Darius Rose’s Net worth, Age, Chancho and Parents

Darius Rose is a popular American actor who rose to stardom after featuring in the movie called “Nacho Libre(2003)“. Unfortunately, he seems to have stopped acting since the majority of his fans don’t see him taking on acting gigs these days.

Below let’s take a look at some details about Darius rose such as Darius rose net worth, Darius rose Age, Darius Rose height, Darius Rose 2022, and Darius rose girlfriend.

Darius Rose was famous for the roles he acted in moves such as Nacho Libre (2006), Bruce Almighty (2003), and Low Running (2002). Since he’s had a pretty decent amount of acting gigs in these breakthrough movies, he must have made a decent amount of money from them. Unfortunately, due to his sudden halt in the entertainment industry, Darius’ rose net worth as of 2022 is not known.

However, he seems to be into other things which we will find out in this article

Darius Rose Early Life

darius Rose early life

Darius Rose was born in New York City, United States of America to parents who were known however it was revealed that he was raised in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, the exact date of his birth is unknown. But, different sources stated that his age spans between 24 to 27 years old as of 2022. However, he seems to be very secretive about exposing any information about his family or his personal life.

Darius Rose Education

From the look of things, Darius must have Gone through some acting lessons from a very young age since most of the films he featured in were around 2003,2006. And as of then, his age was in the range of 6-10.

Unfortunately, there are no revelations about his early schooling to date.

Darius Rose Career

darius Rose chancho career

Darius Rose started his professional acting career in 2003 when he was featured in the movie called Bruce almighty Tyler. In the movie, he took on the role of Tyler.

During the movie, he was exposed to big names entertainers such as Jim Carrey, Jennifer Aniston, and Morgan Freeman.

But at the time, he wasn’t very popular, however as time went on, he was added to partake in the movie Nacho Libre. He pulled out an impressive performance in the movie which gained him more popularity.

His performances in earlier movies opened up opportunities for more acting roles such as his role in the movie “Lower learning (2006)” where he acted as an “AJ” and the movie Mr. Sadman, where he got a minor role as “fast food boy 1”

Since that period there he hasn’t acted in any movies and this has left most of his followers curious as to what went wrong with Darius.

You can check the preview of the movies he’s acted in over here

Darius Rose’s Net Worth

During his exploits as an actor early on, he earned a decent amount of money which was undisclosed, however, his present net worth of Darius rose is not known since he isn’t a celebrity and seems to have delved into another career as of now. However, when there is any information about him, it will be updated over here.

Darius Rose Family

Since Darius started his acting career at a very young age. He hasn’t introduced his parents to the limelight in any way and he doesn’t talk about them while in the spotlight. 

Since he is no more in the limelight, Information about his family may be less sourced out for now.

Darius Rose Siblings

Just as similar s his parents, there is no information about Darius Rose’s siblings as of now, probably he has a sibling or not. However, he hasn’t mentioned having one during his time as a young actor

Darius rose Girlfriend

Darius was around 8-10 while he was just coming up in his career, However, after years of quitting the entertainment industry, his present age as of 2022 is estimated to be around 24 – 27.

For now, there is no information about his present relationship since he seems to have entered ghost mode

Darius Rose Age

darius Rose chancho age

The Age of Darius has always been a mystery for most of his followers, however, it was revealed that while he partook in t movie “Lower learning(2006)”. His age at then was between 8 – 12. Since we are in 2022, his present age will be in the range of 24 – 27 years old

Darius Rose in Height & Weight

Darius used to have a pretty chubby look since he was fat when he appeared in the movie “Nacho Libre (2003), however, there are no details about his current age and height after going into ghost mode. since very few people know what he is up to for now

Darius Rose Instagram

There are different accounts named Darius. However, he is not active on any social media account. Probably he is focused on his present career

Darius Rose Chancho today

The present exploit of Darius today is almost a mystery since he stopped getting acting gigs following his last film “Mr. Sandman” which was aired in 20098.

Afterwards, his exploits haven’t been disclosed to the public. While some of his followers clamored that he had a good start at becoming a successful actor. so why did he leave?

Probably, he had his reason. But recently there was a subreddit group stating that some sources confirmed that Darius currently works in a Honda dealership.

We really can’t say much about this since he didn’t reveal any reason for his sudden halt in the entertainment industry. 

Darius Rose 2022

Presently, there is no news on Darius since a quick google search will bring you names of different people called Darius Rose as his popularity dropped after he stopped taking on acting roles.

As of 2022, there are little to no details of his whereabouts, what he is into and what his current exploits are

Darius Rose Honda

Some reports are stating that Darius currently works at a Honda dealership after some images of a picture taken with his friend surfaced online. However, people seem to have moved on from following his decision. While some feel, If he had decided to continue in the industry he might have gone very far when compared to his current exploits.

He might have started his acting career at an early age, but his fallout from acting made him lose the chance of ending up like entertainers such as Skai Jackson who also started at an early age.

How tall is Darius Rose?

Darius’ height wasn’t recorded for the spotlight throughout his career as a young actor. However, since he is no more in the entertainment industry. getting his height seems like a herculean task.

What is Darius Rose’s net worth?

Darius aka “Chancho” was known to be a rising young actor during the early 20th century when he took on some major and minor roles across 4 four movies/. Presently he seems to have fallen out of acting jobs since he no longer acts anymore.

NameDarius Rose
Known asYoung Actor
NationalityUnder review
Date of BirthNot Known
Age (as of 2022)24-27 years
Birth PlaceAmerica
ParentsNot Known
SiblingsNot known

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