How to Change ADP Login Password

ADP Login Password

How I changed my ADP Login Password after I was hacked unknowingly. This simple steps here shares how to change ADP password as an employee as well as an admin.

I’m experiencing a downtime in almost all the services I subscribed to. My website is hacked, my sister’s PC is compromised seeking for an auto-sync. Everything is just becoming suspicious that all my activities have been compromised by a hacker which I can’t say for the moment. However, taking the tough decision to change all my online password isn’t what is easy to embark on. Because I have a whole lot to change if I am doing that. For instance, I have to talk about how my ADP Login password was changed during the process.

Not only that but, I also changed my router’s password which I think might have been compromised as well. And in other to play, I won’t assume that my ADP username and password is safe and it’s not yet compromised. However, since I am still able to access the ADP account and everything still appear to be working fine, it’s better to change the password.

If though it’d require a tedious task to change the username (default) I can easily change the password pending the time I will be able to change the username contacting the customer support for the reason why I want to change it.

Why I Changed my ADP Login Password

I have reasons to change my ADP login at present. However, as a member of the APD workforce, I’d suggest you go through this process once in a while to diversify your logins by changing them.

This is not only about ADP payroll login, but you can also take to changing your Facebook password, Email password, even your hosting password if you have an online store or websites where sensitive information is shared.

Note: If you think your smartphone is compromised as well, make sure you fix it before trying to change your password. If you ain’t using a mobile or a mobile app, make sure your Windows Defender is working for a compromised computer.

On the note above, if you haven’t been compromised and you only wish to change your ADP Payroll login, then, you can use the mobile app to go about it. However, here in this article, I will share with you the exact procedures I followed to change my ADP Login password so that you can replicate the same procedure to change your ADP access information.

How to Change ADP Payroll Login Password

Here is how I changed my ADP login successfully and you can follow the same steps to change your old ADP password to a new one.

Note: You don’t need to log out ADP on all devices when you have the plan of changing your password. Once the password is changed successfully, your account will be log out automatically on all device including your own device and hackers access will be rendered invalid.

  • Open a new browser on your mobile or on your PC and visit ADP official website
  • Click on “Forget Password”

ADP Login Password

  • Enter your user ID
  • Answer the random security questions correctly else you will not be able to change your password in time.
  • Click on create a new password
  • Continue

Now, if you answered the security questions correctly you will be able to change your password. However, to change your password, you only have three attempts to answer security questions correctly, else, you will be locked out and forced to contact your company Payroll or your HR.

How Admin can Reset Employer Password

The ADP Login is sensitive and as well case sensitive. So, if an employee has tried to reset or change their password and couldn’t, the next action is to contact the HR for a password reset. As an HR or Payroll admin here is how to change ADP Login password.

  • Visit the ADP admin access
  • Go to APD Security Management Services >> Quick Links >> Reset a User’s Password
  • Go to the search option and enter the user ID or Employee’s name or Employee’s association ID or Email address
  • Click on Quick Search to do a random search on employee’s information
  • Click on the employee’s user ID
  • Click on the Reset Password

Once you have clicked on the option to reset employee’s password, an email containing a temporary password will be sent to the employee’s email address for instant login which the employee has to change after. Were you able to change your ADP Login password? If there is something else to know about how to change ADP login password as an employee kindly drop a comment.

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