How to Connect Amazon Echo Bluetooth to your Phone

So, you have got yourself the unstoppable “Amazon Echo” with inbuilt “Bluetooth to connect with other smart devices such as Android, iPhone, iPad, speakers, and other devices with Bluetooth, but you don’t know how to connect the device.  This post will address the “How to Enable Amazon Echo Bluetooth and pair it” to your Android and iPhone, in particular.

If you have got yourself either the Amazon Echo dot or the Fitbit tracker, this wouldn’t be as hard you think. But, if you are a complete novice, you wouldn’t need to hit your head against the wall.

Here we will explain in detail how to learn how to enable Amazon Echo Bluetooth, find the nearest Bluetooth enabled devices, and connect to a particular device in this listing.Enable Amazon Echo Bluetooth

How to Enable Alexa Pair Mode

The Alexa pair mode answers a command from the user. You can tell it to turn on or off with a voice command. However, to pair your Alexa, other the device with a voice command, say, Alexa, Pair, and the Alexa Bluetooth will be ready to pair and find all discoverable devices in the environment.

Meanwhile, on devices whose Bluetooth is enabled and ready to pair will be discovered with the Alexa following the “Pair” command.

Enable Pair Mode in Amazon Echo Show

You can manually enable the Amazon Echo Show pair mode via the device settings since the device has a screen that allows you to navigate the device’s settings. Here is what you should do to achieve this.

  • Switch on your Amazon Echo Show.
  • Swipe down the screen.
  • Click on the “Settings”.
  • Tap “Bluetooth”.
  • Done.

Now, you should see the Bluetooth icon showing enable and discoverable to other devices. With this, you will see all paired devices, see all available devices, and even delete unwanted Bluetooth devices available.

How to Pair your Phone with your Amazon Echo

Here is an alternative approach to pairing your Amazon Echo Bluetooth with your Android and iOS [iPhone/iPad].

  • Switch on your Amazon Echo.
  • Say, Alexa, Pair to make it discoverable.
  • Go to your phone settings.
  • Click on “Bluetooth”.
  • Tap “Find device” or “scan” below the available devices.
  • Click on your “Amazon Echo” device.
  • Done.

This will automatically pair the two devices. However, this cannot be done if your phone requires code to paid since the device doesn’t have a screen, unlike the Echo Show.

This is so fast. With this approach, you can connect your Amazon Echo Bluetooth to your headphone or MP3 headset.

How to Use Amazon Echo with Bluetooth Speaker/Headphone

With the level of Bluetooth speakers and headphones in the market, you have turns of option to connect to. Both your phone and headphone can be connected using the two devices Bluetooth, and now, the Amazon Echo Bluetooth and be connected to your Bluetooth speaker or headphone.

  • Enable your headphone and Amazon Echo pair mode.
  • Launch the Alex app on your phone.
  • Go to your main menu and click on “Settings’.
  • Click on “Device Settings”.
  • Tap on the name of the “Echo” device you want to pair.
  • Navigate to “Wireless” and tap “Bluetooth”.
  • Click on “Pair a new device”.
  • Click on the name of your “Headphone” or “Bluetooth Speaker”.
  • Click on “Pair”.
  • Done.

Meanwhile, neither of your devices must require code to pair. With this, once you enable Amazon Echo Bluetooth or enable pair mode, you are ready to pair your Alexa with any device with Bluetooth enabled.

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