How Long do LCD TVs Last?

When shopping for a new smart TV set, buyers usually look out for factors such as durability, picture/display quality, and the TV’s life expectancy amongst other factors. Do you want to know how long do LCD TVs last in case you are getting a new set? Then, this article will walk you through all you need to know. 

In recent times, there have been some tremendous advancements in electronic gadgets’ invention and manufacture. These advancements have also brought significant design and performance changes to TVs. Modern smart TVs use some of the latest technologies to give users enhancing experience in terms of design, performance, reliability, durability, and more.

Liquid Crystal Display TV sets commonly referred to as LCDs are part of these new electronic inventions. LCDs implement liquid crystal technology to produce images. Low manufacturing costs and widespread availability of materials are factors that make LCD TVs the most widely produced and sold televisions today.

These advancements bring doubts to the minds of buyers in terms of the durability of these TVs. Some people believe TVs don’t last as long as they used to in the past. This is not true if you purchased the right brand and take good care of your TV.

How long do LCD TVs last depend majorly on the brand you choose, its usage, and how you take care of it. The average time TVs last is around 70,000 to 80,000 hours, equivalent to eight or nine years. Read on to know more about how long do LCD TVs last. How long do LCD TVs last

How long do LCD TVs last?

LCD TV manufacturers vary on the predicted life expectancy of their products. More recent LCD TVs have longer life expectancies. Since LCDs don’t provide their light, the lifespan of the LCD’s light source also determines the TV screen’s longevity. With time, pictures generated on LCD TVs will diminish gradually. An LCD TV screen will darken as the backlighting bulbs dim. It is important to consider the lifespan of the light source of the LCD because LCD TVs last as long as their light sources do.

How long do LCD TVs last

How to make your LCD TV last longer

Here are some tips that will improve your LCD TVs lifespan and gives you an amazing experience for an extended period:

Avoid Excessive Usage

It is important to avoid or prevent excessive usage of the TV. Excessive usage heats the TV and directly impacts the life of the board. It is a good practice to reboot the TV once or twice during a session of viewing if you plan to watch a movie or a sports match of a significant length. This helps the TV cool down a bit during the time of the reboot.

Excess usage also impacts the external hardware of the TV, including the speakers, screen, external modem, or remotes. Ideally, a TV should not remain on constantly for more than five hours.

You should give a gap of 5 to 10 minutes every five hours.How long do LCD TVs last

Turn off your TV regularly

A crucial fact that plays a vital role in increasing the life of your TV is to shut off the TV regularly. Avoid turning it off using the remote only. If you have a habit of doing that you should consider changing that. TVs that remain on all the time consume more power, which has a destructive impact on the interior board of the TV.

You need to turn off the power from the switch and not only the TV to avoid any issues with the TV. Turning off the TV all the time prevents the TV’s board from any harm. Also, avoid switching them on and off all the time and keep some gaps in between whenever you turn them off. How long do LCD TVs last depends on how often you turn off your TV.How long do LCD TVs last

Mount it on the wall

This is also a good step that can increase your TV’s life. Here are some benefits of hanging the TV on the wall.

  • It protects the TV from any harmful impact.
  • It keeps the TV protected from heat.
  • It covers the TV from any damage.
  • It gives your TV a cleaner, dust-free environment.
  • You have a better view of the TV.

To mount the TV on the wall, take the following steps:

  • Purchase a wall mount according to your TV’s size.
  • Mark the holes according to the calculations and drill deep holes.
  • Mount the bracket by joining it to the holes with the help of a wire or screws. (It depends on the type of mount you purchased).
  • Attach the TV mount with the wall bracket.
  • Connect the TV to the wall mount.

After taking all these steps, you will be able to mount the TV to the wall successfully. Ensure you have mounted the TV in the correct location.

How long do LCD TVs last

Use a voltage Regulator

Using a voltage regulator is a good way to increase the life span of your TV. A fluctuation or spike in voltage can cause permanent harm to your TV. This might cause permanent damage to the board if it sees a significant voltage spike or fluctuation.

To remain safe from any such issue, you should install a voltage regulator and install it with your TV. The voltage regulator will protect you from voltage fluctuation issues and give you a stable and robust TV-watching experience.How long do LCD TVs last

Right Positioning

Selecting a good location to place your TV is a major factor that can preserve the life of your TV. This factor cannot be overemphasized. The LCD TV itself generates heat, so, your TV needs good ventilation so as not to accumulate excessive heat.

The TV position should also be free from any kind of dust or inconsistent wind speed. Dust might cause serious harm to the TV if it enters the TV, so, you can reduce the consequences by putting it in a place that has less dust.

Heat protection is also necessary for the improved life of the interior boards and the device’s hardware.

To protect the TV from heating, take the following steps.

  • Install a proper ventilation system where you have placed your TV.
  • Place the TV in a higher location.
  • Keep it away from devices that generate heat constantly.
  • If you have put it in a room, make sure to install an exhaust system.
  • Reboot the TV if you are using it constantly.

If you allow the TV to heat continuously, you will soon see a negative impact on the TV. The heat will reduce the life span of your TV and have a negative impact on its lifespan. How long do LCD TVs last depend on how well position and clean your TV. How long do LCD TVs last

Clean your TV regularly

Cleaning your TV regularly will help increase the lifespan of your TV and also help in improving the performance of your TV.

Take the following steps to clean the TV.

  • Use a cloth to remove the dust from the exterior body of the TV.
  • Dip a piece of clean cloth in the dish cleaner and remove all the stains from your TV’s body.
  • Use a hairdryer at a slow speed to dry the TV or dry it with the help of another piece of clean cloth.

Regular cleaning will keep all the external hardware of the TV clean and increase the body’s life. How long do LCD TVs last will depend on this 

Cleaning your TV will also give you outstanding picture quality since you will be removing unwanted dust and dirt by cleaning the TV screen from the outside.

You can now enjoy your LCD TV better knowing that it’s durable and lasts long. You can send in your questions using the comment section below. Now, you know how long do LCD TVs last!

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