How to Enable Huawei Y9 Share and use it to Transfer Files

If you are using one of the Huawei phones like Huawei Y9, Huawei Mate 9, Huawei Honour with EMUI 8.1, Huawei Share Y9 is one of the unique features of the 2018 and 2019 Huawei phone apart from different means to take a screenshot on Huawei Y9.

Huawei share is Huawei phone EMUI 8.1 feature to transfer files between two Huawei phones and other devices that support the Huawei share app.

How to use Huawei share app to transfer apps from Huawei to Huawei phone, from Huawei Y9 to Huawei Y9 and other Huawei phones.

What is Huawei Share App?

Huawei share app is a file transfer app that features in Huawei phones running EMUI 8.1. The file share feature on your Huawei Mate 9, Huawei Y7, Huawei Y9, etc allows you to share files between two phones with the share app installed.

The app file transfer is faster than transferring files using a Bluetooth and old means, Infrared.

Then how does it works?

How Huawei Share Works

The share Huawei app works combining both WiFi and Huawei Bluetooth to connect to other Huawei phone with the share app. The moment you enable the share feature on your Huawei phone it will automatically enable both the Bluetooth and WiFi to establish a connection between your phone and the other phone with share app.

However, once either the Bluetooth or WiFi feature on your phone is disabled the Huawei share Y9 feature will be disabled automatically.

This, however, implies that you need either the Bluetooth or WiFi feature to use Huawei Share Y9 feature.

Enable Huawei Share on Y9

If you don’t know how to enable Huawei Y9 share feature here is a step to follow to accomplish that.

  1. Swipe down your Huawei Y9 notification tray
  2. Tap on the Huawei share icon if available. Else, click on the edit icon before settings gear icon and drag and drop the Huawei share on the notification tray where you can easily access it.
  3. Click on skip to go straight to the share interface or next to learn more about the app.Huawei share Y9
  4. Read the Huawei share terms and condition. Tick allows Huawei share to allow Huawei share to access your Huawei ID.Huawei share app
  5. The Huawei share will automatically enable Bluetooth and WiFi on your phone.
  6. Press and hold the Huawei Share icon to configure the share app on your Huawei Y9.Huawei transfer file app

How to Use Huawei Share PC

To start using this feature with your computer the two devices must be on the same network. To achieve this follow these steps.

  1. Enable Huawei share on your Y9
  2. Tap and enable computer share
  3. Click on verification on the computer to set your username and password and click save.Huawei app share
  4. Go to your computer >> Network
  5. Double click on Y92019-52. If your phone is Mtae 3 or Honour phone, you will need to click the name of your phone instead of Y9.
  6. Type your Huawei share password and username

Done… Next, you can start to transfer your files from your computer to your phone or from your Huawei phone to your computer.

Huawei Share Y9 on Mac

You can also transfer Huawei files using Huawei share to a Mac computer following the steps I share here.

  1. Enable computer share under Huawei share settings
  2. Go to Finder on your Mac
  3. Go to Network (You can search for it)
  4. Double-click on the name of your phone. For Huawei Y9, click on Y92019-52
  5. Click on “Connect As
  6. Enter your Huawei username and password

Now, you can begin to transfer your files from Huawei to your Mac computer.

How to use Huawei Y9 Share

To transfer files from Huawei to another phone and from phone Huawei to PC and Mac follow the procedures here.

  1. Go to the file you want to transfer. You can tick multiple files at the same time.
  2. Click on the share icon from below
  3. select Huawei share from the list of options
  4. Select from the available devices available
  5. Tap share
  6. Done

When you want to transfer files from your Huawei Y9 using the Huawei Y9 share, the two devices must be on the same network. Else, your phone will not be able to identify the device you want to transfer to.

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