How Long does it take a new Refrigerator to get Cold?

Did you just buy a new refrigerator, and after placing it in a corner of your home and turning it on you notice that the fridge was not getting cold? Or have you waited a few days, but your refrigerator does not appear to be getting cold?

This could keep you wondering, “How long does it take a new refrigerator to get cold?

The situation may cause you to consider what to do with your refrigerator, such as returning it or contacting a technical expert.

Given that it is a new refrigerator, you should double-check that you are doing everything correctly before assuming that the refrigerator is faulty.

That said, let’s delve into how long it takes a new refrigerator to get cold and what you need to do when your fridge isn’t getting cold.

How Long does it take for a new Refrigerator to get Cold?

How long does it take a new refrigerator to get cold

We can’t give an objective response to the question “How long does it take a new refrigerator to get cold?” because there are various factors that influence that.

A new refrigerator, on the other hand, will take at least 2 hours to get cold and up to 24 hours depending on variables such as brand, model, kind of refrigerator, and default temperature setting.

However, the time duration might be further extended for reasons you may be unaware of, such as constantly leaving the fridge door open.

Moreover, if you’ve just gotten a new fridge and you’ve waited for 24 hours for it to go cold but there are no signs of a temperature change, you might want to look into the few things I’ll be discussing below. But before we dive into that, let’s brush through how long a refrigerator will take to get cold for some popular brands.

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How Long does it take for a new Whirlpool Refrigerator to get Cold?

If you purchased a Whirlpool refrigerator, and after switching it on, the refrigerator does not appear to turn on after a few days and you’re trying to figure out, “how long does it take a new refrigerator to get cold?” You’ve come to the right place.

To achieve optimum operation, your Whirlpool refrigerator must be cool for 24 hours.

However, a 24-hour period is required for the Whirlpool refrigerator to acquire full performance, which includes correcting the internal temperature, properly cooling the water, and beginning the manufacture of the first batch of ice.

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How Long does a new Frigidaire Refrigerator take to Cool?

How long does it take a new refrigerator to get cold

Given that you now know the response to the question, “how long does it take a fridge to get cold?” Let’s go through how long it will take your frigidaire refrigerator to get cool.

It typically takes a new refrigerator at least 24 hours to stabilize at its maximum working temperature.

For the Frigidaire refrigerator, it takes around to get cool. But you need to ensure the fridge is cool before you do that as the cooling time for fridge brands vary

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How Long does it take for Food to get cold in the Fridge?

Now that you know the answer to the question “how long does it take for a new refrigerator to get cold?” Let’s go through how long you should wait before putting food in your refrigerator.

A new refrigerator usually takes at least 24 hours to stabilize at its full operating temperature.

However, you do not have to wait until that time; you may begin storing food in the refrigerator as soon as it has been hooked up to a power source for 4-6 hours.

How to Cool Down a Fridge Faster

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A refrigerator’s cooling efficiency is determined by factors such as its brand, model, capacity, location, and other important factors.

However, if you follow the tips listed below, you can shorten the cooling time.

Put ice in the fridge compartment.

When a fridge is full of ice, it makes it easier for the air to chill, while warm air is readily pushed out.

That being said, stocking your refrigerator with ice will speed up the cooling process.

This provides you with an air cover to store all of your food within since the temperature is warm enough to store them before the fridge reaches the correct temperature.

Make sure it is far from the wall.

If you want better air circulation around your fridge, pull it away from the wall since its proximity to a wall influences how quickly it cools.

To address this, move the refrigerator a few inches away from the wall. This is because it allows more air to circulate and hot air to depart the refrigerator more quickly.

Ensure the refrigerator door is closed.

A good rule of thumb is to avoid opening your refrigerator door too frequently.

This reduces the rate at which your refrigerator cools and may result in additional electricity costs since your refrigerator must work harder to maintain the temperature.

Ensure the coils are clean.

This may not be synonymous with new refrigerators, but it is most prevalent with old refrigerators after a period of use.

When the coils get clogged, your refrigerator will need more electricity before it begins to cool.

However, cleaning it will hasten the cooling process.

How long does it take for a refrigerator to reset?

How long does it take a new refrigerator to get cold

Usually, you hear that you need to unplug your refrigerator for hours on end to reset it. While that isn’t entirely wrong, there are some things you ought to know when it comes to resetting your refrigerator.

You can reset your refrigerator by unplugging it for a while and then plugging it back in. However, resetting a refrigerator comes in different forms for different brands.

Some refrigerators do have a reset button, while others do not. For those that don’t have one, you have to unplug the fridge for close to 1 hour for a hard reset. However, a 5-minute unplugging will soft reset your refrigerator.

Factors that Impact the Cooling Time of a Fridge

Most refrigerators come in a range of sizes and shapes, and aside from their appearance and functionality, various firms have distinct criteria.

Let us now look at some of the elements that impact the cooling process of a refrigerator.


The size of a refrigerator is one of the factors that influence how long it takes to cool down.

However, there is no standard time for a mini fridge and a large-size fridge. “Larger refrigerators will take longer to cool if they have the same capabilities as a little fridge.”


The type of refrigerator you use has an impact on how long the chilling process takes.

If you have a mini fridge, it may take up to 4 hours to cool down; however, a larger fridge may take several hours to reach the desired temperature.

Room temperature around the fridge

The longer it takes for the fridge to cool, the hotter the room. Turn on the air conditioning fans if you have no other choice but to install them in a warm environment.

If the temperature in the room is always high, it will make it harder for the fridge to get cold.

How long the door is opened

When the refrigerator door is opened, the cooling time increases by a few minutes. So don’t expect it to cool down rapidly if all you do is open the fridge door frequently to check on the contents.

The brand

When it comes to fridge cooling time, the brand counts. Some manufacturers are well-known and reputable companies because they provide high-quality items.

That being said, the user manual has a wealth of information to help you better understand the cooling time of such a brand.


By now, you should be well acquainted with How long does it take a new refrigerator to get cold? However, if you are having issues with your refrigerator and it is new, You should try to take advantage of the company warranty, since many gadget companies usually come with a warranty period.

Alternatively, you can take it to an electronic expert for repair if your refrigerator is not getting cool after days of use.

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