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Aloha Tube is an adult website with adult contents. This site doesn’t use age restriction for parental guardians. However, as a parent, we should be able to curb our children and try to regulate and monitor what they spend their leisure time do.

One of those precautions is to make sure what could ruin their mind and reputation be banned and block their access from getting us to it. Although Aloha Tube is not the only adult website online, all these websites have to be blocked from our PC or from or kids PC from exposing to what is meant to be secretive.

However, being a personal computer you may need to seek permissions to use. However, as a parent, you should be able to maneuver your way into taking the PC and block Aloha Tube URL from being accessible on the device.

You can also block a specific URL using on your home router. However, these URLs will still be accessible when connected to another internet access. While you will ensure that you to block unwanted URL on your PC you can also block the URL on your personal router so that it’ll entirely not be accessible at home.

You can also block such URL on a mobile if Chrome is set or used as a default browser. Therefore, here in this article today, I will share all possible tutorial to block the on your PC, Router and on Mobile.

Aloha Tube

How to Block Aloha Tube on Windows

Here is how to block any unwanted or adult URL on a PC without installing additional software. To use this procedure you must have administrative right to the PC.

  • Log in to your PC and go to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\
  • Right click  on “hosts” and open with NotePad
  • In the last line in the code you will see “# localhost” and ” #::1 localhost”
  • After the last line type and the Aloha Tube URL. That is;
  • Save your settings and restart your computer

Now, for some reasons, you may not be able to edit the “Host” file. Follow these directions to make the host file editable.

Right click on Host >> Security >> Adminstrative >> Edit >> Select account >> Tick full control >> Apply >> Yes.

After the above step, you should be able to edit the host file and add the Aloha URL and block it on your Windows computer.

How to Block Aloha Tube URL on Mac

The procedures to block URL on a Windows computer is not the same with how to block URL on Mac. However, for Mac users, here is how to block any URL including

You must have the administrative right to do this on the OS X device

  • Go to /Applications/Utilities/Terminal to open Terminal on your OS X device
  • Type “sudo nano /etc/hosts” and press enter
  • Log in to your account as an admin
  • Your Mac PC will open the terminal hosts’ file /etc/hosts in a text editor
  • Go to the end of the last line and click on enter and copy and paste
  • You can add as many as possible numbers of websites you want to block on your OS X device.
  • Now, press ctrl+x and then Y to save changes

How to Block Aloha Tube on Mobile

For mobile users such as Android and Windows devices here is how to block any website and render it invalid to make it far from been accessible on your mobile browser.

  • Download and install the Block Site from the Google play store
  • Launch the BlockSite app and allow the app to access your phone by click on enable permission on the welcome screen.
  • Click on the “+” without quotes right of the app bottom
  • Tap on website
  • Enter “” without quotes
  • Save changes

Now, this site will be accessible on your phone. However, to hide this app and game your kids use, download and install AppLock and follow these settings to hide apps on your phone.

Another way to achieve this if you don’t want to install another app to keep the mobile own away from suspecting you is to use the EX File Explorer on the mobile phone.

Block Aloha Tube Using ES File Explorer

Here is how to block any website on a mobile phone using ES FIle explorer. This is a safe and simple procedure to achieve.

  • Launch ES File Explorer from the phone app menu
  • Go to more option >> local menu >> device >> etc
  • Go to hosts >> open it as text >>select ES Note Editor’
  • Click on the edit option and type “” without quotes
  • Save

Now, to effect changes restart your mobile phone and try to visit the website on any browser. That is how easy it is to block a URL using ES File Explorer.

How to Block a URL on iPhone/iPad/iPod

For iOS users here is how to block any website you don’t want to visit again on your iPhone/iPad/iPod.

  • Go to Settings > General > Restrictions
  • Enable restriction and set a password or passcode for restriction
  • Scroll down the new interface and click on websites
  • Choose to limit adult contents
  • Tap on “add a website” under never allow
  • Type “” without quotes
  • Done.

This will block adult contents site from being accessible on the device. To block more website repeat this process for all websites. Also, always use a different passcode to enable restriction from your default access code.

Block URL on an AVG Anti-Virus

The AVG anti-virus security firewall allows users to block a specific website and IPs on a specific computer. Whether the computer is a Windows computer or a Mac computer, users can always use the anti-virus firewall to block a certain URL.

To block Aloha Tube UL on your computer with the help of the AVG firewall follow these procedures

In the “Firewall Configuration” window, select “Network”-> “Add Network” Name the network, then add the IP/ Range to block, then OK.

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