How tall is Jaleel – [Updated Height]

How tall is Jaleel? Jaleel White, the popular “family matters” actor who took on the role of Steve Urkel has a pretty decent height. He stands at a height of 5 feet 11 inches which is equivalent to 180cm.

Jaleel White isn’t just an actor, he is also a songwriter and a producer, however, his rise to stardom was based on the acting performances he pulled out in the Family Matters film.

 Presently, Jaleel’s white net worth is estimated at $11.5 Million as of 2022.



Jaleel White was born on November 27, 1976, to Gail (his mother) and Micheal white ( his father). It was revealed that he was the only child of his parents and he has no siblings. However, Jaleel once had a family of his own with a lady called Bridget, but they parted ways.

Jaleel White career

Jaleel White started his career at the age of three. At the time he was lucky to get a chance to feature as a guest in Jefferson’s series.

Afterwards, he kept getting roles in TV shows before he finally landed the breakthrough role of Steve Urkel in the family matter series. From then the audience’s interest in him, made him stay longer in the role.

how tall is jaleel white family matters

He has gotten many nominations due to the role he played in Family Matters

Presently, Jaleel features in TV shows.

Jaleel White has a successful career which was a stepping stone to wealth for him. Below you can find out about Jaleel White net worth.

Jaleel White Net Worth

You may be interested in the amount Jaleel White possesses during his career.

Jaleel White Net Worth in 2022 is around $11.5 million. The majority of the sum was gotten from his work as an entertainer and a Producer, however, he’s also involved in other businesses too.


Jaleel white family

Jaleel White is the only son of Gail and Michael White. He was once married to Bridget hardy, but they’ve parted ways while still having a child between them. Presently, the child is in the custody of Jaleel after their divorce 

Jaleel White Weight?

It’s very obvious that his weight has changed a lot, looking at the period he was added to the family matters crew. He seems physically built and has bulked up a bit. His last reported weight is 80kg which is equivalent to 176lbs.

Jaleel’s Ahmad white net worth

With his latest interest in the cannabis business coupled with his inclination toward the Purple Urkle brand, the total estimated net worth of Jaleel white is pegged at $11.5 million. However, the figure could be more than that but since we are only aware of his openly known assets.

Who is Jaleel’s White Spouse

Jaleel White is presently single. Following the separation from his significant other whose name is Bridget Hardy. But, he has a daughter called Samaya white

How tall is Jaleel White?

He was stood at a pretty decent height while he was still starring in the family matters Series. Presently his height is quite impressive however when compared to basketball players, his height might be a disadvantage since the average height for basketball players is 6 feet 7 inches.

Jaleel White stands at an average height of 1.79 meters which is equivalent to 5 feet 11 inches. 

How Old is Jaleel White?

Jaleel white appears to have developed past the youthful steve Urkel we used to know when he joined family matter. At this point, Jaleel White’s age is 44, and very soon he will clock 45 years old on the 27th of November 2022.

When did Jaleel White get married?

Jaleel White’s relationship with Bridget Hardy started in 2006, however it ended 4 years after, she filled in a report accusing him of domestic violence, and verbal attacks because she was struggling with her career.

At the end of the day, the issue was settled and it didn’t have any hit on his career. after they dissolved the relationship on 6th July 2010.

Jaleel White’s relationship with Bridget Hardy began in 2006, but it ended 4 years later following a report she filed, blaming him for aggressive behavior at home, and obnoxious ambushes. 

It was later disclosed that she was battling with her profession at the time.

Eventually, they settled the issue, and luckily for Jaleel, it had no derogatory impact on his career.

The both of them parted ways on sixth July 2010.

Who is Jaleel White’s Dad?

Jaleel white’s father was Micheal white, His dad was known to be a dental specialist. However, it was also disclosed that his dad was quite supportive of Jaleel’s ambition from a young age.

How tall is Jaleel Ahmad White?

Jaleel white whose complete name is Jaleel Ahmad white stands at an averagely decent height.

Jaleel Ahmad white stands at a height of 1.79m which is very nearly 2 meters.

Is Jaleel Ahmad white a Muslim?

Some could say he has a Muslim name as a middle name, but that doesn’t go with the fact that he has to be a Muslim since he has a Muslim name. Probably, his dad or great-granddad was a Muslim.

A source from Wikipedia proves that he is a Christian, so having a Muslim name doesn’t make any difference.

Who is Jaleel White’s daughter?

who is jaleel white daughter

At this point, he doesn’t have a spouse, however, he has a little girl from his ex and she is Samaya white. He talks about the delight he gets from driving her to school himself. In any case, he doesn’t appear to reveal a lot about her, since he feels being discreet about personal matters is better.

How much is Jaleel White Net Worth on Family Matters?

There is no particular sum that correctly discloses the amount he made while he began his career, however at the pinnacle of his career while he was in Family’s matter show, he made $180,000 for each episode. This is nearly $4 million for a whole season.

Why was Family Matters Cancelled?

The appearance of Steve Urkel, who was taken on by Jaleel White attracted more viewers since they were particularly interested in watching him. The program was a triumph as it kept raking in around 12.6 million watchers. Unfortunately, the number of viewers decreased following Foxworth’s departure.

Can Jaleel White play the accordion?

Since he was seen playing the accordion in one of Bruce lee’s movie episodes. It is safe to say he knows how to play the instrument.

He seems to be multi-talented just like China Anne McClain who is also a black American actress. You can read about her over here.

Is Jaleel White married to Kellie Williams?

It’s not unexpected to pose the question since Jaleel is presently single. However, it’s simply the movie that brings them together and nothing else.

To add to it, Jaleel once said, he considers Kellie to be his big sister, not a lover. Kellie William is married and she has children

Is Laura from Family Matters married?

You bet. The vast majority of her fans know her as Laura Lee Winslow, notwithstanding, she was quite popular in the movie as she played the role of the middle born of Carl and Harriette Winslow on the ABC/CBS TV series.

Jaleel white father

Jaleel white father

Jaleel white’s father is known as Micheal Whites. Micheal is Still Alive. 

It was once disclosed that his dad was also infected with Covid-19, as expressed his fear about his father almost passing away. But everything seems to be fine.

Jaleel White Tiktok account

Jaleel White has a decent amount of likes and followers on his TikTock Account. he frequently posts clips from the family matters movie and some of his day-to-day experiences. He has a total of 28.1 million followers on the platform.

You will find him on TikTok with the username Jaleel white. he has a total view of 28.1 million views

NameJaleel white
Full nameJaleel Ahmad White
Birth DateNovember 27 1976
ProfessionActor, Writer, and producer
Ex- WifeBridget Hardy
ChildSamaya white
How tall is jaleel5.11ft or (180.3 cm) or 1.56m
Age46 years
NationalityCulver City, California, United States
Date of BirthNovember 27, 1976 
Net Worth$11.5 Million
Marital Statussingle
ParentMichael White and Gail White
TV Showsitcom Family Matters

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