How to Download from TFPDL

A few days ago I stumbled on how to download from TFPDL and I decided to give it a shot. As a TV series and episodes movies fan, I decided to come up with this epic guide on how to download from TFPDL.

Even though there are various websites to download movies for free TFPDL recent articles outbids other movies site like TFPDL to download movies on your devices and watch them offline.

Back in 2021, there is no direct method to download movies from TFPDL, however, the option to save movies from the platform has been integrated and you can now download from TFPDL.

Meanwhile, the downside of using the TFPDL to download and watch your favourite movies is pop-under ads. I called the ads intrusive ads and it often time turn me off whenever I wish to download from the platform or watch any movie from the platform.

With that being said, in this article, we will review the TFPDL free movies download website and open up whether to use it or not and if you must use the website, you would be told what to do to ensure that your search histories are not tracked.

Download from TFPDL

What is TFPDL?

TFPDL is officially a website to watch download movies for free online on mobile phones and PC. The service offers users access to various movies, episodes, series, and a whole lot of them for free.

You don’t even have to create an account on before you can watch your favourite movies and download them to your hard drive on mobile storage.

Right on the TFPDL page, you can watch the movie’s thriller before you proceed to download or watch it. The thriller is pulled from YouTube and once you click to watch it, a pop up will appear and you can continue from there.

All movies’ thriller on is the same thriller that is available on the official YouTube page.

Therefore, before you proceed to download from TFPDL, you would have known the exact movie with the thriller.

Is TFPDL Free?

In a short answer, TFPDL is free without cost or even sign up obligation to use the platform as at the time of writing this article.

You won’t be asked to pay a dime to use to watch your favourite TV series or download and save them to your streaming device.

Meanwhile, you may want to ask how TFPDL make money from the platform when users are not asked to either pay to watch or donate to support the team, don’t worry, we are still coming to that in no time.

Is TFPDL Illegal?

Yes, TFPDL is illegal. Don’t use it if your region doesn’t support illegal websites as this can attract a jail term or cost you some fine. TFPDL is illegal, therefore, to download from TFPDL is illegal.

We agreed that TFPDL is illegal because they don’t have the copyright license to publish what they have on their website. The movies or videos or episodes on the TFPDL site is scrapped from other sources without permission to do so and that is why the TFPDL website keep changing.

Once one TFPDL website is shut down, the admins or developers migrate the content to another domain extension and if the new domain is shut down, the content is moved to a new URL entirely or domain extension with 301 redirect to keep all their visitors from search engines and other sources of traffic.

TFPDL Movies Categories

You can find the following movies categories on TFPDL to explore. To explore each of these categories, all you need to do is to open any of the categories, 

  • Featured movies
  • Oscar movies
  • Latest movies
  • Latest TV series
    • 1080P TV series
    • 720P TV series
    • 420P TV series
    • Anime
  • TV series the complete season
  • Games
    • PC Games
    • Mobile Games
    • PS4 Games
    • Xbox Games
  • Software’s
  • Japanese Animation shows
  • x265/HEVC
  • Ebooks.

And a whole lot of unlisted movies categories that you can find on this platform.

TFPDL Homepage

When you visit the TPFLD website you will be taken to or a similar domain extension and on the interface, you will see the site’s categories and a search box to easily search for your favourite movies or episodes or series.

However, that is not the official homepage. The official TFPDL homepage is tagged the recent and redirected to

So, each time you want to visit the homepage, you’d have to visit the URL or go to and click on “Go to Homepage” on the screen.

Instantly, you will be redirected to the recent movies or episodes or series on the platform that you can start exploring right away.

How to Search for Movies on

It’s quite simple to navigate TFPDL free movies download website to search for your favourite movies to either watch or download and save them on your storage device.

TFPDL developer ensures that searching for favourite movies is quite easy. To this, the search bar is made available on the free movies site homepage where you can easily key in the movie you want to search for and click on the search button to check out whether the movie is available or not.

Therefore, we will quickly walk you through how to search for movies or series or episodes on TFPDL.

  • Visit the official website on (might change later due to copyright issue). 
  • Type the title of the movie or episode or TV series name and a pop-up will appear containing match content.
  • Click on it from the search suggestions and you will take to the movie/thriller overview.

From here, you can either download the movie or stream the movie live on the portal. However, you may be prompted to download and install flash player to watch your favourite movies on the platform.

How to Download from TFPDL

If you are searching for how to download from TFPDL on a smartphone [Android & iOS] and PC [Windows, Mac & Linux] here is an article for you.

Before now, there is no how to download from TFPDL. But fast forward to 2022, the download button has been integrated into all available movies and it’s not easier than you can imagine download from TFPDL to your phone or computer.

  • Go to or working URL on your web browser.
  • You can search through the categories to find the movie you would love to download.
  • You can also use the search column to find or search for the movie you want to download by entering the title of the movie.
  • Click on the title of the movie from the search suggestions or results.
  • Scroll down the interface just below the movie’s description and click on the download button.
  • A new tab will open and you will be prompted that you are a human by the page bot.
  • Click on “verify that you are a human” and click on click here to generate the link.
  • Enter the password to unlock the page and the final download button will appear.

You can repeat the process to keep downloading your favourite episodes or movies for free from TFPDL to your device and watch them later.

This is all you need to know regarding how to download from TFPDL free movies website. Please if you face any setback, do leave a comment below and we will be glad to help.

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