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Hannah Owo Net worth, Boyfriend, Career and Family

Hannah Owo is a popular Social media influencer, model, content creator and gamer. She was initially known as a twitch gamer before she proceeded into modelling.

At the moment she posts her modelling content on her private Onlyfans groups where she earns money on a subscription basis, from viewers of her content.

She makes quite a handsome amount of money from the platform every month. While she also earns from other social media channels via brand sponsorship. Presently Hannah Owo net worth is estimated to be between $400,000 to $500,000.


Hannah Owo, whose real name is Hannah Kable was born on November 21, 2002, in the United States to a monogamous family. The name of her parents is unknown as she rarely speaks about them. She prefers to keep details about her family discreet. However, it was revealed that Hannah Owo has an Elder brother and a younger sister, however, their names are not known.

She is of American citizenship and she practices Christianity. Aside from that her zodiac sign is Scorpio since she was born in November.

Early Life & Education

Hannah Owo was raised along with her two supposed siblings in the united states of America. Unfortunately, there are little to no details about how her early life went. Also, there is no information about the specific school she enrolled in during her childhood. However, it was reported that she completed her high school diploma from a renowned high school.


Hannah Owo career

Hannah Owo started from a young age as a gamer on twitch. She was actively involved in playing video games while also sharing them on Twitch. As she keeps these uploading these gameplays of hers on twitch her followers increased organically. 

Her story is also similar to that of Tonnyinit who rose to stardom by uploading his gameplay on Twitch.

At that time, she was using the username “NotAestheticallyHannah” While she was still active on twitch she started to post, cosplay and selfies of herself on her social media account. Most especially Instagram and Tiktok.

She started on TikTok by posting lip-syncing videos and short clips from movies. In a few months, she amassed a lot of followers on TikTok 100k followers on TikTok. 

As she began to gain popularity across different social media channels, she started to post on her Youtube channel which she opened around 2014.

She is usually seen posting vlogs and makeup tutorials on her Youtube channel.

However, she doesn’t consistently post on her channel since she has less than 10 videos while she has close to 50k followers. Surprisingly she has over 8 million views for one of her videos on Youtube.

Presently, she has 284k followers on her Twitter page while she has 54k followers on her Instagram page. On her Youtube channel. She has 41K subscribers.

Hannah Owo Net Worth

Hannah Owo makes the majority of her money via Onlyfans. It was revealed that she charges her viewers $24 per month while some sources say she has close to 5k subscribers on her page. If that is the case, it means she makes around $90,000 per month.

Apart from her Onlyfans income, she also makes money as a model and a brand ambassador for various businesses. also, she makes money via sponsorship posts since she is s social media influencer.


Hannah Owo doesn’t disclose any personal information about her family as she prefers to keep it discreet. it was also reported that she hardly takes any pictures with any of her family members due to the nature of her job.

Hannah Owo Siblings

Hannah Owo rarely speaks about her siblings. It was however revealed that she has two siblings. One is her elder brother, while the second one is her younger sister.

Hannah Owo Boyfriend

Hannah ow is a bit secretive about her relationship however, she revealed that she has a boyfriend. However, his name isn’t known as of now. But her premium subscribers get to see him and her on Onlyfans.

Hannah Owo Age

Hannah Owo is still on the young side since she was born in November 2002. presently she is just 19 years old however, she will clock 20 in 5 months.

Hannah Owo Height & Weight

Hannah is a pretty-looking white female. She has brown hair with attractive-looking eyes. While it was reported that she doesn’t visit the gym she still maintains a pretty decent weight. Her last reported weight is 56Kg which is equivalent to 123lbs while she stands at a height of 5 feet 6 inches which is equivalent to 167cm.

Hannah Owo Real Name

The majority of Adult performers usually change their names once they enter the adult industry. Hannah Owo’s real name was Hannah Kabel but after she joined the Onlyfans subscription sites. She changed her name to Hannah Kabel.

Hannah Owo Instagram

Hannah’s Instagram account was banned while she had over 2 million followers on it. It might have been devastating for her. However, she’s opened another one which she names (@shesusandventing) Presently, the new page has 66k followers on it.

Hannah Owo TikTok

Hannah Owo has a TikTok account where she posts lip-syncing videos and videos of short clips. However, she has been criticized by some of her fans saying she posts indecent content of herself and other women on her Tiktok account. While some see it as satisfying. Some other fans rebuked the idea while bringing her actions to Tiktok’s radar.

It eventually led to her account being banned by TikTok. 

Hannah Owo Scandal

Hannah Owo created an Onlyfan account in 2019. She decided to begin sharing explicit content on a platform. While the transition was a bit odd for her fans. Some felt uneasy while slamming her for the decision. Her avid fans stood by her.

As things went on. One of the contents from her Onlyfan Account was leaked on the Onlyfan Platform. This caused an uproar on the platform, while Hannah remained calm about it.

However, it didn’t end there as some of her subscribers on OnlyFans Uploaded her paid content to Tiktok. The content showed her without using any Makeup.

A lot of people retweeted the content, as Hannah remained calm about it. However, TikTok has banned her due to some age restriction issues after she violated the Platform guideline.

Who is the Hannah Owo?

Hannah Owo is s social media influencer, content creator, model and adult actress. She was mainly focused on modelling after which she suddenly transitioned into the adult industry via Onlyfan. The transition wasn’t taken lightly by some of her fans, Since she opened an Onlyfan Account to make money off her nude content.

She wasn’t popular at the time until content from her Onlyfan account was leaked on TikTok. As the news spread, more and more people began to know about her. While she had quite a lot of negative remarks for her actions. However, she hasn’t let that affect her since she is Presently focused on her Onlyfan account and her twitch channel which she started during her early gaming days.

Presently, She has been banned from TickTok so you can’t find her account on the platform. Also, She was recently banned from Instagram but she has created a new account.

She comes from a monogamous family whose parents and siblings’ names are unknown since she doesn’t speak about them on any of her social media pages.

What is Hannah Owo Nationality?

Hannah Owo is an American by nationality. However, it was revealed that she is from a mixed race. 

Hannah Owo: Sponsorships and Paid Subscriptions

Being a well-established social media Influencer. She makes money through her social media pages by creating sponsorship posts for brands which she endorses. However, that comes with a fee since the businesses she endorses pay her for her sponsorship posts.

Unfortunately for her, she used to have 2 million followers on Instagram, but her Instagram account has been banned after some violation of their policies.

But, she also makes money through the creation of adult-based content which she creates on her OnlyFans account. Looking at her present Onlyfan account. She charges $15 per subscriber monthly while she charges $180 per year. Her subscribers aren’t coming down any time soon.

From sources, It was recorded that she has around 2500 to 5k subscribers, which means she earns around $90k yearly from the platform if not more
Also, she earns from her Youtube account through Youtube video monetization.

What is Hannah Owo’s Instagram?

According to Hannah. She was recently banned by Instagram when she had over 2 million followers. However, she has moved on while focusing on her twitch channels and her Twitter and Onlyfans page.

Does Hannah Owo have TikTok?

Yes, she has Tiktok. However, there was some news about TikTok banning some of her videos. Presently she is less active on the platform than before.

Does Hannah Owo have social media?

Hannah Owo social media

Hannah does have social media account and she has a decent amount of followers on Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Twitch and Onlyfans.

NameHannah Owo
Real nameHannah Kabel
Age (as of 2022)19 years old
Date of BirthNovember 6th 2021
ProfessionContent Creator, Youtuber, Social Media Influencer, Model
Birthday placeAmerica
Net worth$400k to $500k
Height (approx.) 5 feet 6 inches or 167cm
Weight50 kg or 110 lbs.
Eye ColorBrown.
Hair ColorBrown.
PiercingEars and Nose.

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