Christopher Harvest Net Worth and Biography

Christopher Harvest is popularly known as the ex-husband of the famous actress and TV host, Vivica A. Fox. They got married in December 1998 and got divorced in 2002 The popular singer and model is also known as Sixx Nine. Many people also know him as a very good singer. For more info about Christopher Harvest and his past relationship with the celebrity Actress and producer, Vivica A. Fox, scroll down to the end.

Christopher’s specific date of birth is unknown yet as he is yet to mention it. Nothing is known about his age and his birthday since it has not been revealed on the internet. Personal details about him like his height, weight, and his body measurements are also kept discreet. Chris feels it is unnecessary to share his details with the media.

Harvest became a popular figure after marrying Vivica A. Fox and till today he is known as the ex-husband of the celebrity actress. The couple married in December 1998 and got divorced in 2002 due to speculations pointing at Vivica being the breadwinner of their home, she stated in one of her interviews with media that her mother didn’t raise her to take care of a man.

We don’t know if Christopher got married again or not. His current location is also not known and there is also no information about his family and children. His net worth and his salary have also been kept discreet. 

There is also no biography under the name Christopher Harvest on Wikipedia yet. It seems that he is inactive on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. as no social sites were found under this name.

Christopher Harvest

Christopher Harvest Biography

Christopher Harvest is of American nationality and belongs to every American ethnicity (Brown). He is a Christian. 

However, Harvest’s life before getting married to the famous actress, Vivica Fox was nothing less than a mystery. Even his birth details have not been decoded. In other words, one could conclude that Harvest is just another long-lost personality who was once in the limelight because of his past relationship with a Hollywood celebrity.

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The former wife of the well-known singer, Vivica A. Fox is famous for her breakthrough roles in two box-office-hit films, Roland Emmerich’s Independence Day and F. Gary Gray’s Set It Off. Vivica is also very popular for portraying Vernita Green in Tarantino’s, Kill Bill, Vol 1.

Harvest and Vivica were husband and wife for about four years before going their separate ways. What started as a lovely relationship to emulate for the actress turned out to be a one-sided effort and too demanding union. Sadly, the romance eventually turned sour for the couple and Chris became just another guy who got separated from a Hollywood star.

Referring to his striking height, some claim he was a collegiate athlete. This, however, has almost no reliance to date.

Christopher Harvest Age

Information regarding his age has not yet been revealed, however, his ex-wife, Vivica A. Fox is 57 years old. The date he celebrates his birthday is also unknown.

Christopher Harvest Height and Weight

The popular singer and model stands at a respectable height and has a healthy weight. Although his specific height and weight measurements are unavailable, about his physical appearance, he has black hair, and his eyes are black.

However, Chris is about six feet and nine inches tall.

He has a handsome face and looks fit as opposed to his ex-wife Vivica A.Fox when they used to make appearances in the spotlight while they were still living together before divorcing.Christopher Harvest

Christopher Harvest Career

Harvest is mainly known to be the ex-husband of actress, producer, and TV star Vivica A.Fox. Chris has worked as a vocalist for a song named To Heaven U Ride. Harvest was also a member of a group at the time he married Fox.

Harvest has also been a model and is known as the established musician referred to as Sixx Nine. He has gathered fans being the Sixx Nine more than as a Christopher Harvest over the years.

Christopher Harvest Net Worth

Just like his current location is unknown, his net worth also seems like a hard nut to crack being Vivica’s forgotten husband. 

Christopher may have accumulated a great fortune during his work low-key. Although he is yet to publish his exact net worth, income, or other assets in the media. However, Christopher’s ex-wife’s financial net worth as of 2021, is estimated to be about $6 million earned majorly from her successful career. Vivica owns a villa, sports car, jeep, and one Harley Davidson bike which cost about thousand of dollars.

The median salary structure of a United State singer is estimated to be around $43,305 as of October 31, 2021. However, the salary range usually falls between $36,777 and $50,319. Judging by these figures, we can be sure that Harvest might be earning around it or more than it.

Many people have speculated that Christopher has long picked himself up and is possibly making a living on his own. It definitely will be a surprise if Chris turns out to be a secret millionaire guy; but at the moment, the probability that he is living an ordinary life with just a salary or through some kind of turnover seems more cogent.

Christopher Harvest

Vivica A. Fox Net Worth and Biography

Vivica A. Fox whose full name is known as Vivica Anjanetta Fox was born on July 30th, 1964, in South Bend, Indiana, U.S. She began her career with the American music-dance TV show Soul Train. Concurrently, she continued her career in the TV soap operas Days of Our Lives and Generations.

Vivica Fox is 57 years old as of 2021. She has the body, brain, and looks that made her look so special. She has been a star in many movies she featured, authored a book, and directed several films in Hollywood and black entertainment.

Fox is yet to be awarded an Oscar award or Emmy, even though she has won a few theatre awards and nominations. The celebrity actress is however proud of her works and hopes to win an Oscar one day.

Some of her film credits include her career-defining role in “Independent Day”“Set It Off”, “Soul Food”“Two Can Play That Game”“Kill Bill: Vol 1”, and “City of Angels”. Vivica has also starred in several films like Booty CallWhy Do Fools Fall in LoveSoul Food, Two Can Play That GameKingdom Come, and Boat Trip.

She later moved to the prime-time slot, NBC sitcom Out All Night opposite Patti LaBelle. Accordingly, she has won an MTV Movie Awards for Best Kiss shared with Will Smith. Even though Christopher Harvest was the only man that Vivica Fox has ever gotten married to, she has dated several other celebrities in the past such as Jamie Fox, Terrell Owens, Dennis Rodman, Neyo, and even 50 Cent.

Her current love life is unknown, although most speculations are pointing at her as being single.Christopher Harvest

Christopher Harvest Family History

Christopher Harvest and Vivica A. Fox tied the wedding knot on December 19, 1998. However, in 2002, the couple divorced and went their separate ways. Christopher seems to be keeping a low profile currently, therefore making it difficult to get enough information about his current relationship status.

The duo met at a night out where Harvest walked up to Fox and asked her if she was Vivica A. Fox, which she proudly affirmed. Harvest however admired Fox by saying she looked more beautiful in person than on the screen. Fox was flattered but excused herself to go join some other guys on the dancing floor. 

Harvest went ahead to wow Fox by stepping out to get her a bunch of 20 roses. He succeeded in sweeping her off her feet and that was how they started their relationship which didn’t last more than three years.

Just four months after their first meeting, Vivica allowed Chris to move into her house. She says she was madly in love, at that time. Harvest however proposed to her one year to the day that they first met, December 19, 1997. Vivica revealed in one of her books that she had been expecting a ring.

Fox disclosed how bad the meal was the night of the proposal when Harvest took her out to dinner. Vivica says she was expecting him to take a knee at any moment the whole time in the restaurant. Christopher, however, did no such thing at the diner and on their way back home, his ex-wife was going through all; denial, anger, depression, and acceptance.

When they eventually got home, Vivica saw the whole house was filled with roses and candles. Chris finally got down and proposed holding the ring. Fox began to cry so much that she couldn’t even see the ring’s color, which she guessed to be gold which she didn’t like since her early days. However, the ring was platinum which is her favorite.

The duo got married in 1998. Vivica and Chris had their wedding exactly one year after the proposal, keeping their devotion to good old December 19, the ex-wife writes. They chose their venue at the Park Plaza in Los Angeles. The venue was an Art Deco palace used as a film set for old Hollywood-type movies and as a venue for brides who want an over-the-top Cinderella wedding.

Harvest and the Hollywood celebrity were married for three years, but never had children together. Fox spoke out about her relationship with the popular singer and model in a refreshing interview where she said that having a wedding ceremony was simply to fulfill her Cinderella dreams. She looked around her, realizing that her age mates and friends were already married. She wanted the same thing too.

She had the wedding ceremony of her dream and it turned out exactly as she had always wanted. Fox and Harvest celebrated their wedding in a luxurious setting with tabloids reporting stories, paparazzi trying to capture the occasion, and tabloids running stories. Her family and her few friends also attended the ceremony.

The actress however walked out of the marriage three years later. She declared that she had not taken enough time to learn about the man she promised to live with forever. Fox said that Harvest didn’t develop the passion and drive to advance in his career.

A combination of his lackadaisical attitude to work as well as his inability to provide for the family made the marriage a burden. The “Soul Food” alum then decided to end it in 2002. Fox said: “My mother didn’t raise me to take care of a man. And that was the deciding factor”. Vivica was the one shouldering the major responsibility of their home, she however became overstressed along the way and decided to walk out of the one-party marriage.

Christopher Harvest

Why did Christopher Harvest and Vivica Break Up?

In May 2021, Harvest’s former wife, Vivica A. Fox disclosed the real reason behind her 2002 separation from her ex-husband was due to finances.

The Independent actress also stated that her acceptance of the marriage was rather a result of rush and peer pressure from friends. She also talked about her pain of being the breadwinner and having to “pay all the bills all the time”.

In the interview, Fox revealed further that she solely decided to walk down the aisle with Harvest because she saw “everyone else was doing it”. Vivica further revealed how after their marriage, Harvest didn’t go out to hustle and try to pursue his career with the same passion that she had for her career. She said paying all of the bills affected their relationship big time. 

After divorcing in 2002, Fox began dating the famous rapper, 50 Cent the following year 2003, who she often referred to as the love of her life. That relationship, however, couldn’t last either and Fox would go on to date the Atlanta club promoter Omar “Slim” White.

Vivica revealed that she helped her ex-husband amidst the separation. In the last year of their marriage, she was training for Kill Bill Vol 1. Viv says when she returned from training in China for the film, she wanted to end things with Harvest as fast and amicably as possible totally.

The actress told Christopher that she had set up a completely furnished apartment and paid the rent for the year. She also saved $50,000 in the bank for him. They however ended everything there. Fox added that she didn’t hate Harvest but just didn’t want to be his wife anymore.

Christopher Harvest Social Life

Talking about his social media engagement on platforms like Instagram, there is no Instagram (IG) handle with a verified symbol to his name. However, he has one IG handle low-key that goes by @mrwavey67 with 779 followers as of October 2021. He follows Uche Mba, Floyd Mayweather, and Polo Molina, among other celebrities.

For other social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, he is presently unavailable. However, for any business inquiries, Harvest can be contacted through his email address,

Not much about his marital life history after Fox has been revealed recently. Although because he might be in his late ’50s, Harvest may have a family of his own now.

A report however revealed that he is a father to a College graduate son and a daughter in high school, whom he loves so much. The singer and model also often compliment his kids with praises online while showcasing some fatherly bond with his kids.

Harvest is never too busy hanging out in the park, having a fun food date, or even spending special holidays with his children, who always look excited to be in their dad’s company.

In June last year, he posted a photo of his son, who recently graduated. The post featured the young man in his graduation attire, and the caption reads:

“My son is about to take that step into the real world. College graduate honor society Bethune Cookman. Proud parent I Am he. Salute”.

The affectionate dad has also reaped the fruits of being an excellent father. During Father’s Day, his graduate son sent a heart-melting card referring to him as a “great dad,” and his hero.

Christopher seems to be living hale and happy with his new family even though their name have been withheld from the internet.

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