A Selection of the Very Best Gaming TikTok Accounts

Once you’ve got yourself set up on TikTok or finally managed to fix your following page so you can assess the content you’re being exposed to, it’s worth making sure that you’re following accounts that appeal to you. Given the nature of the platform, all it takes is to watch a few clips in another area and you’re then filled with content on that particular subject.

For gaming audiences, there is some great content on the platform. Whether you’re an avid console gamer or a diehard smartphone player, there is something for everyone on the hugely popular social media platform that is also the fastest-growing app in history.

The short-form video content certainly appeals to TikTok’s millions of users, but so too does the diverse nature of posts on the platform. For example, people can witness a dance trend one minute, before being exposed to some delicious breakfast recipes the next.

For gamers, the app is also a great place to share gaming progress and gain insight into specific titles, be it an open-world release like Genshin Impact on console, a smash-hit PC title like Elden Ring, or even entertaining browser games, such as options like playing blackjack online at William Hill.

Of course, the diverse nature of gaming means that there is a range of gaming-related material on the social media platform, but TikTok is certainly a great place for gamers on the whole. In fact, many gamers rely on it for all things gaming, particularly as TikTok’s condensed offering makes it easy to digest bite-sized chunks of helpful gaming information.

So, as more and more gamers turn to TikTok in 2023, let’s assess some of the very best gaming accounts that are making waves on the short-form video hosting service.

DKOldies is Perfect for Classic Gamers

Despite innovation taking over and resulting in some impressive gaming products in today’s world, there are still gamers who prefer the classic titles of old. If you fall into that category and enjoy discussing video games in a more nostalgic manner, then DKOldies is the perfect account for you, with everything from N64 favourites to classics like Tetris being showcased on the account. 

Gaming by Gamelancer is one of the Most Popular Accounts

With 10.2 million followers already, Gaming by Gamelancer is one of the most popular gaming-related accounts on TikTok.

A business account, it provides a variety of helpful and informative information to its community of followers, showcasing everything from the first Fortnite win ever to a range of impressive statistics that highlight the success of particular gaming products.

Essentially, for gamers who are interested in hearing wider gaming news, then Gaming is an excellent account to follow on TikTok. 

Gamingbible Does Exactly What it says on the Tin

As you’d expect, Gamingbible offers its followers a deep dive into a huge selection of gaming-related content, although comical material is its best offering. At the time of writing, this much-loved TikTok account has 2.9 million followers thanks to a diverse collection of funny material from some of the gaming world’s biggest creators.

Other gaming TikTok accounts worth following include Cozy.games, Typical Gamer, and Superlouis_64.

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