[Proven Fix]: How to Adjust Peloton Shoes [2022]

You might have been cycling for a while now, maybe you’re managing the soreness or bruises that occur after using your Peloton bike or you’ve been comfortable riding on your Peloton bike with the shoes but recently, you can’t just wrap your head around why you keep having a sore foot or ankle pain during and after cycling.

Cases like these make riding uncomfortable and meeting your target much harder.

If you are faced with similar issues highlighted above, you need to adjust your peloton shoes’ cleats, maybe it is loose, rotated inward, or probably, you didn’t install the cleats correctly.

Anyway, in this article, I will be exposing the correct steps you need to follow on how to Adjust Peloton shoes correctly but before we delve into that, let’s look at how to attach the peloton cleats to your shoes the correct way.

How to Attach cleats to shoes [Correct Way]

  • Firstly you should get a Greece and apply it to the bolts that come with the cleats
  • Next, get the washers and place them in the right place.
  • Put the screws in and tighten it.
  • Now, if you look at the cleats, you’ll see a line on it, the mark shows the dead center of the axle.
  • Moving on, Take a look at the cleat directly and make sure it touches the center of both the shoe toe and heel. You can use a ruler or any straight object to ensure it is well straightened.
  • Now, check if the cleats are parallel to that line, if it is proceed to the next step
  • Once you’ve confirmed that it is parallel to that line tighten your bolts up. You can use a torque wrench to tighten it evenly.
  • Now repeat the same for the second leg, 
  • After doing that hop into your bike and try giving your pedals a spin

Note: One thing you want to verify while you are riding is the distance between the heels of your peloton shoes and the crank of the bike, make sure both right and left sides are equal.

After doing this, you should experience more comfortable riding the bike, however, if the issues persist kindly, change the cleats to the one with lesser arc movement

When you have clipped your shoes into the bike pedals sometimes, you will notice an inward and outward movement in the heel of your shoes, that movement is referred to as the arc.

Peloton Cleats Movement

How to adjust peloton shoes

In addition, you need to be aware of this – different cleats come with different arc movements. and probably you’ve noticed your peloton cleats move side to side, forming a degree of rotation at the heels.

The degree of rotation is based on the color of the cleats which are explained below.

  • The red Cleat gives a 9-degree rotation around the heel
  • A grey cleat gives a 4.5-degree rotation 
  • while a black cleat permits no rotation.

 if you are using the red one you can switch to other ones to see if it will work better for you

Since you’ve figured out the correct way of attaching the cleats to your peloton shoes, let’s proceed to how to adjust peloton shoes.

How to Adjust Peloton Shoes

When it comes to adjusting your peloton shoes, it usually comes down to the cleats. Sometimes you might have to Move the cleats as far down as possible. This makes the cleats further away from your big toes.

Doing this makes your feet more comfortable, however, you also have to ensure it is centered too.

To figure out how to adjust peloton shoes here is more comprehensive advice on that if you don’t still get it

  • First and foremost, Use a pen/Pencil to mark where the ball of your foot is -exactly at your 1st metatarsal joint
  • Also, mark where your little toes are situated – exactly at your 5th metatarsal joint 
  • Now, put the shoe cleats axle halfway in between those two points. After doing all these, the cleats should be around the 3rd metatarsal joint.
  • By now, you should be more comfortable on your bike when you begin to ride,

Since you’ve been able to figure out how to Adjust peloton shoes, let’s delve into other similar adjustments that could make your cycling experience seamless.

How to Adjust Peloton Seat

How to adjust peloton shoes seats

Maybe you aren’t soo comfortable with the seat. here are a few adjustments you can make to it

Adjusting the Height

To adjust your seat height:

  • Turn the lever under the seat to the left.
  • After doing that, Move your seat to your desired height. It is recommended to set it in alignment with your hip bone while standing next to the bike.
  • Once you’ve set it, turn the lever back to the right to tighten it.
  • Note: After doing this, if you notice that the level is being at an angle – not straight, Pull it out and let it drop downwards.

Adjusting the Dept.

To do this follow these steps below:

  • Loosen the lever by turning it left.
  • Now, while doing this, maybe the lever bumps into a lightweight, just pull out the lever and push down
  • Finally, slide the seat into your desired position.
  • Once you’ve achieved that tighten back the lever by turning it right.

How to Adjust Your Pedal Tension

How to adjust peloton shoes seats

if your peloton shoes aren’t clipping in/Out easily you might need to adjust the tension of the pedals for the peloton pedal adjustment, 

NOTE: Doing this too frequently is strongly advised against as it could damage the bike’s pedals.

Moving on, here are the steps you need to follow to adjust the tension of the peloton bike pedals.

  • Firstly, Turn the resistance knob to the right till it can’t turn again.
  • Now, bend the pedals downwards to make the screws visible.
  • Next, get the 3mm Allen key and turn counterclockwise – toward the minus side doing one-quarter turn and then try clipping your shoes into the pedals
  • Now, once you notice that it clipping in and clipping out just perfectly, leave it. but if it’s too loose and clipping in is too easy tighten it by turning the 3 mm Allen key clockwise.

How to Adjust your Handlebar Height

You can also adjust your pedal’s handlebar for a better fit and follow the steps below.

  • Loosen the lever on the front of the Bike by turning it left.
  • Now, move to the front of the seat and then place your forehands under the handlebar.
  • Next, Gently lift them gently to the highest and then bring them down till you are satisfied with the height.
  • After doing this, you can always return to readjust it after a few rides, if you’re not satisfied.

Now, apart from figuring out how to adjust peloton shoes for comfort. sometimes you might need to change the cleats just to prevent occurrences of accidents.

And a sign that should prompt you to change the cleats is when you notice this below.

A Good Signs to Change your Cleats

Below are the signs to know it’s the right time to change your Peloton cleats.

Faulty Peloton Cleats

Moving on, another issue that could make your peloton shoes less comfortable while cycling on your bike is Faulty/worn out cleats, your cleats could get worn out if you walk around with them too frequently, and in most cases, it always occurs with your stronger foot.

To easily figure that out, you will notice that the thickness of the tongs on the cleats is small, such that when compared to a new cleat it’s less than half of the new one, in a scenario like this, you might need to change the cleats.

Now that you’ve fully understood how to adjust peloton shoes. moving on, below are commonly asked questions from peloton users regarding this topic.

What Type of Pedals is on Peloton Bikes?

Peloton pedals come with 3 look delta pedals. what this means is you can only use 3 look delta cleats on the bike.

What do the numbers on the bottom of peloton shoes mean?

The number at the back of your peloton shoes are there to help you position the cleats so that you can straighten them correctly.

Peloton Cleat Position Numbers

If you feel that the shoes don’t feel right or you are aren’t comfortable cycling with your peloton shoes, then you need to adjust it, and doing that is easier when you have the lines and numbers at the back of your peloton shoes. They are there to simply guide you in making your cleats straight while installing them under your shoes.


Since you’ve figured out how to adjust peloton shoes correctly, another thing you want to put in mind is this, While adjusting your bike shoes, you should focus more on your comfort rather than the accurate adjustment. for example, bringing the cleats under your peloton shoes exactly on the 3rd metatarsal joint of your foot is dependent on you, you might prefer shifting it back a bit of a bit forward.

Another thing you want to put in mind is, you might not want to follow through with this process on your own. If this is you, you can look for a local bike shop that will help you adjust your shoe cleats correctly, you just have to ask questions to be sure the person knows what they are doing

Moving on, if you should check here for some safety tips while using your Peloton bike over here.

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