Hisense TV Problems and How to Fix Them

Hi there, are you experiencing Hisense TV Problem? If yes, then take a cup of cold water and lie on your sofa. And if you are battling with the Hisense TV problems, believe me, you are in the right place where those problems will find remedies. As we move on to discuss the way-outs, let us critically analyze those problems.

As we proceed in this guide, we will discuss various problems you will likely encounter on your Hisense smart TV. So that when you encounter any of these problems you won’t find it funny. And if you have encountered them before this article we open your eyes to all the possible solutions to fix them up.

Possible Hisense TV Problems

The possible problems are not strange, they are common to every TV gadget. Now, let us dive in.

Your Hisense TV is not switched on

You felt like switching on your Hisense TV for a relaxation mode but unhappily, it does not switch on, whether you use the remote or TV switching button to turn it on. The next thing is to check your remote batteries and adjust them. If you adjust them and press the remote to turn on your TV, and yet the TV does not on.

You have to reboot your TV by unplugging it from the power source and wait for view seconds, and plug it again, If not switched on still. Similarly, you need to change the power source. If you change the power source, then the problem should be solved now. If the issue continues to exist, then, you need to trace the TV power cable.

The power cable might have had internal disruption. If nothing happens to the cable. You have to go ahead to unscrew your TV and check whether some internal problems have taken place. You need to first check the power supply board and some other connections and those internal wires, whether they have gotten issues.

If you cannot unscrew the TV by yourself, immediately call on Hisense TV electrician for a repair.

Hisense TV produces no sound

You turn on your Hi Sense TV but discovered that there is no sound. First and foremost, directly go to the remote control volume button and increase the volume if it is low. If you increase the volume and produce no sound. Take time to increase the volume through the TV volume button. If you do that and you get no sound still.

You can change from station to station, to check out the source of the abnormality. If you can solve it, fine. But if you are not, Then, cross-check all the external gadgets that might be connected to the TV. The external gadgets like speakers, gaming consoles, DVD players, etc.

 Check them and their wires to be sure they are working well. After checking them, you can now be able to find the source of the problem. Assuming you did not hear a sound. That means you need to check your Settings to find out if your TV is connected to wireless devices like wireless headphones, etc.

  • Locate your Settings on your remote control, then press the Settings and click on MENU, then go on to Sound to check out the Output the TV uses, then make sure you switch it back to Internal speakers. Should the sound not be produced, something is wrong with audio chips or internal speakers connections.

Try to figure it out by yourself if you can, or call on a repairer to help you out.

Hisense TV Problems

Hisense TV showing black screen

If turned on your TV and the only thing you can see is a black screen. Immediately unplug it and leave it for about two minutes. Then, replug it and switch it on. And if you still experience the total blackout, it is your mainboard or power board that has been affected.

And it might be that, you need to use a surge protector or if you have one, you need to replace it. Also, you need to avoid plugging your TV directly into the wall socket, to protect your devices against the surge. In peroration, you need to visit a repairman for TV repair.

Hisense TV does not connect with Wi-Fi

If your TV is not connected with Wi-Fi, then trace the issue to your TV or Wi-Fi. Now, you can troubleshoot by trying to connect another gadget with Wi-Fi, if you are not able to connect the gadget with the Wi-Fi, then it is clear Wi-Fi is having a problem. The further thing is to unplug your Wi-Fi router for about two minutes and plug it back in.

If you can get another device connected with your Wi-Fi, then the Wi-Fi network is overcrowded or experiencing stoppage. If you are not able to connect another device with Wi-Fi, then the cache of Hisense TV needed to be cleared. 

Clearing the cache of Hisense TV

  • From your remote control, press Home Key, then approach Network, click on Clear Internet Memory, clear it. At this stage, you will need to reboot your TV by unplugging it and plug it back in. Now, reconnect the TV to Wi-Fi. The TV should be able to get connected now.

Hisense TV experiences LED Indicator Blinking

If you are to encounter LED or different colors blinking on your screen. There are two reasons, namely, Your TV requires rebooting or Internal parts are having the problem. To solve this omen, unplug your TV, leave it for a few seconds and replug it. If the blinking is nowhere to be found, then, that is great.

But it persists, then you have to check the number of times the light blinks.

  • If it is four times, then the main logic board or inverter board wires are having issues.
  • If it is six times, then the main board or power board is negatively affected.
  • The solution is to repair it, maybe by yourself, or take it to the repair center.

These are some of the Hisense TV problems anyone can encounter. If this article does not solve your challenge. Try to reach out to us below in the comment section for a proper solution to your challenge. See you next time.

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