Hawkit Login & Review: Simple Way to Make Money Online

HawkitLet’s look at the Hawkit review in this article, how Hawkit works (Hawkit login), and how you can get more tasks on Hawkit to make money on the Hawkit platform. I think Hawkit is the first online platform that rewards users for liking comments, reviewing products, getting paid for installing apps and sharing content online and many more… Well, look no further if you want to know how Hawkit works and how to start your journey with Hawkit ng login.

What is Hawkit

Hawkit is an online website with Android and iOS apps to earn daily money by completing simple tasks. Aside from that, you can also make money on Hawkit.ng reselling third-party products which is one of the main features of Hawkit for publishers.

As an advertiser, you can also reach out to millions of Nigerians to help share your products and services on their timeline on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and even on WhatsApp status.

Well, in this Hawkit review, we will explain everything you need to know about Hawkit and how you can make at least up to 5k daily on this platform doing what you do on social media such as Twitter and Facebook.

How to Earn from Hawkit

As a publisher, there are a few ways to earn from Hawkit. And below are some of the ways you can earn from Hawkit and withdraw your balance directly to your bank account.

  • By sharing products on your WhatsApp status.
  • Comment on Facebook posts.
  • Like Facebook posts
  • Retweet Twitter or X tweet.
  • Share Hawkit on TikTok.
  • Resell other people’s products.
  • Write product reviews on Apple Store apps.
  • Write product reviews on Google play store apps.
  • Subscribe to YouTube channels.
  • Follow Twitters accounts
  • Like and follow Facebook pages.

There are a lot of tasks you can participate in on Hawkit to earn from the platform and withdraw the earned money to your bank account instantly.

Hawkit Login

Hawkit login allows you to sign in to your Hawkit account and perform tasks to earn from the platform. While it’s easier to sign up for Hawkit; you will learn the process by following the steps below.

  • Go to Hawkit on your web browser
  • Click on “Create Account” at the top right of the navigation menu.Hawkit Login
  • Type your “Full Name” as it is on your bank account to be able to receive your Hawkit earning and click on “Sign Up“.hawkit ng
  • Type your “Hawkit Username“, “Email address“, and “Password“, and click on “Create Account.”hawkit minimum withdrawal
  • Type the “Two Factor Code” that Hawkit sent to your “Email Address” and click on “Continue.” Verify Hawkit
  • Fill in your “Gender“, “State“, and “Location” and click on “Set Location.”Hawkit.ng
  • Upload your “Profile” picture and click “Apply” and tap “Proceed.” or skip to continue.Hawkit Profile Picture
  • Type your “Date of Birth” select your “Religion” and click on “Continue.”Hawkit personal information
  • Congratulations. You have created your Hawkit.ng account and you are a step away from making money from the platform.

Your Hawkit account will be created and you will be ready to start making money from the platform. However, you will be limited until you activate your Hawkit account. So, the next session of this article will cover how to activate your Hawkit account to start earning.

How to Activate Hawkit Account

How to activate Hawkit account is probably the harder part of Hawkit registration because you will not be able to earn from Hawkit if your account is not activated. Therefore, by following the steps below, you will learn how to activate your Hawkit account.

  • Log in to your “Hawkit Account” with your email/username and password.
  • Click on “Earn” on the navigation menu.Earn
  • Click “Get Started” under “Perform Social Task and Earn Daily.”Perform Social Tasks and Earn Daily
  • You will be prompted to “Activate your Hawkit.ng” account. Click on the link anchor “here” as shown in the image below to become a member that can earn from the platform.Activate Hawkit
  • You will be prompted to “Pay 1000.” Click on “Click Here to Pay Now.Hawkit Membership fee
  • Choose the “100% Secure Online Payment” option to use either your ATM card for your payment or USSD or Transfer.Hawkit payment
  • Type your “ATM Card number, Expiration date, and CVV and click “Pay 1000.” You can also choose “USSD” OR “BANK Transfer” OR “Paga” under the “Payment Options.”activate Hawkit account
  • For the transfer option, you need to add an extra 20 naira to make it 1020 as the charges. Transfer 1020 [activation fee] into the account on your screen within 1 hour otherwise the account will be invalid and you will need to get a new account. Once the payment is made click on “I have made this bank transfer.”Payment confirmed
  • You will see “Payment successful” once your transaction has been confirmed.Payment confirmed
  • Refresh or reload your Hawkit account.
  • Type your “Phone Number” and click on “Update Phone Number.”Hawkit phone number
  • Close the browser and open it again to start performing tasks to make money on the platform. And you should see congratulations you are now a member. hawkit app
  • At this point, you can download the Hawkit app on your Android or iPhone for quick access or stick to the web version if you are using a PC.

You are done and ready to earn from Hawkit. Next, we will take a look at how to perform tasks on Hawkit to start making money from the comfort of your home.

How to Earn from Hawkit

We will take a look at how to earn from Hawkit in this section. So, all you need to do is choose what is best for you and start earning as much as you can using the platform.

Note: You must activate your Hawkit membership to earn from the platform. Only members with activated accounts can earn from the platform.

  • Sign in to your Hawkit ng account.
  • Click on “Earn” on the menu.Earn
  • Click on “Get Started” on social media icons.Perform Social Tasks and Earn Daily
  • Click on “Perform engagement task.”Engagement task
  • Click on any of the tasks. For maximum earning and profits click on engagement tasks that offers 30 Naira per task.Hawkit engagement
  • Click on “Generate your Next Task.”Hawkit ng
  • Click “Yes” from the popup.Hawkit
  • Click on “Do Now.”Hawkit Registration
  • Click on “Visit Link.”Hawkit Login
  • A new tab will open and you’d need to perform the “Task.”Hawkit task
  • Scroll fill in the form by providing your name and upload the task you completed. And click on “Upload Proof.”
  • The page will refresh automatically and the task will be added to your pending earning for confirmation.

Hawkit Minimum Withdrawal

Hawkit has a minimum withdrawal of 100 which allow all participant to withdraw their earning once they reach the minimum withdrawal threshold. However, to retrieve your meaning from Hawkit you would need to add your account details so that Hawkit can easily send your earning to your bank account once you requested a withdrawal.

So, next, we will take you through how to add your bank account to your Hawkit account in a step-by-step process.

Hawkit ng Login Account

I will walk you through how to add your account to your Hawkit ng login account to be able to place a withdrawal and have your money sent to your account.

  • Log in to your Hawkit account.
  • Click on your “Profile” icon at the top right.
  • Click on “Account Settings.”
  • Click on “Update Bank Details.”
  • Select your “Bank Name” from the drop menu.
  • Type your “Account Number.”
  • Tap “Verify Account.”

On verifying your account Hawkit will be able to send your balance withdrawal placement to your account.

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