Brooke Sealey Net Worth, Age, Child, and Husband

Brooke Sealey is a model and a greeting girl for NASCAR drivers who became more popular after she got married to a NASCAR Legend Jeff Gordon. Things were looking good until Brooke Sealey accused Jeff Gordon of having an affair with another woman, which in turn led to their divorce.

The intriguing part of the whole story was how expensive the divorce settlement was. Brooke Sealey was given around $15.3million as a settlement fee following the divorce. Yet they didn't have any children.

Currently, most of people have been curious as to what Brooke Sealey is up to since Brooke Sealey's net worth has been bumped up due to the divorce settlement money she received.

Brooke Sealey was born in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, in the United States of America around the 1970s. Unfortunately, Brooke Sealey’s exact date of birth is unknown to the public But she is currently in her fifties. Also, Brooke Sealey is of American citizenship and hails from the ethnic group of Caucasians. 

There is no information regarding Brooke Sealey’s parents and siblings since she has decided to be more discreet about her family life.

Early-Life & Education

There isn’t enough information as to how the early life of Brooke Sealey panned out however the little we know is: that she had always wanted to become a model while she was still young. Also since she comes from the united states of America. Brooke studied at the Winston-Salem Parkland High School. After graduating high school, she went to the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and majored in early education. Her full name is Jennifer Brooke Sealey and She belongs to the Caucasian ethnicity


Brooke Sealey

Being a model has been Brooke Sealey’s interest from a young age. This propelled her to take chances on herself by entering the world of modeling and fashion.

Not long after her entry she started gaining some amount of attention, this made her career blossom such that she became the face of several leading agencies. 

More attention was placed on her the moment she became Miss Winston.

Apart from being a model and a former Miss world Pagent Brooke Sealey was also a greeting girl for NASCAR cars Competition in the victory lane. It was during that period she met Jeff Gordon who usually admired her but couldn’t date her due to their policies 

Brooke Sealey Ex-husband: Jeff Gordon

Brooke Sealey

Brooke Sealey met Her ex-husband Jeff in 1993

both Jeff Gordon and Brooke Sealy had their first visual contact after jeff just won a qualification race while Brooke was the greeting girl in the victory lane at Daytona.

At that time Brooke had quit her modeling job to study at the University of North Carolina. During her study at university, she decided to earn some extra income and decided to answer a call from an ad agency.

As things progressed the ad agency gave her a job that required her to work as Miss Winston at the Winston circuit cup. It was at the time Jeff won a qualification race and while he was at the victory lane his eyes met with that of Sealey. All these happened in February 1993.

Unfortunately, Jeff couldn’t publicly enter into a relationship with Seealy because there was an unwritten rule that prohibited drivers from dating models. however, they later made their relationship public in December 1993

Two years after they made their relationship public Jeff Gordon married Brooke Sealey in a beautiful ceremony on November 26th, 1994.

The marriage brought Sealey to the limelight after the pair were identified as NASCAR’s first couple. 

Brooke Sealey Divorce

Everything went fine until Brooke decided to part ways with Jeff after eight years of marriage. What actually happened? Brooke felt Jeff Gordon had been cheating on her with another lady whose name she didn’t mention. Jeff on the other hand said nothing as he tried to let things cool off.

BUt Sealye wasn’t backing down on getting the divorce. and she eventually filled her petition in March 2002 claiming that the marriage is broken” due to Jeff’s misconduct.

during that people, some sources mention that Jeff was having an affair with an actress and fitness model Deanna Merryman. Probably really got to know about it too and was furious.

After she filed for divorce, Jeff said, “I’m not going to comment on it.” eventually both parties had to part ways and Sealey got a divorce settlement fee worth around 15milion dollars even though she didn’t have any child for jeff.

It was termed one of the most expensive divorce settlements in NAsDac history. 

Later on, Jeff went ahead to marry a Belgian model, Ingrid Vandebosch. who currently has two kids for Jeff Gordon, Ella Sofia & Leo Benjamin Gordon.

Brooke Sealey Current Husband: Mullins Mcleod

After her divorce, Brooke Sealey fell in love with James Dixion II, whom she later married and later gave birth to her first child who was a girl.

The name of the girl was Ella, however, Sealey added the name “Gordon” to her daughter’s name making her “Ella Gordon” in honor of her ex-husband. This didn’t sit well with her current husband James Dixon who filed for a divorce.

He probably couldn’t wrap his head around what did and felt he couldn’t continue with her. 

In his divorce requests, he asked for $10,000 worth of alimony, a car, and a house worth $1.5 million.

After her fallout with Dixon, Sealey finally found love as she is currently married to Mullins Mcleod, who was a former South Carolina gubernatorial candidate. She married him in May 2010


During the eight years period when Sealy was married to jeff Gordon surprising they didn’t have any kids together. Probably due to reasons they prefer to keep private. However, she later had her first child with a man called James Dixon whom she moved with after leaving Jeff. The name of the child is Ella Gordon and she was born in 2009.

Brooke Sealey Net worth

Brooke Sealey divorce with Jeff Gordon was regarded as one of the most expensive divorces in NasDac History in which she parted ways with over $15 million in divorce settlement fee, It is safe to say her last recorded net worth isn’t far off from that figure. But based on calculative assumption, Brooke Sealey net worth could run to $20 million.

Brooke Sealey Height & Weight

While she was still a model she had a slim and near-perfect body shape, however, due to childbirth and marriage, her weight has changed a lot, but there isn’t any report as to what her current weight is but her last recorded weight is 121 lbs which is equivalent to 55kg while her height which is 5 Feet 5 Inches is equivalent to 1.65m

Brooke Sealey Age

There has been no available information as to what Sealey’s date of birth is. The closest information gotten regarding her age was, that she was given birth in the 1970s. that means she is currently in her fifties (50s)

Social media

Due to reasons best known to Brooke Sealy, she has decided to stay off social media. what that means is, it’s either she is inactive on her social media handles or she’s not on any of this platform.

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