[Fast-Steps]- How to Set a Timer 24 Hours

Looking to set a timer 24 hours, maybe you have a timer switch or you want to control when and how long a device should come on or charge for you are the right place.

Setting a timer for 24 hours means different things. For most people, it doesn’t necessarily mean you want to set a particular event in the next 24 hours. It simply means you want to perform some action in between 24 hours intervals.

This is very common with a timer switch, plug etc. And since you are here looking for how to set a timer 24 hours, I will be breaking down how you can do that for different range of brands and how to set a timer above 24 hours.

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About a Timer Switch

This comes in handy when you want to charge electronic appliances that need a specific amount of charging to get filled. 

For instance, I came across a post where a lawn mower exclaimed that he had an issue charging his lawn mower for the correct number of hours. If he charges his lawn mover for more than 24 hours the battery will begin to weaken which could, in turn, make the battery susceptible to quick damage.

Usually, the lawn mower needs a 16-24 hours charge to get filled up. Going over that could cause damage.

For other devices which might not necessarily signify when it is full. Determining how long a full charge takes while gauging it with a timer switch makes sense.

Anyway, let’s talk about how you can set a timer for 24 hours using different timer brands

How to Set a Timer 24 hours (Intertek- Smart Electrician)

set a timer 24 hours

One thing you would notice in this timer is that the numbers in the black area signify the nighttime while the number around the white area signifies daytime.

Now, let’s say you want to set a timer 24 hours from 9:00 pm

  • Push one slice of the pin down so that the timer will start at 9:00 pm and end at 9:00 pm on the next day
  • After doing this plug it into an outlet while setting the switch to auto so that the switch will be controlled by the timer.
  • The thing about this switch is that the timer will roll for 24 hours and within that 24 hours, it will perform some function within the intervals. 

So you can either set a timer to run for 24 hours while stooping to turn off a light or charge a device for a certain interval as it rolls through 24 hours and plugs the timer into the outlet.

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How to set a timer 24 hours (Kenmaster Timer Switch)

set a timer 24 hours Kenmaster Timer Switch

This information works if you are using the Intertek Timer. That said here is how you set this timer switch

  • On this timer you will see a black circle, it is a pin that can slide up and down
  • Then inside the black circle is the timer indicator which is usually being scrolled
  • If you want to set the timer for 24 hours, you have to press all the black sections outside the timer while setting the arrow cursor to when the time should start and end.

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How to set a Timer 24 Hours( BN-LINK compact Mechanical Timer)

set a timer 24 hours BN-LINK compact Mechanical Timer

First and foremost, ensure that all the pins are pushed up and none of it is down

  • Each pin represents a 15 minutes time interval 
  • To set a timer you have to set the timer to the current time by rotating the entire push till the arrow settles on the current time
  • NOTE: you have to push down all the pins around the entire push to set a 24 hours timer.
  • Once you do that, locate the bypass switch and change it to the timer 
  • Now, plug the switch into your power outlet

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How to Set a Timer 24 Hours in EH010 

This timer is mostly used to control or help the user maximize their use of a solar system for those who have it installed.

Here is how to set the timer to 24 hours on the Hager EH010 timer

  • Firstly take the cover-up
  • On the timer, you will see an arrow pointing up and an arrow below that points to the current time
  • All you have to do to set a timer 24 hours time interval to scroll through the entire push till it falls back on the current timer. 
  • During those periods if you want the switch to be one for 24 hours, you have to shift all the pins to the right.
  • However, if you want the timer switch to be on for certain hours during the 24 hours, you shift only the specific time and portion you want the timer to be ON by shifting specific segments of the black-looking push to the right.
  • After doing all this, locate the switch below the arrow pointing right and point it to auto so that the switch will be controlled by the timer.

Else, the switch would run without the timer settings

How to Set a Timer 24 Hours When Changing Country

While users are searching for timers for their electronic devices, some might be faced with a scenario where they need to set a timer for a course, action or to take a pill at a certain time.

Doing this might not be fun but when you have to travel across countries with different time zones you might come across some form of confusion while navigating the exact amount of hours that have passed since the time zones of your devices change based on your location.

If you are looking to deal with this, here are the option you can use notwithstanding the time zones

  • Use your timer stop app on your phone 
  • Open this website and set the timer from when to when you need to do certain actions.

Lastly, your stopwatch or wristwatch is not affected by the time zone, as long as it doesn’t use the internet. If you own an apple watch you might not want to rely on the time due to this

How to set a Timer to track the number of hours you work

how to set a atimer to track the number of days you work

In this scenario, some users complained about having struggles computing the number of hours they worked over weeks since most workers are paid based on the number of hours they worked.

It might be confusing to determine this due to a series of bugs with the 24-hour timer, however here is a trick you can apply to set a timer over 24 hours


You can’t easily get a timer that counts above 24 hours if you are faced with a scenario like his, you should create a separate counter to count days once a cycle is complete.

Let’s say you set a timer 24 hours which is the highest you can set such that anytime you are at work the timer is moving.

Now, when the time is moving, just keep the timer going, such that when the cycle completes and goes back to 00:00, you count that as a day and proceed to the next day. While taking note of the time

Why 24 Hours is Preferable to 12 Hours Timer

Here are some reasons why you should set a timer 24 hours over settling with 12 hours. 

  • Reduces error since you don’t have to bore yourself whether its AM or PM
  • Its easier to figure out how many hours of the day have passed as supposed to count 12 hours timer
  • Its easier to depend on when moving across different Time zone since changes can be noticeable unlike the 12 hours timer

24-hour timer online

There are a series of timers you can use to track the time online, one of them is Vclock.

Vclock can easily set a timer from as little as 1 second to 72 hours. All you have to do is visit the website > select a timer and click on the “start” button

24-hour Countdown timer Gif

One of the common use of a Giphy timer is to also display a countdown. However, you can only use it on instant messaging platform that accepts Giphy. 

A 1,2, or 3 hours countdown is possible as a giphy on WhatsApp, however, sending a 24 hour countdown timer giphy would be too heavy for the app and as such might not work optimally

25 Hour Timer

Most physical timer switch works for only 24 hours unless you are using a web app. One of the common web apps that make sit easy to set a 25 hours countdown timer is Vclock.

Final Thoughts:

To set a timer 24 hours isn’t much of an issue once you know the workaround of the timer switch. But if you are setting your timer to count the hours or days you spent at work which could far exceed 24 hours, a web app such as Vclok will do the trick

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