Best HotStar Video Downloaders

Let discuss explicitly the best HotStar downloader to download HotStar videos on iPhone, Android, and PC. I am a fan of HotStart and downloading videos on Phone and Android isn’t an easy task.

So, if you are in also looking for HotStar downloader app you can use to download videos from HotStar online or a 3rd party app or standalone website that support HotStar video download here is a guide for you.

I have used a few numbers of apps to download episodes on HotStar and watch them offline. These downloaders are like free YouTube downloaders to download YouTube videos.

If you install the YouTube app and activate YouTube on all devices it’ll be very easy to download YouTube videos within the app and watch YouTube channels on all your devices.

This is different from HotStar. To download Hotstar videos you need HotStar downloader. These Downloaders will help you to download HotStar videos on PC, Android, and iPhone.

HotStar Downloader Clients

Here is the list of software and mobile app to download HotStart videos for free.

1. HotStar APK

HotStar APK app

HotStar APK is a free Android app to watch HotStar videos online and it can be used to download videos from the platform. The HotStar APK cannot be used to download all HotStar videos, though, but, it can be used to download the video if the download link is available.

You can also download the HotStar app directly from the Google play store and install it on your phone. Once you have downloaded the app and installed it on your phone you can download HotStar videos using the mobile app.

To start downloading your favorite video using the app. Launch the app and type the name of the video into the search box and click on search. Once the video loads click to see if there is a download link is available.

Once you see the download link click on it and select your video resolution to start downloading.

2. QDownloader


QDownloader is a website to download HotStar videos for free. It’s totally free and no registration is needed. The HotStar video download site supports more than 800 different websites to download videos from for free of which HotStar is just one of them.

It supports video download from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LiveLeak, BiliBili, HotStar, and many more sites.

The idea Qdownloader explore is very simple and stress-free. The idea is for you to go to the HotStar website and search for the video you want to download offline

Now, copy the video URL and open a new tab on your smartphone or PC and go to and paste the video URL into the search box and click on download.

Now, select the video quality and click on download to start downloading to your device storage.

3. CPClicps

Download HotStar Video

CPclicps is a website to download HotStar videos in HD and download it in a different format. The website is user-friendly and it doesn’t have any complicated popup or pop-under adverts.

While using CPClips to download HotStar video you can also use it download HotStar audio if there is audio available in the video you want to download.

To make sure you successfully fetch the video from HotStar you must make sure that you copy the exact video URL you want to download so that you will not download another video.

Once you copy and paste the video URL you need to click on the fetch to fetch the video from HotStar and integrate the download button that will enable you to download the video in a different format.

Now, a new tab will open and the download preview will start generating after which the video will start downloading. The downside of using CPClips to download HotStar video is that it can only download movies whose size is not more than 10GB.

4. InsTube

HotStar Downloader

InsTube is a mobile app to download and watch movies for free online. The app in a different way. The app lets you search a website inside of it and perform whichever action that suits you.

Using InsTube to download HotStar video is a multipurpose task. It lets you watch the movie online and even download it.

If you have installed InsTube on your phone you can follow the information below to download HotStar HD videos with it. Or go to any APK website and download InsTube APK.

Now, after you have downloaded and install the free app. Launch the app from your phone by clicking on the app icon and click on HotStar on the home screen.

Search for the name of the movie or video you want to download to your device storage and click on the video image. Click on the buzz download icon and select your video preferred out from the popup to start downloading.

For a fast downloading without wasting time, once the video resolution popup clicks on fast download to start downloading.

5. Save from Net

Save from net a standby website to download videos online and convert from MP4 to MP3. The online video fetcher website has a mobile app to quickly download and convert videos from MP4 to MP3 and a desktop client to download HotStar videos and convert to audio or MP3. has a Chrome plugin to download YouTube videos and convert to MP3. However, the plugin doesn’t work with HotStar but the site support copy and paste HotStar video URL on the website video download column to download HotStar videos and convert to MP3.

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