How to Activate Pluto TV on iPhone

How to activate Pluto TV on iPhone. Pluto TV is a certified free TV site for Android and iPhone and other smart devices such as Roku, Firestick, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and on web browsers to watch and favourite movies online.

Pluto TV has a free app for Android and iPhone to watch choice movies and events on both devices. However, Pluto TV offers two different approaches to activate Pluto TV on smartphones.

It allows users to activate Pluto TV without the activation code and using the activation code on To activate Pluto TV without the activate code, you need to sign up for Pluto TV. Upon signing up for your Pluto TV account, you will be able to log in to your Pluto TV account and start streaming your favourite.

If you choose to activate Pluto TV using the activation code, you must log out of the Pluto TV account and go to However, there is a report that the portal is now redirecting to the service homepage.

activate Pluto TV on iPhone

How to Activate Pluto TV on iPhone

To activate Pluto TV on your iPhone, follow the procedures below.

  • Launch the Pluto TV app on your iPhone
  • Tap the “Get” code on the screen.
  • Tap activate or visit
  • Enter the “activation code” on the screen.
  • Follow the instruction on the screen to activate the free service on your iPhone/iPad.

Another approach to activate on your iPhone is to download and install the Pluto TV app for iPhone on your iPad/iPhone.

How to Download Pluto TV app on iPhone

Pluto TV app is a free app for iPhone and Android. The basic requirement is to download and install the app on your iPhone to start exploring the app.

  • Open App Store on your iPhone.
  • Type “Pluto TV” and hit the search button.
  • Tap on “Get” for the app to start downloading.
  • Unlock your iPhone if it’s required to proceed.

The Pluto TV app will start downloading and install once done on your phone.

Please leave a comment below if you can install the Pluto TV app and activate it on your iPhone.

How to Watch Pluto TV Movies on iPhone

Now that you have successfully installed and activated the Pluto TV app on your iPhone, it’s effortless to watch movies on the app. It’s completely free and legal to use. There is no need to use a VPN to use the app on your device as it doesn’t violate a single rule. However, if you want to use Pluto TV outside the USA, you may need to use a VPN. We will come back to this. Just stick with us.

  • Launch the Pluto TV app on your iPhone.
  • Type the title of the movie to watch.
  • Hit the “Go” button or “Enter” button on your iPhone.
  • Tap on the “Watch Now” button to start streaming.
  • And you can choose to watch on TV to mirror your iPhone screen to your TV for a better view.

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