Miss Flixtor? This Alternative will Safe You

Did you miss Flixtor when it was removed from the internet in 2018? Well, it’s back on a new domain as Flixtor.to. But when if it disappears again? What would you?

Would you start looking for a Flixtor alternative or have the list of sites similar to Flixtor to see something to fall back on when the streaming site is [perhaps] shut down or get yourself prepare for the unforeseen occurrences that might befall the Flixtor streaming site again?

Well, whatever decision you take, this article will serve as an escape route and have more backup to stream your choice of movies with or without using the Flixtor streaming site.

What is Flixtor?

Flixtor is an illegal streaming website to watch various kind of premium movies for free without paying a dime for it. Flixtor admins publish copyright contents without the right and permission to do so. And for this, this poses the streaming service in danger and prone to shut down at any moment.

However, Flixtor.to fan find a way to bypass this restriction using a VPN as without a VPN it’s obvious that they might be fined for streaming illegal content unlawful.

With the illegal Flixtor activities, the streaming website users can be slammed a grand fine for using the service. But, considering the content and the fact that Flixtor is free, a log will prefer to risk the free streaming website for their favourite movies.

Is Flixtor Illegal?

Yes, Flixtor is illegal. It distributes copyright content without permission. This act is considered illegal and can attract a huge fine from the concerned body or organisation. Therefore, if you must use Flixtor we advise the use of a VPN service to change and mask your IP address to a different location on the radar.


Flixtor Alternatives in 2021

These Flixtor alternatives are also illegal. And it can cost you to bite more than you can chew. So, prevent yourself from the law-enforcement agency and use a VPN app or browser whenever you want to visit the Flixtor site address and all these Flixtor alternatives.


Noxx is a streaming website mainly for streaming movies in HD which is similar to what you enjoy on Flixtor. Noox updates its database on a constant basis to ensure that users get the latest movies as they search for them. Start from the Noox homepage you can start streaming your favourite movies. Noox doesn’t stay put, to ease the stress, Flixtor categorizes all movies into sections.

So, if you are tired of Flixtor.to being put under surveillance you might want to consider this alternative. Noxx homepage is well designed and the UI is top-notch. Apart from the usual design, you can use the filter option to filter what you do not need while searching for your favourite movie on this platform.

Noox Website:


Vumoo has been in the game for quite some time now even before Flixtor becomes so popular. It is known for sharing movies and T-series kind of movies. From the look of things, Vumoo is one of the few in this category.

While Vumoo is popular it is wise to say the streaming website is illegal just like Flixtor and the future is at risk with it. So, if you choose Vumoo ahead of other Flixxtor alternatives still attempt to protect your online privacy and use a VPN service.

The quickest access to your search movies on Vumoo is to use the platform search button and follow-prompt from the search popup.

Vumoo Website: Vumoo.to


What about LookMovie? We can’t but mention it when discussing an alternative to Flixtor streaming websites that are free. LookMovie is a free streaming website to stream both HD and SD on the platform. Once the movie is available on the platform you will be able to stream it for free.

LookMovie.top contains ads where it generates revenue to maintain the site. It does support free donation via cryptocurrency. With this, you can support the service to keep it running. But, this doesn’t stop it from being an illegal website to download movies for free.

LookMovie Website: Lookmovie.top


Unlike LookMovie, MoviesJoy doesn’t contain a single ad as at the time of writing this article and I don’t think there is a plan for that in the future. MoviesJoy is one of the few movies streaming and TV website you will come across now.

Almost all movies on MoviesJoy are label HD which means that MoviesJoy hardly shares SD movie. However, MoviesJoy also shares cam movies which are movies that are recorded using a camcorder.

If you are not the type that loves to watch movies with the close caption you will have a turn off for MoviesJoy. because there is no way to turn it off. Although the CC does not take much space on the screen there should be user control over it.

With over 1,000 titles selections on MoviesJoy, it worth checking out at least to see what they have got. And no ads whatsoever.

MoviesJoy Website: https://www.moviesjoy.net/

Popcorn Time

Popcorn time is a free movies streaming app that has been in the game for a very long term. Popcorn time isn’t just a Flixtor alternative, but, it comes in a different form as an app other than the usual website we all see around.

Popcorn Time has over 1,000 movies and TV shows pulled from different torrent website across the globe. The advantage Popcorn time has over MoviesJoy is that it gives control over the CC which you can either close or leave the close caption on the screen while you watch your movie.

The Popcorn Time streaming app is available for Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS computer for free.

Popcorn Website: https://popcorn-time.to/


I got to know Zona when I was researching on top sites similar to Flixtor to watch free movies online in Russia and I landed on Zona. This free movies streaming website has created an atmosphere of its own with over 90,000 movies, 10,000 shows, 1,400 games, about 150 TV channels, 550 radio stations and has it music streaming for over 1 million hours.

Zona is more like Popcorn and currently support Windows devices. Zona is written in the Russian language but to access the English version just head to Zona.ru/en to have access to thousands of free movies to stream without paying a dime.

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