How To Activate iHeartRadio

Assuming you are familiar with the use of smart TVs and streaming media devices. You might have been conversant with some IPTV services and media streaming applications that are meant to access on-demand media content such as movies and TV shows. And a few numbers of them provide live radio content but they don’t come with a wide range of content.

People might have applications completely dedicated to Live radio and music installed on devices? But if you need a streaming radio application, iHeartRadio is the best choice for you. This article is written on iHeart, the steps to install and activate iHeart on various devices. And It’s good for your usage and offers top-notch features.

What is iHeartRadio?

iHeart is a free streaming radio platform that provides you with access to thousands of live radio stations from many countries across the world such as the US, New Zealand, Australia, Puerto Rico, Canada, Mexico. iHeart gives you access to different digital content. And the contents include music, news, podcasts, comedy radio shows, sports radio shows, etc.

iHeart provides music and podcasts of different genres. And they involve Business, Spirituality, Entertainment, Society, Finance, Comedy, Crime, Food, Games, History, Kids, Family, Politics, Sports, and so on. After choosing your preferable genre playlist, iHeart will begin to play the music you have chosen.

 iHeart Application For Devices

The iHeart application is available for more than 245 devices and platforms such as Android, Blackberry, iOS, Xbox 360, Roku, (etc). The interesting part of it is, that, iHeart comes with regular updates to make your listening experience seasoned with new playlists and content. It has enjoyable benefits for all and sundry.

iHeart Premium And Offline Mode

iHeart has a premium version with which you can have an ad-free experience. It enables you to create your playlists for different moods and download them for offline use. Move along to install and activate the iHeart application on various devices. After correct installation, there are values iHeart will add to your streaming adventures.

How to Create an iHeartRadio Account

The basic pre-requisite to start using the iHeartRadio app on all supported devices is to have an account. With that in mind, we will walk you through the steps to follow to create an iHeartRadio account.Activate iHeartRadio

  1. Open a browser on your smartphone or laptop/desktop computer.
  2. Go to to create an account to listen to your favorite music and radio online.
  3. Select “Create account or sign up” depending on the option on the screen. 
  4. Input your iHeart username, password, and other personal information.
  5. Click on “Create an account.”
  6. Open your email to verify your account.
  7. Done.

Note: There is an option to start iHeart 30 days free trial to have unrestricted access to all iHeart premium services including the iHeart podcasts.

Now, once you have successfully created your iHeart account you can then proceed with the steps below in this article to find a suitable approach to activate the iHeart app on your device.

How To Activate iHeartRadio

iHeartRadio can be activated on different devices. Therefore, in this guide, we will consider the steps to start using the iHeartRadio on all the supported devices.

Activate iHeartRadio on Android TV

Android TV box is a device to turn your TV into a smart TV. It’s an android based device and it works like your normal Android phone. Therefore, if you have an Android TV box and you would love to start using the iHeartRadio app on it, here in this guide, we consider how to activate iHeartRadio on Android TV (box).

  1. Switch on your Android TV, locate the Play store, and open it.
  2. Look for the iHeart app by searching for it in the play store.
  3. Click on the install, to have the application installed on your device.
  4.  After the app has finished its installation, locate the iHeart app, open it, create and sign in to your iHeart account.
  5. An activation code will now be sent to the application screen.
  6. Open your web browser and visit
  7. Log in to your iHeart account, and on the next page, type in your activation code.
  8. Done

And the iHeart account will be activated on your Android TV. With the application installed and activated, you will be able to gain access to all contents and start streaming on-demand music and listening to radio stations of your choice.

Alternatively, you can activate the iHeart app on your Android TV through the QR code that is available on the TV screen next to the activation code.

If you have the iHeart app installed on your smartphone, you can easily scan the code from the phone and this will automatically activate the iHeart app on your smart TV.

Steps to Activate iHeartRadio on iOS devices

The methods below depict how to activate the iHeartRadio app on your iPhone & iPad. Just follow the stated steps.

  1. Turn on your Apple device, i.e an iPhone, and open your App Store.
  2. Enter iHeart in the search space to look for the app and click on the application.
  3. Install the iHeartRadio app on your iPhone.
  4. After the installation is complete, open the app. Create and sign in to your iHeart account.
  5. The Activation code will be sent to you.
  6. Open a web browser from a different device and visit
  7.  log in to your iHeart account, and enter the activation code.
  8. Click on the “Done” button.

The iHeart app will now be refreshed on your iPhone and you will be very ready to listen to the contents you desire.

Activate iHeartRadio on Roku

Roku users can also download and activate iHeartRadio. The process to activate iHeartRadio is simple and direct. The process is highlighted below.

  1.  Turn on your Roku device.
  2. Open the channel store on your Roku by clicking on Streaming Channels.
  3. In the search channels space, enter iHeart and tap OK.
  4. Move over and click on iHeart and tap Add channel
  5. iHeart will now be added to your Roku.
  6. Launch the iHeartRadio app from your Streaming channel.
  7. After opening the iHeartRadio streaming app, you will find an Activation Code on the screen.
  8. Open a web browser from a different device and visit
  9. Create an account if you are a new user or login to your iHeart account, and enter the Activation code from Roku.
  10. Follow the instruction on the screen to finalize the app activation on your Roku device.
  11. Done.

Now, you will be able to access and use the iHeart Radio app on your Roku device just like it’s on the official website.

How to Start using iHeartRadio in Vizio TV

Vizio TV is one of my favourite smart TV with some suitable features and supports the use of the iHeartRadio on it. Therefore, in this guide, we will discuss how to activate iHeartRadio on Vizio TV.

  • Double-click on the button on your Vizio TV remote.
  • Find the “iHeartRadio” in the Vizio TV apps library to download and install it.
  • Hover to the option to add the iHeartRadio app to your TV and Press and hold the “OK” until it’s added.
  • If the step above is confusing. Press the button >> Connect TV Store >> All Apps >> Find and select “iHeartRadio” by clicking on “OK.”
  • Select “Install” from the options which the app pops up.
  • Once the installation process has been completed open the iHeartRadio app on your Vizio and the activation code will pop up automatically.
  • Open a browser on your phone or computer and go to
  • Sign in to your iHeart account.
  • Enter the iHeartRadio code on your Vizio TV screen.
  • Done.

To finalize everything, follow the on-screen instruction to finalize your iHeartRadio account activation on your Vizio TV.

Activate iHeartRadio on DirecTV

If you are interested in DirecTV remote hand-on-review consider this article. To activate iHeartRadio on DirecTV, kindly consider the steps below.

  • Switch on your DirecTV and launch the Apps menu.
  • Navigate the apps menu and find the iHeartRadio app from the list of available apps.
  • Install the app if it has not been installed on your DirecTV and open the app to view the iHeart activation code.
  • Visit and sign in to your account.
  • Follow the instruction on the iHeart page to complete the activation.

Once the activation process has been completed the iHeartRadio code on your DirecTV will refresh automatically you will be able to access and use the iHeartRadio app on your device.

Activate iHeartRadio on Xbox

Xbox users are not left out. The process to activate iHeartRadio on the Xbox console is discussed below.

  • Connect your Xbox to a power source and sign in to your Xbox account.
  • Navigate to Store by clicking on the tab.
  • Search for “iHeartRadio” and install the free app on your Xbox console.
  • Wait for a couple of seconds to download and install the iHeartRadio app.
  • Launch the iHeartRadio app after the app has been installed successfully installed on your Xbox.
  • Take note of the iHeartRadio app activation code.
  • Go to on your smartphone or computer browser.
  • Log into your iHeart account and enter the activation code on your TV screen.
  • Follow the instruction to complete the iHeartRadio activation on your Xbox.

That is it. Now, you know how to activate iHeartRadio on Roku, Xbox, Android TV, Vizio TV, and DirecTV.

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