Best Cheapest Sunglasses

Just like clothing, there is little to no difference between expensive sunglasses and affordable ones. In most cases, decent sunglasses come with features such as UV protection, clear vision, style and comfort.

With those features, you can figure out the best cheapest sunglasses without breaking the bank.

Although some expensive sunglasses might come with some icing on the cake features such as Bluetooth. But, what usually differentiates most Sunglasses is the brand name.

That being said, let’s take a look at some of the best yet cheapest sunglasses you should get if you want to improve your looks while also protecting your eyes.

Best cheapest Sunglasses

While sourcing around for sunglasses that fit your style, there are a few things you should always consider before purchasing one.

These few things will enable you to make more informed decisions during the purchase and because of that we will be glancing through them since it aid you in selecting the best and cheapest sunglasses

UV protection

Firstly, UV protection should be among the top things you should check when purchasing your next sunglasses. 

Why did I say that? The sun doesn’t only shine on the earth it also emits radiation called UV radiation.

This radiation damages the eyes and it leads to issues like macular degeneration over time. 

Since you are aware of that, getting a glass shouldn’t be limited to how black the shade looks. It has to be written or specified somewhere around it that it protects from UV rays. 

If the glasses don’t limit UV radiation, then it is not worth buying

Clear Vision

You cannot be struggling under glasses just cause you want to look fashionable. You shouldn’t joke with your eyes.

You have to ensure that the lenses that come with your glasses give you clear and sharp vision.

If you are not seeing clearly or you notice some distortion while testing a Sunglass, you shouldn’t go for it to prevent stressing your eye.


Since we are here to source the best cheapest sunglasses. One thing you need to be aware of is that those very cheap sunglasses have their downside. 

You cannot expect glasses costing $4 not to have any form of downside.

While I am not advocating for expensive brands. One thing that is always a good rule of thumb is that a popular brand should always have good sunglasses

But then, their prices might be on the high side, so what you should do is simply ditch the high price and pick based on features and cost which we’ve done for you


Another factor that you should consider is the style. 

Nobody wants something that doesn’t look good on him/her. 

But then, you need to analyze the points above before talking about the style since how it looks on you is also a huge determinant.

Best Cheapest Sunglasses

That being said, let’s take a look at a few glasses that are the best buy for your cash if you are under a strict budget.

FEISEDY Vintage-Style Rimless Sunglasses

best cheapest sunglasses

There isn’t much hype about these sunglasses but it looks pretty simple and classic. 

Feised vintage fits a variety of head sizes and it comes with a simple pink rectangle lens. This makes it easy and comfortable.

Since it has a simple and comfortable design, it’s a general style for most face types. Coupled with the fact that it has a silicon nose pad which helps to keep the glass firm on your face.

That’s not all, the glasses have a UV400 which protects your eyes from ultraviolet rays.

All these features make it a great buy if your budget is under $20.


Sojos Classic Aviator Polarized Sunglasses

Sojos Classic Aviator Polarized Sunglasses

The Sojos Classic Aviator Polarized Sunglasses is one of the cheapest glasses that comes with an exquisite outlook. 

Although it looks fragile from the picture. However, it is quite strong and it can withstand a good amount of force.

Coupled with that it comes with a UV400 to prevent your eyes from harmful radiation while it also has anti-glare properties.

All these make the Sojo classic aviator sunglasses one of the best cheapest sunglasses you can get if your budget is under $20.

NB: In addition to that, there are seven different colours you can select from if you have colour preferences.

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 Joopin Polarized Sunglasses

Best Cheapest Sunglasses

The Joopin Polarized Sunglass fit perfectly with a suit since it presents you with a serious-looking personality. Besides, it has some pretty decent features for a sunglass to make it worth the purchase.

If you are planning to get a  best cheapest sunglasses and your budget is under $15, this is your best bet since it has UVA and UVB protection with anti-glare properties.

With these sunglasses, It is easier to see images naturally under the sunlight without any form of distortion.

To top it all, it comes in 61 different colours to suit your taste. 


Nitrogen Polarized Sport Sunglasses

Best Cheapest Sunglasses

This Nitrogen polarized glass comes with an exquisite look which makes it a good fit for sporting events. The round shape ensures that it is firm with the eyes.

Since it comes with all these glamorous features, you can rest assured that the TAC polarized UV400 lens and anti-glare properties would do a great job in preventing your eyes from UVA and UVB rays. 

Also, the modern design gives its plastic-made body a premium look.

 If you are looking for one of the best cheapest sunglasses for your kids, this might be a great fit since you don’t need to worry about the glass shattering when it falls on the ground

NB: In addition to that, there are 35 different colours you can select from if you’re particular about the colour

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SOJOS Retro Oversized Square Polarized Sunglasses

Best Cheapest Sunglasses

The SOJOS Retro Oversisz has a classic look just like in the 90s. It might not be the most glamorous sunglass on the list yet, but it is simple and classic. 

It is made of metal and it comes with a polarized lens that blocks UVA and UVB rays from harming your eyes. Being one of the best cheapest sunglasses you can get, some other users mentioned that it covers their eyes pretty well but it is fragile and can bend easily.

Besides, it makes you look quite old and attractive when you wear it outdoors. But then, it’s a good  buy if your budget is $20


J+S Classic Aviator

J+S Classic Aviator Best Cheapest Sunglasses

The J+S classic aviator comes with an impressive design. It is a size fit all glass and it comes with an elegant design. Coupled with that the lenses are anti-glare and also come with UV400 protection.

Being one of the cheapest sunglasses you can get, you are sure to get a pretty cool look and a decent covering of your eye section pretty well. 

Aside from that, it goes perfectly on any face notwithstanding the shape of your face while it also makes you comfortable.

Since it’s made of metals, you can rest assured that it is shatterproof. 

Although, you might face issues after using it for a while such as a lens falling off. However, these sunglasses have a one-year warranty period for the frame and lenses.

It is not too costly as it only costs $19

NB: There are 10 different colours you can select from if you’re particular about the colour.


Sungait Vintage Round Sunglasses

Best Cheapest Sunglasses Sungait Vintage Round Sunglasses

One of the features that stands out in the Sungait Vintage Round Sunglasses is how comfortable it is. 

Sungait sunglass frame is made of plastic while the arms are made of metal. This makes the Sungait Vintage sunglasses very sturdy and durable.

Apart from all that it also comes with features such as UVA UVB rays protection and its price is pretty affordable at $15.

Although you might have issues such as the screen not looking clear due to the black shade. But then, it comes with a warranty in case you face any issues with the sunglass


Sungait Ultra Lightweight Polarized Sunglasses

Best Cheapest Sunglasses

One of the features that seem most apparent with the Sungait Ultra lightweight is how it is almost weightless. It’s a unisex sunglasses and it fits well with most faces.

In addition to that, it also comes with 100% protection against UVA/UVB/UVC rays and since its frame is made of metal frame while its overall weight is light, you are least likely to experience a scenario where the glass shatters. 

If it does you can always get a Breakage Warranty and Money Back Guarantee based on their terms and conditions.

NB: There are 10 different colours you can select from if you’re particular about the colour.


Which sunglasses are the Best Quality 2022?

We can only talk of quality based on the brands that produce the best glasses. below are the top 10 best glasses brands in 2022

Are Polarised sunglasses best?

Well, polarized sunglasses are pretty nice but you can’t get 100% UV rays protection from all of them. However Standard UV rays tend to perform well to protect your eyes from UV rays.

What is the average price of sunglasses?

Depending on the type of glasses you want. A standard or polarized glass can cost you around $25 on average. However, recommended glasses cost around $40.

Final thoughts

Going for the best cheapest sunglasses on your own has its risks if you don’t select one that protects your eyes from UV rays without causing more havoc to them. But then discovering all these things by yourself might seem a daunting task to do.

But then if you are looking to purchase new glasses for fashion, a standard UV400 glass would do better than a polarized glass


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