How to Cancel Blue Apron

Blue Apron isn’t transparent enough when it comes to how to cancel customers subscription on mobile. And this has brought a lot of discussion about how to cancel Blue Apron account and subscription on phone [Android and iPhone]. The approach is simply though but sometimes you would have to rely on Blue Apron customer service to help you with the instruction to cancel Blue Apron account and membership.

Well, without much ado, here in this guide, I will walk you through how to cancel your Blue Apron membership subscription to escape the next billing when you exhaust the current subscription.

In the Blue Apron customer dashboard, you can cancel your weekly delivery and the option to cancel your Blue Apron subscription is hidden under the option to manage your Blue Apron account.

Please, take note of this…

Make sure you initiate to cancel your Apron subscription 7 days before the end of the active plan otherwise you will be charged once you slipped into the week that follows.

Cancel Blue Apron

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How to Cancel Blue Apron via Email

If you choose to go with the option to cancel your Blue Apron membership on Blue Apron account via email make sure you do so at least few days, not less than 7 days before your next membership billing date.

Send an email to Blue Apron customer service on on your Blue Apron on your registered email address that you want to cancel your Blue Apron account.

Make sure you do not have any pending meal to be delivered during this period so that it will not affect how soon your account cancellation will be processed.

In most cases, a Blue Apron customer service representative will send an instruction on how to complete the process to cancel your Blue Apron membership without incurring or slipping into the next subscription date.

How to Cancel Blue Apron on Phone

This sounds good. But you must do a follow-up or try to confirm whether your account has been truly cancelled.

To cancel Blue Apron on a phone call the customer service on  888 278 4349 and provide all the information associated with your Blue Apron account to allow the representative to proceed to cancel your membership.

This might take a few minutes on phone with you. Just make sure you have all information regarding the Blue Apron account detail so that you will not be declined for cancelling the account because you couldn’t provide the required or basic need to cancel your Blue Apron on phone.

How to Cancel Blue Apron on Web

This is Blue Apron do-it-yourself online option to cancel your membership without contacting Blue Apron customer service via email or putting a call through to the appropriate department.

  • Sign in to your Blue Apron account on [Mobile or Computer] browser.
  • Go to “Account information >> Manage opposite “active meals & wine.
  • Done.

How to Cancel Blue Apron Account

If you would prefer to cancel your Blue Apron subscription once rather than cancelling it week by week, follow the procedures below.

  • Go to your Blue Apron account.
  • Tap on the profile icon to the top right.
  • Tap Account settings >> Account info.”
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and tap “Manage Status.”
  • Tap “Cancel Account.”
  • A pop up will appear to state the reason why you want to cancel your Blue Apron account. You can take the time to give feedback about the service.
  • Then, cancel bu submitting the feedback and you are done.

A good thing about cancelling Blue Apron account is that you do not need to delete your Blue Apron account.

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