How do I Create an Outlook Signature?

You can add an outlook signature to your email on Outlook web or Outlook app. Read to find out how. In the business world, Emails are a significant key. Knowing how to add a signature to your email could be just the factor to set you on a high. With Outlook, you can do a lot of things, and it is not just about adding signatures. It has to be unique and speak about your brand.

You can translate emails in the Outlook app. You can add your Gmail account and Google account to the Outlook web. For this article, though, we will bring you closer to how you can create signatures on the Outlook app and the Outlook web (

How to Create a Signature Using the Outlook app

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If you want to create a signature on the Outlook app, try out the following steps;

Step 1: Open your email the way you do when you normally want to reply to a message.

Step 2: Next, go to the Message menu. Choose signature,  then select Signatures. After this, look under Select Signature so you can edit and select New.

Step 3: You should now be in the New Signature dialogue box. Type a name for the signature.

Step 4: Under Edit signature, you can make use of different fonts, font colors, sizes, text alignment options to create your signature. You can try out as many signatures as you can and then select the one you want when emailing. It is found on the Signature Menu in the Message tab.

You can also create your Signature in Microsoft Word if you want to be stylish with it. Just create and then copy and paste your signature into the Edit Signature box.

Microsoft as well provides signature template options that you can use.

One additional option is that you may wish to add an image to your signature. To do this,

  • Simply locate the image icon (which is at the far right, where you see Business Card),
  • Choose your picture, insert.
  • Resize the image by right-clicking on the selected image.
  • Then, select OK when you are satisfied with what you have done.

More options for your signature include setting a default signature on a particular email account. To do this, simply follow the steps we have provided above and choose your email account under choose default signature.

As you wish, you can select your specific signature when you want to write new email messages or when you want to reply and forward messages from Outlook.

How to Create a Signature on the Outlook web

We mentioned earlier that you could create a signature on the Outlook web as well. To create a signature on the  Outlook web (, try these steps.

Step 1: Locate Settings in the top right corner of your screen.

Step 2: Click View all Outlook Settings. Select Compose and reply.

Step 3: At this stage, you will see an email signature option. Type your signature,  use the formatting options to make and re-make your signature.

You can do as much as you can on the Outlook web, which is similar to what you can do in the Outlook app. With the Outlook web, there are some additional options.

If you wish for your signature to appear at the bottom of all your composed new email messages,  select Automatically include my signature on new messages I compose box.

If you want to attach your signature to the bottom of the messages that you forward or messages that you reply to, hit Automatically include my signature on messages I forward or reply to the checkbox.

Make sure to save when you are done choosing these modes. And if you wish, you may just do this manually. Go to your mailbox, select New message.

When you are done with your message, select Insert Signature, which is at the bottom of your composed message.

With all of this, you can take yourself or your brand to a whole new meaning of professionalism. This also guarantees safety and averts impersonation or manipulation to some extent.

Catch Up on Our Summary

Give yourself a sublime touch of professionalism by creating your Signature on Outlook with the Outlook app and on the Outlook web.

How to Create a signature using the Official Outlook App

  1. Open an email as if you were replying to it.
  2. Navigate to the Message menu. Select signature, and then choose Signatures.
  3. View the base of Select Signature to edit, then choose New.
  4. Customize your signature, and when you are satisfied, press Save.

On the Outlook web.

  1. Go to settings located at the top right corner of your screen.
  2. Select View all Outlook Settings. Then Compose and reply.
  3. An email signature option will appear.
  4. Type your Signature. Employ the formatting options given to format the signature to your taste

Meanwhile, guess what we have that might interest you. Being an Outlook user, you might want to check out how to set out office replies on Outlook here. You can let us know a lot more about your Outlook signature experience in the comment section below.

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