Best Cheapest Golf balls

Getting the best cheapest golf balls, isn’t much of an issue if you know your priorities. 

Golf balls can be pricey at times and one of the things you might dread most is swinging your golf ball into an area of no return. 

You probably need a golf ball to rack up your golf ball fundamentals or you’ve racked up some experience.

 Either way, budget is something commonly considered as you do want to spend your hard-earned money where you will get the value.

But then, cheap golf balls usually come with less feature-packed performance than their expensive counterparts. 

This alone makes it not well suited for pro golfers.

However, if you are new to golf and you are still racking up the fundamentals, a cheap one would be just enough to learn the basics.

That being said, let’s break down what you should prioritize when selecting the best cheapest golf ball

What you should look out for before selecting the best cheapest golf ball

Titleist TruFeel Golf Balls

It all depends on your golfing style. 

Not all golfers are not highly skilled. A low-skilled golfer can make do with fewer features However, professional golfers typically want to generate a lot of backspin with their iron approach shot, as opposed to unskilled workers who are content with a golf ball that does not spin as much.

Most skilled golfers prefer Golf balls that are easier to spin. These golf balls are often three-piece and four-piece balls and they are more expensive.

What this means is that if you are a very competent golfer who wants their golf balls to spin a lot, you might have to up your budget


But then you can’t prioritize price alone if you are going for a cheap golf ball.

That being said, let’s walk through some of the things you should look out for when selecting the best cheapest golf balls for your next purchase.


A golf ball’s compression rating indicates how much it compresses against the clubface on contact. You should choose a ball with a compression rating that corresponds to your swing speed.

Lower-compression golf balls, for example, are easier to compress and are well-suited for slower swingers. 

High-compression golf balls, on the other hand, are more difficult to compress and perform better for faster swingers.

If you have a sluggish swing and use a high-compression ball, you will lose distance. 


When shopping for the best cheapest golf balls, one thing you need to keep in mind is the performance.

However, you may not want distance but rather greater control around the greens. That being said, you should look for a ball with some spin on approach shots.

It is critical to determine the aspect of your game that need assistance. After that, you can select the best cheap golf balls for you.


Another crucial thing to consider while looking for cheap golf balls is the pricing. You don’t want to rack up your hard-earned cash on a golf ball that won’t serve its purpose.

That is one of the reasons why we carefully reviewed this list before coming out with the best cheapest golf balls you should get to ensure lesser downside.

Unless you are an experienced golfer who wants to spend more on golf balls due to their features using a cheap one is just fine.

That said, let’s break down those things you need to look out for when selecting the best cheapest golf ball


For some golfers, the feel of the golf ball is more significant than for others. However, you should keep this in mind while purchasing low-cost golf balls.

A golf ball with a feel you enjoy will most likely play better. 


Durability is essential to consider when buying golf balls. The construction of golf balls plays a part in their durability. 

Golf balls with hard covers seem to be more durable, however, you might not get that in the majority of cheap golf balls.

But then, you can’t always shake the fact that cheap products will come with some downsides, however, you should ensure that it’s durable

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Best cheapest Golf Balls

Cheap golf balls usually come with a series of downsides and they easily rack up a lot of bad reviews, However, we’ve carefully gone through tons of golf balls to break down this list of the best cheapest golf balls you can get.

Titleist TruFeel Golf Balls

Titleist TruFeel Golf BallsTitleist TruFeel Golf Balls

Rank: best golf balls for beginners

Titleist is a fantastic golf ball manufacturer. The golf ball performs admirably in all aspects of the game. Furthermore, the pricing is really competitive.

Aside from that, another noticeable attribute of the Titleist golf ball is its good ball speed.

The quick, low-compression core assists slow golfers in increasing ball speed for added distance. All of this makes it ideal for golfers with slow to medium swing speeds because it allows you to maximize your distance.

Furthermore, this golf ball performs well on short-distance strokes. On approach shots into the green, it possesses good stopping power.

It also works great for chip shots and putts around the greens. And it has a gentle feel to it and provides much-needed control for this phase of the game.

Finally, manufacturers like Titleist have made a pretty good impression in the golfing world with their outstanding products. Because this is one of their most affordable golf balls and it meets the expected standard for its price.


TaylorMade Noodle Long & Soft

TaylorMade Noodle Long & Soft

Rank: best golf balls under $20

TaylorMade is one of the finest affordable golf ball brands in the world, judging by this list of best cheapest golf balls. 

The brand takes pride in designing golf courses for players of all skill levels. 

These golf balls cost less than a dollar each and deliver the ideal balance of softness and distance.

The iothane cover on this ball is exceptionally durable and resistant to cuts, nicks, and scratches. 

The ball’s core is designed to allow the ball to go further. Additionally, the ball’s shape prevents sidespin off the tee while providing plenty of spin for your short game.

Furthermore, the revolutionary dimple pattern of this golf ball aids in the reduction of those unpleasant slices and hooks that can be difficult for golfers to deal with. Objectively, the performance of the Noodle Long and Soft on the course is quite impressive.


Callaway Warbird Golf balls

best cheapest golf balls

Callaway’s Warbirds enter our list of best cheapest golf balls and the reason for this is that it performs a decent job in maximizing the speed you get notwithstanding the club you’re using

Additionally, this golf comes with Callway’s HEX technology that aids it in having a higher trajectory than most premium golf balls coupled with that, it responds very well on any green ground.


Bridgestone E6 Golf Ball

best cheapest golf balls

For a variety of reasons, the Bridgestone E6s made our list of Best Cheapest Golf Balls. Because of the softer and broader core, it has. Coupled with that, it delivers more distance off the tee making it ideal for players who have slow to medium swing speeds.

Additionally, it comes with a two-piece structure which gives a decent speed at contact.

Bridgestone Golf items are worn by PGA Tour stars like Tiger Woods and Fred Couples. This enhances the brand’s credibility. 


Vice Tour Golf Balls

best cheapest golf balls

Another impressive golf ball you should consider is the Vice Tour golf ball. It offers excellent value for money since it comes with a reasonable distance off the tee.

 Another feature that makes it a great buy is that it retains the ball on its path and assists with shots that veer to the right or left.

If you are a newbie, this ball would be a decent choice since it comes with great flight speed and can work well around the greens. 


Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls

best cheapest golf balls

Srixon soft-feel golf balls does an amazing job of providing tremendous distance while still providing a terrific feel around the greens.

With these balls, you are rest assured of a solid ball flight. This, combined with a low spin rate, makes it an excellent choice for players who struggle with a slice.

While it comes with all these nice features, it does not spin as much when compared to premium golf balls

Wilson Golf Staff Fifty Elite

Wilson is a well-known golf brand that is known for producing high-quality golf equipment. Aside from that, the prices are pretty competitive making it 

For a less skilled golfer, the low compression rating improves its driving distance. This makes it well-suited for beginners. Not only beginners, but players with slower swing speeds will also find this golf ball pretty handy.


ACCUFLI Max Soft Golf Balls

ACCUFLI Max Soft Golf Balls

Accufli is not as popular as other brands listed above. But, they do provide a good golf ball at an affordable price. The cost of one is $1.46, which seems really fair looking at the features it comes with.

Additionally, this ball responds with a pleasantly soft sensation when struck. Another advantage of Accufli golf balls is that they appear to land softly on the greens.

These golf balls’ low compression energy core makes them ideal for medium to slow swing speeds. This makes it well-suited for any level of experience.


Top Flite XL Distance

best cheapest golf balls

Most of the golf balls on this list offer distance with a catch. However, the Flite XL golf ball offers distance and theoretically has a catch.

However, the Flite XL golf ball offers distance and theoretically has a catch.

If you are a fast swing player who swings their driver at 95 mph or more, you can easily gain distance without any form of compression.

You do not need to compromise distance by over-compressing the ball with the XL finite 

This 2-piece distance ball costs just over a dollar per ball and has an ionomer cover that promises to be ultra-durable. 

Unluckily, one of the things you might see as a drawback is the lack of feel since they are hard.

 This might not be too good for a well-experienced golfer.

This 2-piece distance ball costs just over a dollar per ball and has an ionomer cover that promises to be ultra-durable. 

Unluckily, one of the things you might see as a drawback is the lack of feel since they are hard. This might not be too good for a well-experienced golfer.


Different ways to save on Golf balls

 If you are still restrained with the price, I will be breaking down the different ways you can save money on your whilst still getting a good bargain on golf balls

Watch out for deals

Looking for bargains is an excellent way to save money. Popular golf ball manufacturers occasionally run specials, such as buy three dozen and get a dozen free. That is an excellent approach to saving money in the long run.

Get older models

You can save money by purchasing older models. Not every golfer requires the most recent golf balls on the market.

Older models might not come with some upgrades, However, it doesn’t make it any worse if the brand produced decent golf balls.

Doing this can save you a ton of money if the golf balls are pricey

Direct to consumer

Some companies use a direct-to-consumer business. What that means is; you won’t find these balls in your neighbourhood golf shop. 

This style saves you cost as it eliminates the middleman and distributes balls straight to the buyer.

Get used golf balls

To save money, getting a used golf ball in quantity would save you a lot.

However, it is necessary to select the best ones to employ on the course. You can use them for practice whilst still taking advantage of the features.


By now you should have been well aware of the things you should look out for when selecting your next golf ball if you want to go for the best cheapest option out there.

But then, it is inevitable for these balls to come with one or two downsides. However, it should be well suited for your skill level, whether a newbie or a rookie.

As a rookie, you might want to explore the money-saving tips above as you might not find most of the ball on the list well-suited. But then, they perform a decent job for their price.

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