BigPond Webmail Settings and Configuration You Need

BigPond Webmail or Telstra BigPond Webmail is an email service owned by Telstra to manage all Telstra subscribers profile. Telstra has so many services of which Telstra mobile is one, Telstra Digital, global, Webmail, Financial platform and many others. It’s a platform that is more than just the BigPond Telstra webmail login.

Telstra as a brand manages Australia 5G network globally, which is covering over 50% at the time of filing this report. So with the BigPond Webmail, you can view your profile, view payment information such as the next payment date or due date.

BigPond webmail isn’t the only leading webmail service in Australia. The like of MIS Webmail or Eq Webmail and Optus Webmail is a great challenger. In the United State, apart from using the known Gmail or Outlook mail, we have the likes of iiNet Webmail, Cox Webmail, and many others which we will consider on this platform.

BigPond Webmail login is all you need to manage your BigPond or Telstra business or enterprise or business account. You can upgrade to Telstra plus to enjoy premium benefits and pay more than all regular customers.

Whatever goal you have concerning the Webmail this post will revolve and wrap around it.

This post will not be limited to the basic need of the BigPond webmail service. It will extend to the core part which includes but not limited to BigPond webmail email account creation, configure BigPond Webmail on mobile and Windows devices, and also dive into some technical part of how to retrieve old emails from BigPond webmail and possibly dive into how to recover deleted emails from BigPond webmail.

What is BigPond Webmail

BigPond Webmail is also referred to as Telstra Webmail. This means that if you are having a Telstra Webmail login it can be used as your BigPond webmail login. In that case, BigPond Webmail is the same Telstra Webmail and BigPond email is used as Telstra email.

Therefore, we can say that the BigPond Webmail is a platform that provides an IMAP or POP or SMTP for both “Incoming Server” and “Outgoing Server” to connect and access your Telstra email or BigPond email on your smartphones such as Android, iOS (iPhone/iPad), Windows, and Mac which then help you to receive and send BigPond mail or Telstra mail electronically on your device.

With that being said, we would include the function of the BigPond Webmail login in this guide which is the ability to access your Telstra or Bigpond email on your smartphone using a dedicated BigPond incoming and outgoing server with a unique server type, and server port.

Sign in to BigPond Email

BigPond merged its services with Telstra in 2013. However, all BigPond database was moved to Telstra. This means that your BigPond webmail login is valid on Telstra Webmail. So, there is no need to create a new Telstra webmail login with the aiming of replacing it with your BigPond Webmail login. So, we will demonstrate how to sign in to BigPond webmail on the Telstra webmail login portal.Reset BigPond Webmail

  • Go to the BigPond webmail login page on
  • To log in, type your BigPond Webmail email address and password. Do not create a new Telstra webmail email instead. If you have a Telstra business executive, enter your business ID in the provided column.
  • Check “I’m not a robot” to prove that you are human and select  “Login.”

If the BigPond Webmail email address corresponds with any data on the Telstra database as a result of the merge, you will be logged on and taken to the account dashboard to manage your profile and personal information.

Login BigPond Email with Digital Certificate

You can opt-in to reset your BigPond password if you can’t remember it. But, on the contrary, you may want to consider using the digital certificate login. The BigPond webmail login using the digital certificate overrides the use of a login password or forgotten BigPond email password. You can also replace the login digital certificate if the certificate expires or due to a lost certificate.

We will discuss how to replace lost or expired digital certificate after now. Just hang on, we will walk you through how to replace BigPond webmail digital certificate online

  • Go to the BigPond webmail login address [].
  • Scroll down and select “Log in With Digital Certificate.”

Follow the instruction to provide your digital certificate token to log in instead of logging with your BigPond email password and username.

Replace Lost or Forgotten Digital Certificate

To be able to replace your lost or forgotten BigPond digital certificate you must be an authorize representative.BigPond Telstra Webmail

  • Go to this Telstra page on your web browser.
  • Fill in the column and click on the “Submit” tab for processing.

Note: Your Telstra account number can be found at the top right corner of your bill.

You must be able to provide your Telstra authorize representative name and the Telstra account number. For urgent assistance, call Telstra toll-free number on 1800 017 353 or email your complaint to

Apple for Digital Certificate

Get your Telstra account number ready to apply for your digital certificate. Follow either of the suggestions below for your digital certificate.Telstra Login

  • Please FREECALL™ 1800 017 353* within Australia Monday to Friday, 9 am – 6 pm (AEST) or email

Reset BigPond Webmail Forgotten Password

You can sign in to BigPond Webmail without using a password. But you have to provide your digital certificate. However, if you can’t remember your BigPond password and your digital certificate has expired you can request a new password to process your account login.

  • Go to the “BigPond login” page and click on the “Forgot” tab in the “Password” column.
  • Enter your username, business ID or account number, and click on the “Continue” tab.


  • Go to the Telstra password reset page.
  • Type your BigPond username and tap “Send Email.”

A link to reset and create a new password to replace your old BigPond password will be sent to your email address. Follow the instruction in the email to replace the old password with the new password.

BigPond Telstra SMTP/IMAP/POP3 on Android

This guide will help you to set up BigPond Telstra webmail on an Android phone using IMAP and SMTP settings for both Incoming and Outgoing server.

  • Swipe down your Android phone notification tray and tap on the settings gear icon to the top right or go to the app menu and click on the Settings gear icon.
  • Select “General >> Account >> Add Account >> Email >> Other [if prompted after the previous selection].
  • Type your “BigPond Email address [this is the same as uour Telstra email] >> Password >> Next >> Done.

This will automatically sign you in to your BigPond email. However, if this didn’t work, then, proceed with the manual settings approach below.

  • Go to Apps >> Settings >> Account >> Add Account >> Email
  • Enter your BigPond email >> Password >> Manual Setup [instead of the Next button we selected previously]
  • Select “IMAP” >> Enter your BigPond email >> Password
  • Set the IMAP Server to, security type to SSL, Port to 465, check the option “Require sign-in” and tap “Next.”
  • Tap “Next” >> Done.

Henceforth, all incoming mail notifications on your BigPond or Telstra email will be received on your phone because of the BigPond webmail settings above.

BigPond Webmail or Telstra Webmail Setup on iPhone

iPhone BigPond webmail settings on iPhone is a bit different from the BigPond webmail setup on Android. And here is the exact webmail configuration for BigPond email to work on iPhone.

  • Tap Settings on your iPhone home screen
  • Tap “Accounts & Password” >> Add Account >> Other [usuallu at the bottom] >> Next >> Add Mail Account.
  • Enter your “BigPond” username (email) & password and tap “Next” to proceed.
  • Tap “IMAP” at the top left of the screen.
  • Enter “Hostname” as, username “, enter your BigPond/Telstra password.
  • Enable “Mail” and hit the “Save” button.

BigPond Webmail Setup for Windows 10

The following BigPond webmail setup will help you to access and receive your BigPond-Telstra email on your Windows 10. This works on all Windows Outlook devices.

  • Go to the Windows 10 search box and search for “Mail.”
  • Select “Account” under the “New Email” and tap on “Add Account” under “Manage Account.”
  • You need to select “Advanced Set up” under the option to “Choose an account” in the Windows 10 Outlook mail settings.
  • There are two options present in the “Advanced Set up” menu. The “Exchange ActiveSync” and “Internet Email.” Now, you need to select “Internet Email” because it contains “IMAP” which is the setup requirement to configure the BigPond Webmail for your Windows 10.
  • Enter your old “BigPond email” address and the account corresponding password.
  • Set the BigPond account name that you would love to display on your email.
  • Now, set the “Incoming server” to “”, account type as “IMAP4“, “Outgoing server” to ““, and check all the available options and then tap on the”Sign in” tab.

For Windows users, the settings above work for BigPond Webmail which make it easy to access or receive all BigPond or Telstra incoming mail and send eMail on your Windows 10 using your BigPond email address.

BigPond Webmail Setup for Mac

The following BigPond Webmail configuration allows you to use your Telstra or BigPond email on your Mac computer. However, we will boycott the automatic approach and share the manual method to set up the BigPond webmail on your macOS device.

  • Go to your Mac manual configuration settings.
  • Select account type as “IMAP.”
  • Set your BigPond Incoming server for your Mac as “”.
  • Select “SMTP” as your Outgoing server and set the server to be “” and hit “Continue” to proceed.
  • Check “SSL” and “Password Outgoing Mail server” in the “Authentication” option.
  • Again, set the “Outgoing mail server” as “” and check “Outgoing Mail Security” in the option to “Use Authentication”.
  • Check the option to use “Secure Socket Layer (SSL)”, authentication “Password Account Summary”.
  • Check “Take Account Online” and click on “Create” to add your new email to your Mac OSX device.

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