How to Activate FoxsportsGo on Roku

Are you new to FoxsportsGo and you are looking for methods to stream live sports, events, and shows on your Roku device? Then this article is for you, you will learn how to add and activate FoxsportsGo on Roku using the comprehensive steps listed in this post. 

You can stream various sports content on your Roku device via the FoxsportsGo channel regardless you are a football fan, Tennis, Boxing, or any other sports fan, it is possible to watch it all by installing the FoxsportsGo app.

You can also access live shows from FOX network affiliates such as Foxsports 1, Foxsports 2, Fox Deportes, and BTN. In case you missed out on any show or content, you can watch the replays.

To use the FoxsportsGo app, you must have an active subscription. It may be by a direct subscription via a cable supplier or by the indirect method of using a streaming service like Hulu TV, Sling TV, FuboTV, and so on. Learn how to activate FoxsportsGo on Roku here.

FoxsportsGo App was changed to a new name which goes by Bally Sports on April 26, 2021. The change happened because about 19 regional Foxsports networks were bought by the Sinclair Broadcast Group. The regional Foxsports networks were then rebranded to regional Bally Sports networks like the Bally Sports North, Bally Sports Florida, etc.

FoxsportsGo is a one-stop app for sports lovers because it offers a variety of captivating features. These features include; a TV Everywhere channel which means you can live stream all on-demand shows, watch exclusive and original FoxSports shows highlights by simply activating the subscription via any of the supporting cable TV providers. 

Add FoxsportsGo on Roku

You can find the FoxsportsGo app on Roku Channel Store since it is officially available and accessible via the store. It’s quite easy to download it from there with just a few steps within a short period. Here are detailed steps to add FoxsportsGo on Roku:

  • Tap the home button on your Roku remote control to open the Roku Homepage.
  • Go to Streaming Channels from the right-side menu.
  • Search and type FoxSports via the search channels using the virtual keyboard.
  • Select the FoxsportsGo app from the search results.
  • Tap on Add Channel to install the FoxsportsGo channel.
  • Tap on the OK in the popup displayed after downloading the channel.
  • Now, you can go to the Channel list on your Roku to launch the FoxsportsGo channel.Activate FoxsportsGo on Roku

How to Activate FoxsportsGo on Roku

Before you can watch Foxsports on Roku, firstly you have to activate it on Roku. A cable TV or satellite subscription is not needed to activate the FoxsportsGo app. Live TV service can be used and you can start watching live sports. activate Foxsports on Roku here. Applications on Roku devices are referred to as “channels”. Follow the steps below to activate FoxsportsGo on Roku:

  • Switch on your Roku device or Roku TV.
  • Choose Streaming Channels from the left column menu.
  • Choose “Search Channels”.
  • Search for FoxsportsGo and select the app from the search results.
  • Select “Add Channel”. 
  • Then choose the FoxsportsGo app from the Home Screen.
  • Tap Sign in if prompted.
  • Open a browser on your smartphone or PC and navigate to or
  • Enter the activation code displayed on the Roku channel at
  • Then click Submit.
  • Your Roku device screen will refresh, and you will see the FoxsportsGo app homepage.
  • Choose your live TV streaming or pay-TV provider. 

In case your pay-TV provider is not listed, you won’t be able to activate the channel. You can go ahead to watch FoxsportsGo on Roku without a cable TV provider using streaming service providers like Hulu TV, Sling TV, FuboTV, and the likes. You can now start streaming your favorite Sports shows on your Roku TV.

Watch FoxsportsGo on Roku without a Cable TV Subscription

FoxsportsGo is free to download on Roku devices and also accessible using a cable TV providers but in case you don’t have an active cable TV subscription, you can watch Foxsports on Roku via streaming service providers like Hulu Live TV, Sling TV, FuboTV, the choice bundle from DIRECTV stream and AT&T TV.

To activate FoxsportsGo on Roku without a cable TV subscription, look through the various channel lineups before deciding whether to sign up or not. 

In case you decide to sign up, you can do the monthly subscription and also cancel the subscription anytime you want. DIRECTV stream functions on Roku, Android TV, Fire TV devices, Apple TV, smartphones, and tablets. Activate FoxsportsGo on Roku here.

Troubleshooting FoxsportsGo not Working on Roku

In case you could not activate FoxsportsGo on Roku device, you just keep getting some error codes and the like likes, try to solve the issue by following the tips below:

  • A session can’t be registered: This error message is quite common in the sense that most users encounter this whenever they try signing up with the web service. Fix this problem by switching off location services on your system. The location option should be available only within your system’s settings menu and not in the FoxsportsGo application itself.
  • Clean and clear EPG data: This issue occurs when a user only sees the FoxportsGo company’s logo on the screen as a signal that they have logged in and nothing else. In this case, it’s only a non-verified, gift and not the entire premium software. In other words, try the following steps to rectify the issue in this correct order: Remove the app, Reboot the Roku and Reinstall the app
    The above order is very important. Doing the reboot last or first won’t help the problem. Doing it in-between is effective to clear out any bad or corrupt data with the FoxsportsGo app.
  • Logging in and out simultaneously: It is possible to fix the issue by logging out after you already logged back in. It will help refresh your account and content to gain access to more programs.

For more information about the channel’s authentication and functionality, you might need to contact the channel provider support personally to inquire further. A lot of channels on Roku devices are developed and maintained by the channel provider themselves. 

I hope this article solved a lot of issues associated with the activate of FoxsportsGo on Roku you may encounter in the process. Feel free and let’s know what you think about activating FoxsportsGo on Roku in the comment section below. For a related post, click here.

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