BlackBerry Motion Software ACD519 Update

BlackBerry Motion ACD519 update now available for download following the release of ACD715 update for BlackBerry KEY2 while KEY2 LE was part of the update but the number of KEY2 LE update was limited compared to KEY2.

Here is a guide to download BlackBerry KEY2 ACD175 software update September security batch. The BlackBerry Motion ACD519 is for most BlackBerry Motion variants.BlackBerry Motion ACD519 Software Update

ACD519 Software Update Size

The size of the BlackBerry Motion software ACD519 is considerably small in size. The software update file size is of the same size with the BlackBerry KEY2 software update released in September.

The file size is measured to be around 100MB containing all the file update you need to upgrade the BlackBerry Motion software ACD519.

BlackBerry Motion ACD519 Update

The BlackBerry Motion software update is supposed to come up OTA once you are connected to the internet with a pop to download and install the update.

All BlackBerry Motion will get a notification for the ACD519 software update. However, if the update if not available OTA (over-the-air) you can upgrade to the latest software maunally.

Update BlackBerry Motion Software ACD519 Version Manually

If you cannot get the BlackBerry Motion ACD519 software update over the air here is how to upgrade to it manually.

  1. From your BlackBerry Motion home screen.
  2. Click on the “options” menu
  3. Select device>> software update.
  4. Search for software update
  5. Tap download ACD519 update.
  6. Install the update

Once the software is downloaded and installed, you will be prompted to restart your BlackBerry Motion.

Upon successful installation, go back to the system update and check for the latest version and you will be notified that you are running the latest software update.

Motion ACD519 Autoloader Update

You only need to use this approach to run the autoloader update if the August Motion update was done via autoloader. Then, you can use the Motion ACD519 autoloader update approach without error.

Motion ACD519 Autoloader

  1. Download Motion autoloader update for September batch
  2. Remove BlackBerry Motion password/PIN
  3. Boot to bootloader screen
  4. Run the ACD519 update as flashall or flashallnowipe

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