Bruce Cassidy’s Net Worth, Salary, Wife, Sack and Bio

Bruce Cassidy whose full name is Bruce James Cassidy is known to many as the head coach of the Boston Bruins of the National Hockey League (NHL) who was just relieved of his coaching duties. However, before he started his coaching career, he was a professional Ice hockey player where he played as a defenceman with the Chicago Blackhawks. Since he’s retired as a player and now works as a coach he might either get another coaching offer or retire.

Bruce has to move on from it, and probably try to get another coaching offer.  At Present, he isn’t very active on social media as he rarely posts anything, however, he has a little number of followers on his Twitter page which he is most active on.

At the moment, Bruce Cassidy net worth as of 2022 is estimated to be around $3million.


Bruce Cassidy was born on May 20th 1965 to Leonard Cassidy (his father) and Louise Cassidy(his mother) in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Unfortunately, both his parents have passed away as there are very few details about them.

However, it was revealed that his mom was a bit strict with him while being compassionate. This must have helped him build discipline and grit to where he is today.

In addition, Bruce hasn’t spoken about having any siblings. This means he is the only child of his parents.

He is married with 2 children and he comes from Canada. He has a zodiac sign of Taurus.

Early Life & Education

Bruce Cassidy early life

There has been little to no information about Bruce Cassidy’s early life, however, he was born and raised in Ottawa, Canada. 

While it was revealed that he attended the Fisher Park High School, the college he enrolled on is unknown. However, once we get any information regarding his qualifications it will be updated over here.


Bruce Cassidy career

Bruce Cassidy started his career as an Ice hockey player. He began at the Ontario Hockey league where he played as a defenceman for Ottawa 67’s from 1982 – to 1985. During his stay at OHL, he pulled out a pretty decent performance.

However, as he progressed to the NHL, where he was selected as an entry 1983 draft in the Black Hawks team. He had a series of knee injury operations.

But, the injuries didn’t affect him as he was active in the Black hawk team and he was among the team who collectively won the Turner Cup in the IHL.

Afterwards, Cassidy progressed to Alleghe where he signed to play. Allege is located in Italy. 

During his stay at Alleghe, Cassidy played for 2 years while making his appearance in 51 games earning a total of 117 points. He had 35 goals and 82 assists.

Following his exploits in Italy, Bruce Cassidy went to Germany where he signed with Kaufbeuren of the German Hockey League.

During his stay there, he earned a total of 17 points while pulling out 8 goals and 9 assists in 35 games.

Finally, Cassidy came back to the Blackhawks, where he played for a while before retiring as a player to assume the role of head coach of the Jacksonville Lizard Kings from 1996 to 97.

Coaching Career

Bruce Cassidy coach

While he started his coaching career at Jacksonville Lizard Kings in the ECH league. He spearheaded the team and moved the team from 6–12–2 to 5–25–10. 

Since he took over the team just before the season came to an end he wasn’t able to create much impact, but as he began a new season with them the team ended the next season with a 35–29–6 record for 76 points.

As Cassidy’s Performance improved he was promoted to the head coach of the Indianapolis Ice of the IHL. During his stay there, he moved the club to 33–37–12 for 78 points while also ensuring their qualification for the playoffs.

Afterwards, Cassidy assumed the role of head coach at the Trenton Titans which lasted for only one year. 

During his tenure, he had a series of wins and losses with them. But he didn’t last there as he moved to the Ottawa Senators organization, where he assumed the role of head coach for the Grand Rapids Griffins of the IHL.

His influence and tactics helped the team finish the season with the best record in the league, having a (53–22–7 for 113 points).

Coupled with all these he also had some losses such as the loss to the Orlando Solar Bears in six games in the semi-finals.

After having some success with his team he moved to Washington capitals where he spent 2 years and finished in second place in the southeast league with a 39–29–8–6 (92 points)

The next few roles he had was as an assistant coach. But, it wasn’t until he moved to Providence Bruins that he was promoted from assistant coach to head coach.

During his stay at Providence Bruins, His first season was quite intense as his team finished the season with a 35–34–7 record, earning 77 points, however, they failed to qualify for the Playoff.

But they qualified in the next season while also securing the first place in the Atlantic Division with a 50–21–5 for 105 points

He led his team through three consecutive seasons while finishing with a decent performance. But the club weren’t very satisfied with his performances. Probably they wanted him to up his game and they weren’t seeing any changes from him so he was relieved of his head coaching duties On June 6, 2022.

Bruce Cassidy’s Net Worth

It was revealed that Bruce Cassidy received a total of $3million from 2020 to 2021 as his earnings from being a coach in Burin Boston. 

While he also took on the role of assistant head coach in other teams coupled with the fact that he used to be a player makes his accumulated earnings a bit on the high side.

His accumulated earnings are way beyond $10 million. While there is no specific figure on what his present net worth is due to his discreet lifestyle. It is assumed that his net worth falls in-between $1million to $3 million.

Bruce Cassidy Family

Bruce Cassidy family

Bruce Cassidy grew up in Ottawa Canada with his father Leonard Cassidy and mother Louise Cassidy. There is no information about his parents since they passed away. However, he currently has a wife and two kids who act as a support system for him.

Bruce Cassidy Wife 

Due to the discreet life Cassidy lives, he rarely throws out details of his marriage to the public. Presently the date of his marriage isn’t known to the public yet, however, He is still together with Jullie and they have two kids who are Shannon Cassidy and Cloe Cassidy.

He once mentioned that the two kids’ age is 18 months apart.

Bruce Cassidy Salary

Following is knee surgery he did at the early part of his career, he didn’t play for too long before switching to a coaching role.

He didn’t earn much as a player, however, the closest estimation of his earnings, while he was coaching, was at Boston Bruins. where it was revealed that he earned $3million per year throughout his stay. 

Based on his annual income, Bruce’s monthly salary is estimated to be around $250k which is about $62.5k per week.

Bruce Cassidy Siblings

There is no report about the former ice hockey player and coach having any siblings. He was the only child of his parents who are late now.

Bruce Cassidy Age

Looking at the career of Bruce Cassidy. It is safe to say he’s had a pretty decent ice hockey career as a coach however, we don’t know if he will retire following his fallout with the Boston bruins.

Since he is just 57 years old and he isn’t too old as compared to Bill Belichick who is quite old and still coached in the NFL. You can read about him here

Bruce Cassidy Height & Weight

Bruce stands at an above average height while still maintaining good body weight. Presently his last reported height is 5 feet 11 inches which is equivalent to 183cm. Meanwhile, He weighs 80kg which is equivalent to 176lbs.

Bruce Cassidy Social Media

Bruce Cassidy isn’t fond of posting happy pictures on his social media pages. He isn’t actively building followers as he has less than 1k followers on both his Twitter and Instagram pages. However, he usually posts more frequently about his profession on his Twitter page.

Bruce Cassidy comments

During his tenure as the head coach of the Bruins Boston, he made some unfavourable comments following his team’s loss to the Islanders. 

The penalty calls in the games made him quite furious as he wasn’t too happy with it. He was eventually fined $25,000 for his comments.

Bruce Cassidy Bruins

Bruce Cassidy bruins

The Boston Bruins fired head coach Bruce Cassidy three weeks after the team was eliminated from the playoffs. Bruins general manager Don Sweeney announced Monday that the team has relieved Cassidy of his duties, less than two years after Cassidy was named the National Hockey League’s Coach of the Year.

How much does Bruce Cassidy make?

During his coaching period at Bruin Boston, it was revealed that Bruce Cassidy makes around $3million per year.

Is Bruce Cassidy Married?

Bruce doesn’t reveal his details however it’s a bit odd thinking he isn’t married at 57 years. Anyway, he has a wife whose name is Julia.

Where does Bruce Cassidy live?

After his injuries it was reported that he lived in Chicago, however, he presently stays around Florida.

How long has Bruce Cassidy Coached the Bruins?

On May 24, 2016, Cassidy joined the Boston Bruins as an assistant coach for 2016–17. Since he was relieved of his duties in June 2022, it simply means he had spent 6 years coaching the Bruins.

NameBruce Cassidy
Age (as of 2022)57years
Mother (Late)Louise Cassidy
Net Worth$1 – $3 Million
Father(Late)Leonard Cassidy
WifeJullie Cassidy
ProfessionNational Hockey League player
Former Bruin’s head coach
ChildrenShannon Cassidy and Cloe Cassidy.
Height   1.8m.
Weight80 Kg.
Eye ColorBrown
Sexual Orientationstraight

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