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What is CrackStreams? Is it Safe and Legal?

What is CrackStreams and how can you benefit from it? Is the CrackStreams site safe and legal? For NBA fans, it would be hard to believe that CrackStreams is not the same as NBA Stream Reddit because both platforms serve the same purpose. 

With the countless number of options available when it comes to live streaming channels that are 100% free. So, in this guide, we will compile a list of free platforms to watch NBA live for free to give you options to choose from.

And if you had a favourite that falls apart in the list don’t hesitate to mention it in the comment section so that we might think of including it in the list for other Crack Streams fans to have a taste of it.

What is CrackStreams?

Crack Streams is an illegal and unsafe website to stream different kind of sports including NBA, UFC, Boxing, MMA, and a lot more. It offers access to live NBA just like you do on paid service providers with the right to broadcast and Stream NBA Reddit.

Is CrackStreams Safe?

Far from it to say that CrackStreams is safe. It contains popup and popunder ads which can lead you to install a virus app or visiting a website with a virus. This can include you falling for the “Pornographic Microsoft virus alert” for Windows users.

So, while visiting the Crack Streams website for NBA or other live sport, be conscious of possible virus from the popup and popunder virus alert.

CrackStreams Illegal?

No. CrackStreams is not legal and you could face the wrath of the law for using it. There is lot of governing body that’s now censoring website and see whether they share pirated contents. And whoever fall victim might pay dearly for it. This could end in jail or fine handsomely for using and stream from a source without the right and license to broadcast.


Crack Streams not Working

Crackstreams future is dangling except it moves from offering free service to a paid service with the right license to operate. However, there has been some speculations that CrackStream isn’t working or shut down.

This could occur for different reasons which include NBA, UFC, MMA, Boxing and other governing bodies are after the portal for sharing copyright access to users who cares about Livestreaming.

Note, if CrackStreams never comes back it might be because it has fall victims to some anti-piracy organisation as stated here.

Crack Streams offers Pay Per View

This is different from what you experience in free movies websites like Soap2day and Popcorn Time. And for this option, the organisation that put on the event you want to stream of PPV would love to force companies like CrackStream to shut down their website since it’s against why they too operate to garner more profit as expected.

What Happened to CrackStreams?

It’s hard to say that Crack Streams might be gone for good. But, currently, Crack Streams isn’t streaming some live UFC, NBA, and other sports that we used to stream on it. However, Crack Streams is yet to be shut down as the official website is still accessible.

But, if it occurs that the Crack Streams website is shut down permanently or the address is banned, they would definitely come back with a clone URL or proxy URL.

Since, in most cases, the shut down is not often permanently, If however, it’s shut down, they would come again with a  new website. Just be on the lookout if you can’t do without using Crack Steams.

CrackStreams Paid Alternatives

The following are UFC Crackstream alternatives. They are all paid. And it cost $44.99 to become a premium member after the free trial at the time of writing this article.

Watch ESPN+

While you are glued or used to watching NBA on NBAStreamReddit and CrackStreams without paying a dime, ESPN+ is on the other way round a paid service that cost about $44.99 for a whole year.

Since ESPN+ is a paid service, you are safe from any law guiding unlawful access to copyright NBA or live stream. This implies that no one would track your IP address for watching live NBA. And at the same time, there is no need to use a VPN to mask your IP address to another location before you can watch your favourite NBA and other live streams.

Other benefits of using ESPN+ include lag-free contents, unlike other platforms where the content is pirated and you would be some minutes behind schedule. On another note, if you are unable to catch up with the live event, you will be able to follow up via the comment section and get to know which team is performing better with the statistical data provided via the official ESPN + app.

fubo TV

In one of our previous post, we discussed how to activate fubo TV on smart TV. This is what you benefit from using this CrackStreams alternative instead of a free source that limited your exploration to just the official website or a particular link.

If not ESPN+ because the platform gulped $44.99, then, fubo TV will also be a problem then you have to check out the next UFC NBA streaming platform below.

This is because the fubo TV plan goes for $44.99 per year to have unrestricted access to all streamable contents on fubo TV.

fubo TV is able to build its empire for not restricted to a particular sport. With Wizards vs Pacers Live Stream having access to stream live we can say the price isn’t too pricey and it offers value for what people pau to offer the service.


For the same price for the Hulu plan, you will have access to stream your favourite sports which include UFC, NBA, MMA, Boxing, and a lot more.

If you staus in the United State, you would know for sure that Hulu has gained more traction than when it first started for the service to live stream on different devices with our Hulu plan.

This is not limited to the Hulu website alone, it’s plausible in the Hulu app, smart TV, and other supported devices.


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