Griffin Cleverly’s Net Worth

Griffin Cleverly is an aerospace engineer and it wasn’t too long before he tied the knot with the Disney Actress Bridget Mendler. Since he is not in the entertainment industry,  how much does he make, is he a multimillionaire  or just a simple career guy ? let’s find out

Griffin Cleverly currently works as an aerospace engineer and his net worth is estimated to be $300k. It was revealed that he makes around $70k – $80k per year since his career has helped him amass a good chunk of money. Presently Griffin Cleverly net worth as of 2022 is $300,000.

Griffin Cleverly is a celebrity husband and an Aerospace engineer. He is married to the Popular Disney Actress Bridgit Mendler. Brigit is a popular American actress who is famously known for the roles she played in the Disney Series: Wizards of Waverly Place. and another Disney Film called Goodluck charlie.

Griffin Cleverly Early Life

Griffin Cleverly was born on the 23rd of January 1992. He was born to Phillip Cleverly who was his father and Keri Kozlowski Cleverly, his mum in Reston, Virginia, United States of America. His zodiac sign is  Aquarius and he is a citizen of the United States of America.

Griffin wasn’t the only child of his parent since he has three sisters namely Adrienne Cleverly, Dana Cleverly, and Willow Cleverly. Griffin maintains a good relationship with them and he is the discreet type so he rarely reveals any information about his family members in public.

Griffin Cleverly Education

Griffin had a good background education. It is Obvious that he finished his high school and college education before going on to obtain a degree in Mechanical engineering from the University of California. Presently, he works as an aerospace engineer and he earns a pretty decent amount of money annually.

Griffin Cleverly Career

Griffin Cleverly career

Griffin Cleverly started his career in Engineering after obtaining his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. Unfortunately, there aren’t intricate details of how he transitioned to aerospace engineering, but it was recorded that he is currently working at Lockheed Martin. And he has been there Since 2018.

Also, it was revealed that he once worked as an intern at Magzor Corporation. But, presently he is associated with global aerospace and defense titan as an engineer. 

Apart from all that, It was revealed that Griffin has also worked at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge as a research associate for the Space Exploration Initiative.

His wife, on the other hand, started her career professionally when she made her debut in the animated movie “The Legend of Buddha.” in 2014, and she also made appearances in other films such as Alice Upside Down, The Clique, Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel, and Labor Pains. But, she rose to stardom after partaking in the movie, Wizards of Waverly Place and other Disney movies such as Goodluck charlie. The majority of people who don’t know her by name refer to her as the Disney Actress.

Griffin Cleverly Net Worth

Griffin Cleverly net worth

Griffin isn’t a celebrity like his wife, and he isn’t also a businessman or an entrepreneur, however, he is known to be an Aerospace engineer and his Monthly earning is around $70 – $80k per year. Coupled with all that, Griffin Cleverly estimated net worth as of 2022 is $300k.

Meanwhile, his Wife Bridget Mendler who is an accomplished American actress racked up with a Ph.D. seem more wealthy than her husband since her Estimated net worth as of 2022 is $ 2 million.

Griffin Cleverly job

It was revealed that Griffin Cleverly still works at Lockheed Martin Corporation. Lockheed is a global security and aerospace company in Maryland, USA. Presently Griffin Works there as an engineer.

While his wife Bridgit Mendler works as an actress and her job isn’t location-specific.

Bridgit Mendler Net Worth

Bridgit Mendler has earned a lot of money throughout her career as an actress and she’s also had a series of breakthroughs. However, she hasn’t been nominated for an award as of now, but she earns a lot of money through advertisements and sponsorships. With the years of experience, she’s had, the present net worth of Bridgit Mendler is $ 2 million as of 2022. while her husband Griffin Isn’t a celebrity but Griffin’s net worth is $300k as of 2022.

Griffin Cleverly Family

Griffin Cleverly is a discrete guy since he rarely reveals details about his family to the public. However, it was revealed that he was the only son of his parents who are Keri Kozlowski Cleverly (his mom) and Phillip Cleverly(his dad). Also, it was reported that Griffin has three sisters who are Adrienne Cleverly, Dana Cleverly, and Willow Cleverly.

Griffin Cleverly Siblings

Griffin’s sisters come from an educated family, His sister are graduates and have different career lines which they are focused on 

Willow Cleverly

One of Griffin’s sister Willow holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from UCLA. and presently it was revealed that she works as a database and donations coordinator for a low-income housing provider in Los Angeles.

Dana Cleverly

Dana Cleverly is one of Griffin’s elder sisters and it was revealed that she graduated from California state university-Channel island. presently, Danan works as an art and marketing director at Lassens Natural Foods in Los Angeles

Adrienne Cleverly

Adrienne is also older than griffin and it was recorded that she also went to the same university as Dana which is California state university-Channel island However she proceeded to get an MBA at the University of Virginia Darden School of Business. Presently she works at JP Morgan Chase in Delaware.

Griffin Cleverly Spouse

Griffin Cleverly spouse

Griffin Cleverly tied the knot with an accomplished American actress called Bridgit Mendler in October 2017. Both Couples seem to come from different careers and have different kinds of personalities since Bridget is in the entertainment industry while Griffin is focused on his career as an engineer.

Brigit initially had a breakup with Shan who was her former boyfriend before she started dating Griffin. However, there seems to be no problem since there hasn’t been any new scandal, etc.

Griffin Cleverly Age

 Griffin Cleverly looks a bit older than his age however he is just 30 years old as of 2022 since he was born on the 23rd of January 1992, while his wife Bridgit Mendler is also 30 years old.

Griffin Cleverly Height & Weight

Griffin Cleverly has a pretty decent height since he stands taller than his wife. His last reported height is 5 feet 9 inches which is equivalent to 176cm. he has a good physique, however, he isn’t muscularly built since his body measurement is 44 inches chest, 33 inches waist, 36 inches hips, and his biceps is 14 inches

Meanwhile, he has a pretty decent weight of 54kg which is equivalent to 154lbs.

Griffin Cleverly Instagram

Surprisingly, it has been revealed that Griffin Cleverly is not on instagram as of now. His case is just similar to other celebrity partners who are not in the entertainment or media industry while their second is in media/entertainment. A similar example of a celebrity partner just as similar to Griffin is Gavy Friedson.

Meanwhile, his wife Bridgit is on a different social media account you can visit her Instagram age here

Shane Harper and Bridgit Mendler

Before Bridgit tied the knot with Griffin Cleverly, she was dating her boyfriend Shane Harper. The pair were in the entertainment industry and spent four years together before calling it a quit.

While there have been different reasons why the broke up has happened, there hasn’t been any reason revealed as to why they did.

Later on, Bridgit, spoke about her openness to date someone outside the entertainment industry, and finally, she is happily married to Griffin to date

Griffin Cleverly Wikipedia

The majority of people who are written about on Wikipedia are popular personalities, while his wife Bridgit has a Wikipedia page, Griffin doesn’t have one yet. However, you can get all the information about him from this website.

Who did Bridgit Mendler marry?

After breaking up with Shane Harper, she decided to open her heart to the possibility of dating anyone outside the entertainment industry. Later on, she got married to Griffin Cleverly who isn’t in the entertainment niche since he is an aerospace engineer.

Till now (2022). The Disney actress hasn’t had any scandal or public disagreement with him and they seem to be living happily.

What is Griffin’s Cleverly Net Worth

Griffin cleverly isn’t a business mogul nor is he an entertainer, however, his net worth is estimated to be around $300k since he works as an Aerospace engineer and he makes $70 – $80k per year.

How old is Griffin Cleverly?

Griffin Cleverly is currently 30 years old, just about the same age as his wife bridge who is also 30, but his birth month is January while her birth month is December.

Is Bridgit Mendler still married?

Bridgit is still married as of now, and their hasn’t been any disagreement between both couples

Did Bridgit Mendler go to Harvard?

It was revealed that Bridget enrolled at Harvard Law School in 2019 and completed her degree in 2022.

When did Bridgit Mendler get married?

After a few months of courtship, Bridgit finally tied the knot with Griffin Cleverly in October 2019 in a private location with their relatives and associates.

Name:Griffin Cleverly
Date of birth:23 Jan, 1992
Age:30 years
Zodiac signAquarius
Profession:Aerospace Engineer
Height:5 feet 9 inches (1.75m)
WifeBridgit Mendler
Net Worth$300K
Birth PlaceReston, Virginia
EducationUniversity of California, Los Angeles
FatherPhillip Cleverly
MotherKeri Kozlowski Cleverly
Social mediaNone

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