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Bookzz is Down: Here Are the Best Websites for Free eBooks

In life, learning is the only human attribute that never ends. The more you learn the better you become. Meanwhile, learning can take the form of speculating, reading books, imagination, and search for the latest information on the internet. However, the most difficult of these forms of learning habit is reading books. They say if you want to hide a piece of information from a man just put it in white and black. So, if bookzz is still your target you just need to change your thinking!

But for those that love to read books, search the internet for the best website to download free eBooks is not a problem. And overtimes, people are familiar with the popular free eBook download site, bookzz before it was officially shut download moved to a new domain name b-OK.

In a situation where the largest eBook download website “bookzz.org” is shut down what would be the next move other than to search for the best alternative to replace the old website where downloading eBook was free.

However, here in this article, I’ll share the best and top website to download eBooks for free without registration, credit cards, and even without pop up or pop-under ads that can hinder your download section on the website.

Bookzz is Down: Here Are the Best Websites for Free eBooks

We know it may be very difficult for you to scale between the best and average free eBook website like bookzz which gave 100% access to download unlimited eBooks for free in a day. Meanwhile, there are eBooks websites that are not bookzz alternative rather they are far better than using bookzz.org to download free and paid eBooks.

1. Google.com

This is a point you will not want to argue that Google is the best source of information. No wonder the saying “Google is your friend”. Without using an eBook download website you can easily get any PDF version of any eBook for free using Google search engine.


The beauty is that you will not need to hide your IPs like when you are dealing with free eBook websites with pirated contents.

Here, our first choice of bookzz alternative is Google search engine. To search for a specific content in Google and get instant result, such as when you want to search for a document in PDF format, just add “.dpf”. This will restrict Google search result to a specific type of information that is in portable document format [PDF].

Let take for instance that you have searched for “48 laws of power” eBook online and you couldn’t find it. Meanwhile, before bookzz.org was shut down you used to see it on the website. And now that the website is gone how would you be able to download the book again without running into content infringement problem?.

1. Open a new tab on your browser and visit Google search by visiting “www.google.com” on your browser.

2. Type the name of the book you want to download say “48 Laws of Power” and add the ebook extension to it. Here we are interested in 48 Laws of Power’s pdf version so we will add “.pdf” to the extension before will hit the search box.

Bookzz is down, here are the best alternatives


3. Only “48 Laws of Power” PDF format will be displayed in the search result. After which you only need to click the book title to start the download.

Bookzz alternatives

Bookzz is a great website to download free and paid eBooks for free. But since the shut of the website officially, I have let go Bookzz and take a step after until I found out that Google is an alternative and can easily replace the old website.

2. ReadPrint

Bookzz alternative websites

ReadPrint is a popular and fast-growing eBook library with varieties of bookzz available for you to read online. ReadPrint is a bit different from Bookzz website before it was shut down. Here at ReadPrint you can easily search for books you would love to read online and it will open using your browser.

However, for easy and direct access to free read print eBook library, you can easily search for a specific eBook using your desired keyword in the search box. Meanwhile, the best and quick access to ReadPrint books is to search using Author name, book title and year of publication.

The way ReadPrint is designed you are not allowed to download eBooks from the library, rather you are meant to come and read books on the website and add them to your favorite website for quick access when next you visit.


The moment you find a book with great quality you can easily tag it to your friend and save it to your ReadPrint account for later use. However, this e-library is good for those that love to read online and that doesn’t have a phobia for computer screen light. But for scholars who love to download eBook and print it in form of hard copy you need a tutorial on how to download eBook from “ReadPrint”.

3. ManyBooks

ManyBooks as an alternative to Bookzz


Here on this archive, ManyBooks is one of the few websites that operates just like Bookzz but with a limited eBook database when compared with the popular and gigantic eBook download website that was shut down “bookzz”.

When you are stranded with where to download your next eBook for free online in any format without paying a cent, consider ManyBooks. As the name of the website sounds so are the quality and quantity of books you can get for free on the website.

For a website like “ManyBooks”, to achieve a great search result, use the combination of book author, title and year of publication. If possible, you can quote the book ISBN number for exact result.

Once you have seen the book you want to download then next move will be to click the download button and be expecting a result in your device storage. However, ManyBooks as an alternative to bookzz is not restricted to a single phase of life.

Irrespective of your field of study you will definitely get a book to download from ManyBooks to help you in your career.

Available books on ManyBooks can be sort in the form of the most downloaded books, popular books, most search books, and the like. With ManyBooks website you should get a least a quite a number of eBooks for free.

4. Free Computer Books

Best website alternative to Bookzz.org

Free computer books is a niche based free eBook website. The main reason why this eBook download website is not popular doesn’t go beyond the fact that you can only download computer related books from the website.

As a programmer or a website designer, you can only get few ebooks to download using bookzz compared to free computer books website. The reason being that the free computer books admins are specialized on sharing computer related content alone from computer experts.

Since the website is a computer books based download website, tons of free and paid computer programming language such as C##, C++, Elang, etc are uploaded daily to make sure users get the best out of their resources.

However, to get the best of this free computer eBook download website, enter the book author, book title, and if possible year of publication and ISBN number for a great and exact-match result.

5. Project Gutenberg

Bookzz shut down

Project Gutenberg is one of the few websites I have used since bookzz was shut down. And I can say it has a huge collection of books worthy enough to make it bookzz alternative.

With over 30,000 free eBook available to download for free without registration or a credit card, it worth mentioning that it’s one of the greatest free eBook download websites on the internet.

The beauty of Project Gutenberg eBook download website is that books are arranged in a category and thus make it very easy to search for a particular book.

The eBook website database is open to all once you know the name of the book you are searching for you can just key it to the search box and hit the search bar. However, for a great result within a short period, you should consider using the book author name and title.


Bookzz was a great website to download eBook for free when the website was still alive. In fact, the website helped me with a lot of eBooks when I was writing my project back then. However, the shut down of the website really hurt though but that is not the end of life.

We have searched the internet and come across other versatile websites that are good for free eBook download website even if they are not as big as bookzz was but they serve a little purpose and relief us our burden.

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