to ensure that there are no cosmetic defects of any kind.
  • In addition, each of the products would be thoroughly cleaned and further inspected by Apple employees.
  • The current software would also be installed and each product would have its original operating system software as well as the custom software offered with it.
  • Afterward, the products would then be repackaged and their cables and manuals would be included in the box as well.
  • The products would also be assigned a new refurbished part number and they will receive a new serial number as well.
  • Then, the product would undergo another quality assurance inspection before they are sold.


Another great feature of the Apple refurbished iPhones is the generous warranty that comes with it. They are also sold with the same one year warranty and the 90 days of phone support that come with the new phones. This means that if something goes wrong with your refurbished iPhone within a year of the purchase, you can always take it back to Apple to be fixed or replaced at no cost at all.

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We hope we have presented you with enough reasons to consider buying an Apple refurbished iPhone next. If the price and all the other features are not good enough reasons to consider getting one, then you should also think about the earth. Buying these phones would mean saving the earth which makes you a hero.

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