Download Brother Printer Drivers for Windows 10

Bother printer offers different approaches to download and install the latest drivers for Windows to keep your printer to work perfectly. However, it more than how to download Brother printer drivers for Windows because we need to download the right drivers for our Brother Printer to be able to optimize the printer to work with the new drivers.

Therefore, in this method, we will explain three different approaches to install Brother Printer drivers for Windows. Knowing full that, to download Brother printer softer, you need to know your printer’s version or model to know which driver to download.

This means that you cannot just download drivers for Brother printer because it will not work. You first need to know the version of the Brother printer that you are using before you then proceed to download the right drivers that will work with it for optimal performance.

What is a Printer Driver for PC?

Printer driver is a microchip software that is designed to make your printer and computer or phone communication. The driver is a go-between between a computer and all its software to work perfectly. A defunct driver will stop the device from communicating with the appropriate device.

So, for all Brother printer users, you need to keep eyes on your printer’s drivers to make sure that the printer is running the latest driver’s software.

Download Brother Printer Drivers

Brother Printer Version Firmware

Before you proceed to download Brother printer drivers and install it on your Windows 10  or Windows 8.1 to replace the old drivers you first need to find the version of your printer’s version firmware.

  • Make sure your Brother printer is connected to your PC or smartphone.
  • Navigate to the settings.
  • Select all settings. This option might be missing on your printer settings. So, don’t panic about it.
  • To display the machine information press on the “Up and Down” key.
  • Click on “Machine Info.”
  • Tap on “Firmware version >> Main version
  • Now, your Brother printer’s version firmware will display on your device.

This gives you details of your Brother Printer firmware version and prepares you to either ready for an upgrade or not.

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How to Download and Install Brother Printer Drivers

As I said earlier, there are three methods to download and install the latest drivers on your Brother printer to enhance maximum communication with your virtual machine.

These methods are:

  • Download the latest drivers for Brother printer from the official website.
  • Check for the latest drivers on the device manager to update to the latest Brother printer.
  • Download Brother printer drivers, transfer it to your USB cable and run the update manually.

How to Download Brother Printer Drivers from the Official Portal

This approach is the fastest method to download and install the latest drivers for Brother printer. However, you need to have access to the internet to download the latest drivers from the official Brother printer website.

  • Go to the official Brother printer website on
  • Search for the “Brother printer” version or model that you want to download its drivers. For example, if your printer’s version is MFC-l2700dw, enter MFC-l2700dw in the search box and search for the driver.
  • Once the result comes up. Tap on the drivers’ detail and click on the download button.
  • Select your OS. For Windows, select Windows, for Mac, select Mac, and for Linux, select Linux. Meanwhile, Brother printer drivers update algorithm will automatically detect your Windows OS and tap on the OK button.
  • Now, you will be taken to the download portal. Click on Full Driver & Software Package (Recommended) to download the latest drivers.
  • Click on “Agree to EULA and Download.”

The driver should start downloading instantly. But, if you are using a downloader such as IDM, the IDM will pick up the download and display a monitoring screen to monitor the drivers download proceeds.

Once the drivers’ download is completed. Navigate to the download directory on your computer, click on the drivers’ name and run it as administrator. And follow the instruction on the screen to install the downloaded drivers.

Brother Printer Drivers Download via Device Manager

With this approach, you can automatically search for all outdated drivers on your computer and download the appropriate drivers from the update.

  • Press and hold “Win +R” at the same time.
  • Type “devmgmt.msc” and click on the “Enter” button. This will open up your computer’s device manager.
  • Right-click on the “Update Driver Software” option. Or go to Printer and right-click on “Brother Printer” and select “Update Driver Software.”
  • Select “Search automatically for updated driver software.”

While you are connected to the internet, your computer will search for the latest driver online, download, and install the latest updated driver on your PC.

How to Install Brother Printer Drivers on Window Using USB

The approach to install brother printer drivers on Windows 10 is simple and direct. However, you first need the Brother printer drivers installer and copy it to your USB cable. You can get the installer from a friend or colleague.

Insert the USB cable into your PC and run the printer drivers as administrator. Accept the administrative popup, accept the terms and condition, and follow the instruction on the screen to install the latest update.

NB: To download Brother printer drivers is advisable over the manual approach as this will enables the system to detect your Windows OS and grant access to download the perfect drivers that will work for you.

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