How to Activate FXNetworks on Roku and Firestick

After our last article on how to activate YouTube and showtime anytime, we received a request on FXNetworks activate for Roku, Xbox, Amazon FireTV, Apple TV, Samsung TV and other devices procedure. So, in this guide, we will walk you through how to activate FX Networks on Roku, Xbox, Amazon FireTV, and Apple TV with the help of

At the end of the post, I will also share with you how to operate on if you are from outside the United State or Canada. But, first, let take a look at how to do FXNetworks activate to watch movies and TV show series outside FXNow website.

How to Create FXNetworks Account?

Before you can think of how to activate FXNetworks on Xbox, Amazon FireTV, Apple TV, you need a valid FX Networks account. So, if you do not have a valid account, follow the steps below to create an account for free at and activate it on and you will be redirected to

Open a browser and visit FXnetworks to create an account. Enter a valid information such as FX Networks username, password, Email address, and others and then, click on submit button.

Log into your Email account and click on the activate link or enter the activation code FXNetworks sent to your email on the activation column.

Once you have successfully created your FX Networks account then you need to subscribe to have access to a premium service on

FXNetworks Activate on Roku

FX Network is a popular channel on Roku for those of that are using that have Roku. The FXNetwork show live events, videos, movies, ongoing entertainment programs and also, show programs on-demand.

However, the movies, videos, TV shows, and entertainment website has a link to activate it on Roku so that you can always watch FXnetworks event live on Roku.

To activate FXNetworks on Roku follow these steps.

Open Roku streaming player connect to Roku TV. Enter your Roku Login username and password and log into your Roku account. On the Roku Remote Control, press the Home button to go back to Roku Home screen. Navigate to Channel Store and go to Movies and TV category. Select FX Networks from the list of channels if you have other channels on your Roku and click on Add Channel.

Open a new browser on your PC or smartphone and visit and enter the activation code displayed on Roku and click on submit button to begin Roku activation process on FXNow.

FXnetworks Activate

Wait for some couple of minutes to complete FX Networks activation on Roku. Henceforth, you can access FXNetworks on Roku.

Activate FXNetworks on FireTV

It’s not easy using activating FXnetworks on FireTV. The workaround to make this happen may not work for you and that doesn’t mean it cannot work for others. Before I decided to share the new workaround on www.fxnetworks com activate on FireTV, I have confirmed it and it works perfectly using Chrome on a Windows with a Fire TV box, 1st Gen.

Before we begin, first clear your Chrome browser caches first. This is not important to activate FXNetworks on FireTV or other unsupported devices rather, it’s just necessary. You can learn more about caches on this page.

Launch the FX Now app and generate the FXnetworks an activation code. Go to and you will be redirected to Type the activation code generated from the FX Now app and click on submit.

Wait for the list of the available cable provider to show on your screen and select one of the cable providers. Wait a moment for the login page to pop up. Now in the same windows tab, go to and hit the enter button.

Click on sign in and select your cable provider as selected above. After then, enter the provider login and click on enter button to proceed.

With this procedure, you can activate FXnetworks at FXNetworks com activate. However, below is a precaution note.

Note: The procedure is likely to be different with other apps, so, I can’t say but I am sure of the app I have used. The FX Now activation algorithm tells the actual device you are using when the activation code is generated. What you need to do is trick the FXnetworks authentication API.

However, what we have used that work for us is to claim we have Apple TV and input the code generated from FireTV.

This works like magic. And that is how to do FXNetworks activate on unsupported devices

Do FXNetworks Activate on Xbox 360

Xbox 360 is one of the few devices you can activate and use FXNetworks on. For the full the information, follow the steps below.

Xbox 360 Requirement

Before you can activate FXnetworks on Xbox One and Xbox 360, your console must meet the following requirement.

  • To be signed in to an Xbox Live Account
  • At least 138 megabytes (MB) of available space
  • An approved TV provider

If your Xbox console meets the requirement you can proceed to activate FXnetworks on your Xbox via FXNetworks com activate.

Activate Xbox One & Xbox 360

Follow the steps to activate Xbox One and Xbox 360.

Launch your Xbox Console (Xbox One or Xbox 360) and sign in with your Xbox Live-enabled GAMERTAG. Navigate to Apps and select Browse or Search Apps.

In the search column search for FXNOW app. Select FXNOW app, download and install the app. Once the app is successfully installed the FXNOW app on your Xbox console, the app will start automatically and you can start viewing the information about FXNetworks contents.

Now, you will see Activate Device screen. Select Activate and the activation code will pop up on the screen for the first time.

Open a browser and visit and you will be redirected to In the activation code column, type the activation code on your Xbox One or Xbox 360 screen and click submit.

You will be asked to select your TV provider, select it, and sign into your TV provider account. Once you entered the correct username and password of your TV provider you will be taken to the next screen with Sign in completed.

Back to your Xbox screen, you will see a congratulations message and all you need to do next is click on continue.

Congratulations you have successfully activated your Xbox 360 on FXNetworks. You can now start streaming live events, videos, movies, and other entertainments programs live on your Xbox.

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