Best Cheapest Skateboard Right Now

There are a lot of factors that should come in when going for a cheap skateboard that comes with pretty impressive features. You have to consider features such as the Skateboard wheels the trucks and the deck.

These are paramount in selecting the best cheapest skateboard if you are conscious of your budget.

But then, getting the best cheapest skateboard out of the tons of options out there isn’t easy due to the tons of options available out there.

If you have visited this website to gain more information on which Skateboard to go for, you are at the right place.

But before delving into the best cheapest skateboard you should go for let’s walk through some of those things you should look out for when purchasing your next skateboard

Before selecting a skateboard

There are a series of things you might want to take note of before purchasing a skateboard. If you aren’t sure of what variables to scrutinize, I will be walking you through what you ought to check to get the best cheapest skateboard


The brand name of the skateboard should not be heavily dependent on as low-end products of a premium company can come out as trash. Instead, these are the things you should watch.

  • Composition – Maple is a common material for skateboards. However, keep in mind that the thickness of a skateboard varies. There are skateboards with nine layers and some with seven layers. Most durable decks feature multiple layers of maple wood as a general rule.
  • Size – The cost of a skateboard is not exactly proportional to its size. This means that there are less expensive skateboards with larger deck sizes. There are also pricey skateboards with small decks, so if your age, build, and skill level necessitate a 31′′ x 8′′ deck, seek decks in your price range.


If the wheels are good you would enjoy a smooth a safe ride. For the wheels, here are what you need to watch out for

  • Hardness – To clarify, wheels are classified as hard or soft. Hard wheels range in hardness from 96a to 99a on the durometer A scale. This size roller is ideal for smooth surfaces and technical skating.
  • Softer wheels, on the other hand, have a hardness range of 78a to 87a. These are most suited to cruiser skateboards and smooth rides. Ultimately, everything in between these two categories is suitable for novices due to the blend of toughness and tenderness.
  • Size – We must highlight not just the size of the deck, but also the size of the wheels. These rollers range in diameter from 50mm to 53mm and are ideal for flip tricks, micro ramps, and street skating. But then, they could be a little slow.


There aren’t many noticeable changes in the trucks of these skateboards. But then it is pretty durable.

If you want to ensure you are getting a nice pair of trucks, be sure they’re made of solid aluminium or a combination of aluminium and magnesium. Also, Consider utilizing riser pads to assist reduce wheel bite as well.

Durable vehicles will not only provide you with nice rides, but they will also provide you with reliable ones.

Grip tape

Despite tightening your belt, safety is still a concern. And, while grip tape is not as expensive as certain skateboard parts, you should make sure you have a decent layer of it. The ideal grip tape to use is one with a coarseness rating of 80S. This variety has enough grit to provide your foot with a firm hold on the board.


You may be wondering how a toolset fits into your budget. The good thing is that it is not limited to expensive skateboards as cheap ones also come with tools to aid in your repair and maintenance tasks. It will save money regardless of which of them you choose.

Best Cheapest Skateboard

Since you are aware of the things you should look out for when selecting the best cheapest skateboard, let’s delve into the list of skateboard that comes with some impressive futures while also being affordable.

 METROLLER Skateboard

METROLLER Skateboard

Not only is the METROLLER Skateboard for Beginners affordable, but it is also simple to use.

The twin kicktail concave curve of this skateboard gives the user a pleasant riding experience.

This in turn helps the skateboarder understand the fundamentals and execute tricks effectively.

The seven layers of cold-pressed maple that make up the skateboard’s deck are also notable because they maximize the board’s durability. The skateboard has enough toughness thanks to this feature to justify its price.

In addition to children, adults can use it also because it can carry up to 220 lbs.

With these new skates, you will enjoy a durable and smooth skating experience.

In addition to all of that, this skateboard is constructed from solid aluminium, coupled with high-quality trucks which improve the skateboard’s capacity for shock absorption.


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KPC Complete Skateboard

KPC Complete Skateboard

The KPC Complete Skateboard comes with some really impressive wheelsets. Additionally, this skateboard has high-rebound wheels and good ABEC-7 precision bearing, Additionally, the trucks and deck of this board come with some remarkable features such as the Heavy-duty metal trucks that are strong enough for professional skating that is added with the KPC.

Additionally, this skateboard has a high-quality deck with the ideal combination of flex and stiffness.

With all these different types, you can ride stably and steadily.

The grip tape on this skateboard is also better than most cheap skateboards out there

Cheap skateboards rarely come with the 80S grit level

The 80S grit provides a firm grip against your feet while it provides enough traction without making moving on the board difficult. also, it has the right balance of safety and stability.


Cal 7 Complete Standard Skateboard

Cal 7 Complete Standard Skateboard

Rank: best skateboard for adults

The Cal 7 Complete Standard Skateboard is in the sub-$50 price range. The deck width on this skateboard is 8 inches, which provides enough stepping surface when riding. With this feature, you will be able to move more smoothly while remaining balanced.

Cal 7’s toughness is provided by seven layers of durable maple wood pressed together. When skating, it appears to be a top-tier skateboard.

If you are an intermediate-level skateboarder, this skateboard will meet all of your needs.

It comes with a set of 99a wheels, which are hard enough to accommodate more technical skating. Furthermore, these rollers are only 52mm in diameter, making the entire skateboard more responsive.

Aside from that, this skateboard has other high-quality hardware, such as a pair of heavy-duty trucks and high-grade bolts that keep the skateboard’s parts intact. These components make the skateboard easier to control


NPET Pro Skateboard

Best Cheapest Skateboard

The NPET Pro Skateboard is one of the most stable boards available. This skateboard is safe to use since it has a non-slip high-density sandpaper layer on top of its 7-layer deck. This layer keeps your footwear firmly in place on the boards.

This skateboard is visually appealing. Aside from the high-quality grip tape on top, this skateboard deck includes a high-quality design on the bottom.

This skateboard also has a superb weight-to-load ratio. It is only 5 pounds, but it can accommodate a load of 220 pounds.


Krown Rookie Complete Skateboard

Best Cheapest Skateboard

Rank: best beginner skateboard

One of the features that distinguish the Krown Rookie is its deck. This skateboard includes a 7-ply maple deck that is dependable, robust, and well-balanced.

The grip of this skateboard looks like that of most great skaters. It gives you confidence while skating on it also, the concave design makes it simple to steer.

Depending on your level of experience, this skateboard is suitable for any level of skater.

The high-tensile Phillips head screws that secure the deck to the trucks hold the board in place while also keeping it stiff enough to withstand any type of skating trick.

Besides all that, this skateboard has been constructed right out of the box so you do not need to worry about assembling it.


JECOLOS Pro Complete Skateboard

JECOLOS Pro Complete Skateboard

The JECOLOS Pro Complete Skateboard is well-constructed. It has a traditional vintage shape that makes learning tricks and performing stunts seamless.

Furthermore, the skateboard is simple to use and comfortable for the rider. Because of these benefits, it is ideal for novices.

But not only novices; intermediate and advanced skaters can also utilize it.

One of the things I like about this skateboard is that it can be used anywhere because it has anti-shock technology. Polyurethane wheels, PU bushings, and ABEC-7 precision bearings.

Also, since it has a sturdy 7-layer deck with a precise design, the load-weight ratio makes it suitable for any age group.

If you are a beginner, this would be a good fit for you.


Letskate Skateboard

Best Cheapest Skateboard

The wheels are one of the stand-out features of the Letskate Skateboard. Unlike other skateboards, Letskate has high-rebound and wear-resistant textured rollers. This feature prevents the skateboard from accidentally slipping.

This ensures you have a safe and comfortable riding experience.

Additionally, this skateboard comes with 608 2RS wheel cores which makes your rides smooth. Coupled with that, the ABEC-9 bearing class of the wheel makes them a bit fast

That being said, another impressive feature of this skateboard is its trucks. It features a pair of trucks with a baking finish that offers benefits such as being wear-resistant, while also making the trucks look pristine.

When purchased, it comes coupled out of the box which means you don’t need to any serious adjustments to the parts, besides that, you get some tools to repair it or perform maintenance with the board.


Which Skateboard is Best for Beginners?

There are a series of skateboard that is well suited for beginners. But then, it has to be safe and comfortable to skate on without being too speedy. and based on the list. The best-suited skateboard for beginners is Krown Rookie Complete Skateboard

What is the Lowest Price of a Skateboard?

YOu might want to stay clear of skateboard that is very low due to their downsides. However, if you are looking for the cheapest you can get, you should be looking for around $30.

Alternatively, you can go for used ones as cheap alternatives are not usually worth the price due to their downsides.

Is Skateboarding Hard?

Skateboarding is a fun activity, but it may be difficult to learn. It all relies on your age, fitness, bravery, and willingness to start from scratch. The fundamentals of skating are simple to master, but learning tricks is difficult.

Is a 8.0 Skateboard Good for Beginners?

For a beginner, a deck of 8.0 or at least 7.75 is okay. That is the common size of a full-sized skateboard. However, as you improve your skill level using a wider one won’t be a problem.


By now you should be well informed on the best cheapest skateboard you can go for while also being aware of what to look out for when selecting the best cheapest skateboard. If you have other great options feel free to post them below.

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