Download SpankBang Video Using Elmedia Player on Mac

Elmedia Player is probably the only online video downloader to download SpankBang video on a Mac computer. SpankBang contents are mainly for adults. If you are still below the age of 18, you’d not be allowed to watch movies and download SpankBang contents. contents are of high quality, HD, 720p, and 1080p are what visitors enjoyed. And this only is enough to want to download SpankBang video. This post is recommended for readers under 18. While it is not really compulsory to download the SpankBang videos you can simply watch SpankBang videos online.

With this, you don’t need to download it. But, if you want to enjoy the HD videos offline and during your own leisure time, you can simply download the video for later watch.

However, to download Spankbang video using Elmedia Player you need to have a registered account. Although you can watch for free if you don’t want to download. This you don’t have to bother that you will download from

Without you become a registered member you can only go to the site once a while and watch your desired HD contents. While it’s not advisable to get yourself carried away with what you watch on the site, you should get yourself engaged with something else.

It’s also worth to know that with your registered right you do not have a guarantee that your account will remain forever. It can be deleted at any time if found violating the site’s rules and regulation.

So, if you want your account to stay safe and not be deleted or removed, you must play by the rule otherwise your will be deleted or removed permanently without telling you.

Download SpankBang Videos Using Elmedia Player Pro

As much as you’d like to download SpankBang video on your Windows and Mac OS. There is only a limited software to download videos from Spank Bang. A viable tool for that is the Elmedia Player Pro for Mac OS.

As at this time, the Elmedia Player Pro is yet to be available for Windows OS. This implies that you can only use Elmedia Player Pro on Mac OS.

1. Download the latest Elmedia Player Pro version for Mac OS. Once downloaded Unzip the software and install the Elmediaplayer.dmg  file in the folder.

2. Enter your Elmedia Player activation code to download SpankBang on your Mac computer. You may have to subscribe to a paid Elmedia Pro be able to download SpankBang. The free version won’t give you a smooth ride to download from Spank Bang.

3. After you have successfully activated your Elmedia Pro software switch to the inbuilt browser on the media player and visit

4. Search through the site for the video you want to download and tap on it. Go to the panel and tap on the video you will see whether the video is available for download or not.

5. If the video is downloadable you will a download button that will enable you to save the video clip and then click on it to save a copy of the video to your download folder.

Once the video is downloaded successfully you can now access it in your default download folder if you have not changed the download directory in the Elmedia Pro player.

How to Block SpankBang using Chrome

For parental control, you should consider blocking websites like SpankBang and other related websites on your computer. Here, I’d share with you how you can block on your Windows and Mac computer using Google Chrome browser.

  • Download and install Chrome block site extension on your Chrome browser.
  • Open a new tab and visit (Do not mind what you see)
  • Right click on any part of the website and select block site from the popup and hover to “add current site to the blacklist.
  • The site will be blocked instantly and it’ll not be accessible on your computer

Block SpankBang without a Plugin

Still on the parental control measure to make sure our kids are monitored to the best of our knowledge. If you don’t want to use the plugin then you should use this procedure to make sure that the SpankBang website is blocked completely on your PC.

  • Chrome browser >> Settings >> Advanced settings >> Change Proxy Settings
  • Tap  security >>Restricted site
  • Type

You can add other lists of websites you don’t want to make accessible on your computer and your child’s computer following the procedure

Block SpankBang IP Address on Windows

This is probably the smartest way to block Spankbang. This procedure will block the specific website’s IP address on the computer and it’ll remain inaccessible no matter how many times you tried to make it accessible. However, to revoke this right you are to follow the same procedures.

Note: You may need to set up a child account on your computer if you are using the same computer by creating another user. However, if your child has a personal laptop or desktop this is not really necessary.

  • Go to C: > Windows > System32 > drivers > etc.


  • Right click on the host and select open with Notepad


  • Do not bother yourself with what you see there. All you need to do is go to the bottom line and type “” without quotes


  • You can add as many as possible sites to the host to make it inaccessible on your computer or child’s computer.
  • After that save to make changes

When you try to access the website it will not be accessible.

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