Best Cheapest Tennis Ball

There is very little difference between cheap tennis balls and expensive ones. In most cases, the cheap ones do not last long and they tend to wear out quickly. I could list all the things that could go wrong with cheap tennis balls, However, there is a caviar to it.

Going for a cheap tennis ball doesn’t mean they are totally slack in all areas. Sometimes they could be a low-standard version of a company’s Premium tennis ball brand.

Standard isn’t definitive as it means different things to different people. So if you are looking to purchase the best cheapest tennis ball. You are at the right place as I will be walking you through some of the little-known tennis balls that won’t cost you a fortune while also having a decent amount of features.

But before we go into that, let’s briefly break down some of the things you should always look out for before purchasing a Tennis ball

Before purchasing a tennis ball

There are a few things you should consider before purchasing a tennis ball and below I will be breaking down some of those few things you should consider apart from your budget

Reason for purchase

There are tons of Tennis balls out there that are cheaply priced. While most of them cost around $8 it dent means they are well suited for any form of activity.

If you are looking to get a tennis ball to catch fun with your pet, there are tons of cheap ones that are well suited for that. Most low-end tennis balls work fine with throw-and-catch activities.

However, if your reason for purchase is for practice, and you are a total beginner, you might want to have to increase your budget to get a tennis ball that is well suited for that

Level of Expertise

Another thing you would want to consider is your level of expertise. A pro Tennis player won’t go for cheap tennis balls as they lack some important features. 

One of the things you would find missing in cheap tennis balls is the low bounce it usually comes with. Coupled with that, they wear out easily and can’t b played for a long time. 

With that said, you have to ensure the Tennis ball you are getting ticks the boxes of what you need before purchasing.


The price difference between cheap and expensive tennis balls is small. If you are conscious of your budget, you need to ensure the tennis balls you are going for tick the boxes of what you want in a tennis ball before looking for an affordable one with those features.

You do not want to go for the cheapest tennis ball that won’t last a week.

Best cheapest tennis ball 2022 

Below I will be listing the best cheapest tennis balls however, you should keep in mind that, you might have to change the balls frequently, and they might also not last as long as the expensive ones.

Also, some cheap ones wear out quickly, so depending on what you want to use for you, the list below would make you better informed on what you should go for and the various downsides you want to avoid.

Let’s get into it

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10. 12 X Tennis Balls

Best Cheapest Tennis Ball

The 12X tennis ball has racked up some not-so-good reviews among its users. However, there is one thing I would like to make clear if you are looking to get the best cheapest tennis ball and you are very conscious of the price.


It’s normal due to the price also, it gets worse when you have a pet/dog that readily chews. But then, the tennis balls come with basic features required in a low-tier tennis ball such as a decent bounce rate.

Also, it comes with a distinct light green colour which makes it easy for your dog to spot in grassy areas

Although it is not suited for sports or practice, as they are not very strong.


9. EPISENT Tennis Balls Pack Of 12

EPISENT Tennis Balls Pack Of 12

“These balls are great for a dog but you couldn’t use these for tennis,If you have one of those long scoops for throwing balls for your dog then these are cheap and cheerful.”

The EPISENT Tennis balls are made from high-quality polyester fibre and rubber. With these materials, it doesn’t wear out very easily when compared to other low-end tennis balls

While it might not have the perfect bounce for a professional tennis game, It’s fair enough for a throw-and-catch activity with your pet.

It is not well suited for practice or a professional game but it offers a good value for its price. And it performs fair enough on any surface.

If you have a pet, this will be an ideal choice if you are conscious of the price while also looking to catch fun with your pet.


8. STERUN Tennis Balls 

STERUN Tennis Balls 

“very well priced”

The Sterun Tennis balls are multipurpose as you can use them to catch fun with your pets, for cricket and tennis. But it’s not ideal for professional tennis practice. 

Most of the best cheapest tennis balls rarely last long as you have to keep replacing them after short use. This is due to the price.

But then, the Sterun performs quite well in this aspect as you can use it for long periods.

If you have kids who play cricket or tennis or you have a pet, It works well with any of these situations and it is safe for kids

However, one of the downsides is the bounce which is below par and the small size of the balls which can easily get stuck on the throat of a big dog while playing catch and throw.

Besides all that it’s a great value for its price.


7. DIVCHI Pack Of 6 Tennis Balls

Best Cheapest Tennis Ball

“Lasting very well but not for tennis. I use these for my dogs and they are doing very well from a lastability view AS LONG as they are not left alone with them”

This is another Tennis ball that is more suited for throwing and catching than for Pro tennis practice. The price justifies its purpose, that’s why it has been listed among the best cheapest tennis ball. 

The bounce rate is decent however; you can’t bank on it if you want to practice for a professional tennis game

One of the things, that makes this tennis ball stand out is its bright colour which makes it easy for your dog to spot around a bushy or grassy area.

Besides that, it is non-abrasive and safe for your dog’s teeth. It also helps keep your dog fit.


6. Sashtech Yellow Tennis Balls

Sashtech Yellow Tennis Balls

“Dog prefers them to normal tennis balls. Are softer with more ‘give’ but do get destroyed within hours”

The Sashtech tennis ball gives you a decent level of control during use. It is made with high-quality rubber. Aside from that, they are pressure-less balls and they don’t easily lose their pressure after long use.

It may not be well suited for professional games or practice just as other tennis balls are listed among the best cheapest tennis balls.

This is majorly due to the price of this tennis ball and the brand producing it. But it is perfectly suited to train your pet and make them physically fit while also keeping memories with them.

You should be cautious of big dogs as it is a small-sized tennis ball and they could get stuck inside their throat.


5. Frenterprises Tennis Balls

Best Cheapest Tennis Ball

“Perfect, purchased these ball for tennis practice sessions. Great quality- glad I went for them.”

The Frenterprises is covered with High-Quality Polyester Fiber & Rubber.

Just like other low ends tennis balls, it also comes with similar properties since it is suited for multiple activities Kids’ Games, throwing and catching with pets etc. Coupled with that, it is free of any form of toxic materials making it safe for kids.

While it might not be a perfect choice if you are a pro tennis player or a mid-level player. It offers a good bounce rate and control making it well suited for a beginner who wants to practice with it.

Besides that, it comes with an iron-clad guarantee; If after purchasing this tennis ball, you feel less satisfied with it. You can contact their customer service for a refund.


4. Petface Super Tennis Balls

Best Cheapest Tennis Ball

“These are really good value. They aren’t heavy so also ideal for playing with the dogs in the house when it’s raining. Obviously they can be chewed”

The Petface is mainly for dog training since it is predominantly marketed as a tennis ball for dogs. But, it offers a pretty decent bounce rate. Coupled with that, you can play hard for a long time using these tens balls without issues.

Since they are brightly coloured, it is easy for your dog to spot while performing outdoor throw-and-catch activities. 

While it is perfectly suited for dogs, there are different mixed descriptions about it. 

It is marketed as a tennis ball that is suited for dogs, however due to its soft nature. You should steer clear of these tennis balls if your dog is a chewer


3. Above Durable Sports Play Tennis ball

Best Cheapest Tennis Ball

“Bought these for tennis knockabouts for adults who had never played before as wanted a lot of balls to practice. Great value for money, but the balls only bounced half the height on a hard court”

This tennis ball is abrasion resistance. It is also anti-pilling and can be used for a long time without having to change the tennis balls

These tennis balls are suited for practice whether you are a tennis beginner or a mid-level player. However, it might not be perfectly suited for you if you are a professional since its bounce rate is just average.

Besides that, you can use this to catch fun with your dogs as they last long without worrying about wearing out


2. Dunlop ATP Championship Tennis Balls

Best Cheapest Tennis Ball

Rank: best tennis balls for ball machine

The Dunlop ATP championship tennis balls need no introduction.

There is little to say about the features since it was endorsed by the APT world Tour.

If you are a beginner or a mid-level tennis player, this tennis ball is perfectly suited as a practice ball. 

Besides that, the ball gives high bounces and it also comes with extra duty as it can be played outdoor notwithstanding how hard the ground surface is

Aside from that, a beginner would find it quite friendly since it is easy to make spins and control using it. Also, you get to play hard and long with it as it has a long shelf life


1. Penn Control Plus Tennis Balls

Best Cheapest Tennis Ball

Rank: best tennis balls for beginners

“My wife is a beginner player and these really help you learn the fundamentals on how to swing properly Being an advanced player I was able to do full strokes and not have to worry about the ball having too much power/speed for a beginner to return”

Just as I discussed above, some top tennis companies also produce low-tier products to meet the different price points customers find affordable.

You can take advantage of this since the overall quality of top companies’ low-tier balls is quite impressive.

Penn is regarded as one of the best-selling lines of tennis balls in America. If you are an absolute beginner one of the things you’d love about this tennis ball is the reduced speed at which it moves. This enables you to create a controlled bounce since it also comes with lower compression. 

In addition to that, these balls can be used on any kind of court surface.

Another reason why a beginner would find this perfectly suited is the level of visibility it offers since it moves at a reduced speed.

Besides that, the balls can be used in any kind of court. As the speed is slower, it also provides great visibility to the players



By now you should have figured out what the best cheapest tennis ball is and what you need to look out for when purchasing your next tennis ball. if you have other great options you feel we’ve left out feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

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