Gytta Lubov Hawkey Age, Net Worth, Parents, and Career

Gytta Lubov Hawkey is a kid celebrity and the youngest child of the popular American actress, director and producer – Vera Ann Farmiga, and her dad Renn Hawkey is a musician. She is placed on a pedestal as a celebrity due to her parent’s status.

Gytta Lubov Hawkey has been spotted attending several functions with her mom, Probably, she is quite close to her, since her mom makes mentions of her frequently on her social media page

Gytta Lubov Hawkey Early Life

She was born in the year 2010 to the family of Vera Ann Farmiga and Renn Hawkey, the both of them work in the entertainment industry, the mom is an actress while the dad is a musician, star kid, Gytta Lubov Hawkeye is the 

She is still very young and probably in her primary school along with her older brother in New York. Due to the global pandemic of COVID19, she is completing her education in a home school.

Gytta Lubov Hawkey Career

She is still a young Kid, so having a career is a far fetched unlike her mom vera ann Farmiga who is an actress. Gytta hasn’t worked in any role before, and she might not have an interest in the entertainment industry.

One of the interesting things about her is the fact that she loves to go camping in the forest when she is less busy and she also enjoys the company of her parents and her siblings too.

Also, not long ago she was seen participating in the rock academy official music school program for kids where she was seen playing some musical instruments, her mom posted it on her Instagram page showing how proud she was of her daughter.

Gytta Lubov Hawkey Age

11 years 5 months

She is still very young, as of today Gytta Lubov Hawkey was born on November 4th 2010 in New York where she lives with her parents who are celebrities and her older brother called Fynn Hawkeye.

Presently she is 11 years of age, however, she is going to be 12 in the next 5 months

Gytta Lubov Hawkey Height


Obviously, she isn’t tall probably due to her young age but she’ stands tall for girls at that age. she still has more height to add to it since she is young and hasn’t stopped growing

Currently, Gytta Lubov Hawkey stands at a height of 4 Feet 6 Inches

Gytta Lubov Hawkey Social Media

Currently, she is on Instagram, but there isn’t much on her timeline, she basically has 3 posts and she has been able to amass a total of 1600 followers, not much, However, her mom who is a celebrity has more than 1million followers on Instagram.

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Gytta Lubov Hawkey Parents

 Vera Farmiga, Renn Hawkey

gytta lubov hawkey

 Farmiga First love

Initially, Farmiga’s first love was Sebastian Roche who was a Scottish-French. they fell in love while working on set together and eventually married In 1997, the both of them appeared in the fantasy TV series, “Roar,” After the series ended in September 1997, they both moved to the Bahamas.

Her ex-husband, Roche is Famously known for his roles in “Odyssey 5” where he acted as “Kurt Mendel”, and in both “The Vampire Diaries” and “The Originals” where he acted as Mikael.

The relationship was a blissful one until they parted ways and divorced in 2004, Farmiga remained single until now.

Farmiga 2nd love Gytta’s Dad

gytta lubov hawkey

A few years after Farmiga divorced ren she met Hawkey through a friend, on set while she was performing for the film “Touching Evil,”. They started dating after that meeting.

Farmiga’s second love Hawkey was a musician and a film producer. He joined the rock metal band, “Deadsy” in 1995, where he played the piano and synthesizer alongside Alec Puro and Elijah Allman till 2007.

After a long 4 years of courtship, they got married on September 13, 2008. At the time, the actress was already pregnant with their first child, their son, Fynn Hawkey. The youngest Gytta Lubov Hawkeye arrived in November 2010

Six years after her marriage with Hawkeyey she took to Instagram to celebrate their sixth anniversary with a sweet post and a throwback photo from their wedding. 

Gytta Lubov Hawkey birthday

November 4

Gytta Lubov Hawkey birthday is on the 4th November. She celebrate her birth every year with friends and family and showcase new talents. The celebrity actor will celebrate his 12th birthday on the 4th of November 2022.

Gytta Lubov Hawkey Net Worth

$1M – $5M (approx)

Gytta Lubov Hawkey net worth is approximated to be around $1M – $5M in 2022. Although this is a rough figure as the her exact net worth is still under review.

Facts About Gytta Lubov Hawkey 

  1. Gytta Lubov Hawkey is a celebrity star kid who became the favourite of the paparazzi at an early age. 
  2. Gytta LubovHawkey was born on November 4, 2010, two years after her parents tied the knots in America. she is raised there and she stays with her parents till date and her older brother named Fynn Hawkeye.
  3. Bringing out more about her grandparents, she is the granddaughter of Luba Farmiga and Mykhailo Farmiga from her maternal side. while her grandparents from her paternal side are William Stevenson Hawkey Sr. And Penelope Hawkey.
  4. By now Gytta is 11 years of age, and will probably be in primary school along with her older brother in New York.
  5. Initially, her mom got married as far back as 1997 to a fellow actor named Sebastian Roche, however, things fell apart 7 years after. when she decided to get a divorce.
  6. 4 years after her divorce she met the man who will become Gytta’s father Renn, whom she later married on the 13th of September after first meeting on set.
  7. As of now, Gytta is of age 11 years old and she stands at a height of 4 feet 6 inches. she could be taller now. since she hasn’t stopped growing. she is on Instagram and has just about 1600 followers there, however, her brother has about 4000 followers on Instagram too
  8. She currently is enrolled in a music school, and probably plans to go into music, however, she has not worked in any movie yet. but it’s possible.
  9. Her mom’s family usually posts about them on her Instagram profile, lately, she posted a video of Gytta performing on stage from a music school she’s enrolled in. Her mother has over 1 million followers on Instagram.
  10. When Gytta is not doing her studies, she enjoys spending time with her brother and parents. Furthermore, she loves to go camping in the forest.
NameGytta Lubov Hawkey
Net Worth$1M – $5M (approx)
Date of Birth4th of November 2010
Gytta Lubov Hawkey birthday4th of November
Parent Vera Farmiga, Renn Hawkey
Mother Vera Farmiga
FatherRenn Hawkey

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