How to Activate ESPN on Roku

Learning how to Activate ESPN on Roku TV is our subject of consideration at this moment, it might be your challenge in activating ESPN on Roku for some time ago, I have gotten good news for you to this day. This activation might be causing a kind of hindrance to have a good cause in streaming your chosen TV channels.

No issue or barrier can exist with activating ESPN on Roku, as long as you are here at this moment. The barrier in carrying out the Activate ESPN on Roku is a common challenge to every TV type of brand anywhere in the world. So, relax, as you continue reading on.

Coming across these pieces of information will greatly open you up to simple steps of Do-It-Yourself in activating your ESPN on Roku TV. Moreso, to give you the tip of an iceberg of what ESPN is, ESPN has been a versatile and updated TV service provider when talking of original TV content that one can stream at any time, whether sports and entertainment live events. ESPN(Entertainment and Sports Programming Network) is an American-based cable channel. ESPN specializes in providing live events in entertainment and sports. 

Furthermore, Roku is a digital media brand that enables you to watch free and paid TV content online, you might watch the content on mobile devices or TV gadgets, depending on your choice or where you might be at the moment. To explore more benefits from Roku, it requires that one subscribes to the paid content.

There is a difference between sleeping and dozing, he that sleeps is sleeping and he that dozes also is dozing, which you will enjoy more powerful content from Roku when you subscribe to the paid subscription. Though, it has to do with your choice and what you can afford. 

Furthermore, Roku enables you to watch free content like YouTube videos, etc. And Roku also offers paid videos like HBO Max, Hulu, etc. So, everyone that suits you is available on Roku. Let’s proceed to consider how ESPN can be activated on Roku.

How to Activate ESPN on Roku TV

The following guides will connect you with how you can easily download, install and activate ESPN on your Roku TV without any barriers.

Install ESPN App on Roku TV

The following steps will guide you on how you can download and install the ESPN app on your Roku TV.

  • From your remote control, click on Menu on your remote control.
  • Then, search for the ESPN app on your Roku TV search bar.
  • After finding the ESPN app, click on download and allow it to install after downloading.
  • After installed, the ESPN app will be accessible in the Apps section. Now, it is time to get the activation code.

Activate ESPN on Roku

How to Activate on Roku TV

There is a need for you to get the activation code for easy connection of the ESPN platform with your Roku TV. So, carefully take the steps below to get the code and take note that, the code expires within an hour, if it expires, you will still open your ESPN app again and get the code.

  • After locating the ESPN App from the apps section on Roku TV, then click on the ESPN app on your Roku TV screen to open it.
  • If you did not have ESPN login details before, try to create login details immediately.
  • And if you have login details before, you have to log in straight away.
  • You will receive a code on your Roku TV screen, then note down the code or just pick the code.
  • Now, visit As you find yourself on the page of ESPN website, then Enter the code you copied from your Roku TV to the website page, you will find a place to enter the code, just follow the instructions given to you on the website page.
  • Then, click continue after you have entered the code on the ESPN website page. Now, you will now activate ESPN on Roku through the steps below.

ESPN Subscription on Roku

  • Get your remote control ready, and click on Menu on your remote control.
  • Then tap on Settings.
  • And click on Subscriptions.
  • Continue by locating the ESPN app.
  • Open it and the ESPN app must have been connected with your Roku TV automatically, if and only if, you follow the instructions very well.

ESPN not working on Roku TV

After you have correctly taken the steps above and yet the ESPN app refuses to work on your Roku TV, the following steps will show you how to resolve the issue.

Restart your Roku TV

  • Unplug the TV from the power source.
  • You will have to wait for some seconds and plug it back in.
  • Then, you will have to press and hold the Play and Pause buttons together.
  • Try to hold the Play and Pause buttons for about some seconds.
  • Then, tap on Settings on your remote and click on Devices and then click on Restart. Now, your TV will restart, and try to open the ESPN app to find out whether your subscription contents are available there. The subscription should be available if the steps are followed very well.

Activating ESPN on your Roku TV is not more than all steps discussed above, and if you follow them very well, believe me, you will not have any difficulties activating your ESPN on your Roku TV and If this article blesses your soul, take the time to leave a comment below. See you next time.


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