How to Add YouTube Music to Videos on YouTube

Youtube allows you to add free music to your youtube video before or after the video has been uploaded, and here is how to go about it. Know that you can only make use of free music on your YouTube videos without giving credit to the author.

Therefore, here in this guide, I will share with you how to access free music on YouTube to add to your YouTube video. No credit is required.

What is the Essence of Adding Music to the YouTube Video

It’s not an easy task to stand before your camera to record yourself talking to a group of people or audience. It takes courage to do this. However, instead of abandoning your YouTube project because you are not outspoken, you can record your video without talking and use free YouTube music ad the background voice in the video.

YouTube makes it easy to add music to youtube videos without having copyright issues. With youtube free music, you can use it endless time to your videos on youtube without a sanction. So, in this guide, I will walk you through the whole process to add this free music to your youtube video.

How to Add Music to YouTube Videos

The procedures below walk you through how to edit YouTube videos and add YouTube free music to it.

  • Go to on your web browser.
  • Tap on the sign-in button to the top right.
  • Log in with your Gmail account or your email account.
  • Tap on your “Profile icon” to the top “Right” and select “Your Channel.”How to add youTube music to Video
  • Tap on “YouTube Studio.”youtube studio
  • Tap “Videos” to the left of the pane.Tap videos
  • Tap on the “Edit” pencil in the video you want to add music.Tap the edit video button
  • Tap on the “Editor’s” on the left pane.Tap youtube video editors
  • Tap on the option to expand music (see image below).Expand music
  • Tap on “Add Audio” and a new tab will open.Add Audio in youtube
  • Listen to the available free music you want to add and tap on “Add to Video.”youtube free music
  • Tap on “Save Changes” to save your settings.Save changes

You can listen to the music before you click on the “Add to Video’s” button and you are done. However, YouTube music doesn’t loop. So, if your video is more prolonged, add the music, save, and add another to continue from where it stops.

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