How to Cancel Numerade Subscription

If you have recently subscribed to Numerade but you are looking to figure out how to Cancel Numerade subscription, this guide will provide you with the steps necessary to do so.

Numerade is a popular online education platform that offers math and science tutoring to students of all ages.

Whether you are a student, parent, or teacher, you have the option to terminate your Numerade subscription and put an end to online tutoring.

There are more than three ways to cancel your Numerade subscription and stop the automatic renewal. However, after the cancellation, you will lose access to all the online video lessons and other resources.

So if you are currently in a trial period, it is advisable to cancel the free trial before the expiration date to avoid any charges.

How to Cancel Numerade Subscription

There are a variety of ways you can decide if you want to cancel your Numerade subscription. However, there are different factors you have to look at to avoid issues, such as your Numerade subscription not cancelling.

Having said that, we will be going through the different ways to cancel your Numerade subscription.

You can cancel your Numerade subscription or free trial in the following ways, which I’ll be talking about below:

How to Cancel Numerade Subscription from the Website

How to Cancel Numerade Subscription

If you want to cancel your Numerade subscription, it’s easy! Just go to the official Numerade website and follow the directions to cancel your subscription right away. Let’s take a closer look at that process.

  • Go to the Numerade website from your web browser.
  • On the home page, click Login and enter your email address and password.
  • After logging in, go to the Profile icon at the top of the page.
  • Select billing from the options.
  • You will be taken to the billing page. Click the Update button at the bottom right.
  • From the drop-down menu, choose Cancel and follow the on-screen instructions to cancel your Numerade subscription.

How to Cancel Numerade Subscription with PayPal

How to Cancel Numerade Subscription

In a scenario where you initiated the Numerade subscription via PayPal, you have to cancel your subscription right from PayPal.

Here is how to go about that:

  • Navigate to PayPal’s website and log into your account associated with your Numerade payment.
  • Click on the Settings (Gear icon) in the top right corner and go to the Payments tab.
  • Then, select the Manage Automatic Payments option.
  • From the list of active subscriptions, select the Numerade subscription.
  • Lastly, click Cancel to end the subscription on PayPal.

How to Cancel Numerade Subscription on iOS

As I mentioned, if you initiated the transcript from a place, you have to cancel it from that place.

If you initiated your subscription using your iPhone or iPad using the App Store, here is how you need to correctly cancel your subscription.

  • Open your iPhone and go to the App Store.
  • Tap on the profile icon in the top-right corner.
  • Select your Apple ID name and select Manage Payments.
  • Select the payment method and view your Numerade subscription under the Current Subscriptions tab.
  • Choose “Manage Subscriptions.”
  • Tap “Cancel Free Trial” or “Cancel Subscription” to end the plan.

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How to Cancel Numerade Subscription on Android

How to Cancel Numerade Subscription

On Android devices, cancelling your Numerade subscription follows the same steps as we did above for the iPhone since you initiated the subscription from your Android device.

  • Open the Google Play Store and select the profile avatar in the top-right corner.
  • Select Payments & Subscriptions and then Subscriptions.
  • Identify the Numerade subscription in the list of active subscriptions.
  • Select your subscription option and then Continue.
  • Confirm the cancellation by clicking “Cancel” to complete the process of unsubscribing from Numerade.

How to Cancel Numerade Subscription on the Support Page

Cancelling your Numerade subscription is straightforward and can be done by following the instructions on our Support page.

With this guide, you will be able to quickly and easily cancel your Numerade subscription and save yourself the hassle of dealing with customer service

  • Go to Numerade’s help page to contact their customer service.
  • In “Do you have questions? In the We have solutions” area, type in your first name, last name, and email address associated with your Numerade account.
  • Next, pick Subscription Management from the Reasons options.
  • Then, choose an explanation for ending your subscription.
  • Finally, click the Submit button.

NB: Within 24 working hours, the support team will contact you to get the necessary information regarding your request.

How to Cancel Numerade Subscription Via Email

In addition to the steps listed above, another interesting way to cancel your numerade subscription is to send a mail to them.

here is how to go about it

  • Log in to your Numerade account on any device.
  • Draft an email with the subject line “Request to Delete My Account” and send it to
  • Include your name, email address, and any additional pertinent information about your account.

NB: Once your mail is received, it won’t take long before you are responded to.

Numerade Customer Service

There are different ways to reach out to numerade customer service depending on the case or issue you are facing.

You can reach out to them via their email address, or by reaching out to them via the contact form on the support page.

Can’t Cancel Numerade Subscription

If you’re facing issues with cancelling your Numerade subscription, you can easily fix the issue by following the steps highlighted below

  • Be certain that you have a reliable internet connection before you cancel.
  • Make sure to double-check the credentials you have entered into the appropriate field before ending your subscription.
  • Additionally, turn off any VPN services connected to your device before you cancel.

How to Delete Numerade Account

Once you’ve been able to cancel your Numerade subscription, you can decide to proceed further by deleting your account by following the steps listed below.

For Website

  • Navigate to Numerade on the web.
  • Log in with your credentials.
  • Navigate to the Account Settings.
  • Locate and click on “Delete Account.

For App

  • Launch the Numerade App.
  • Navigate to the Profile
  • Go to Settings.
  • Click on Delete Account.
  • Can I cancel Numerade at any time?

If you no longer need your Numerade subscription, you can cancel it at any time by going through the cancellation process.

NB: you cannot cancel a subscription that has already been purchased; the cancellation is only available for future subscriptions.

Can I Delete my Numerade Account?

Since you have chosen to cancel your Numerade subscription, it is evident that you do not find this platform beneficial, making having an account on Numerade pointless.

It is best that you delete your Numerade account, which can be done in two ways. Don’t worry; both methods are explained here, and you can pick the one that you find more comfortable. 


By following the steps outlined in this guide on “how to cancel Numerade subscription”, you should be able to successfully cancel your Numerade subscription. It is important to remember to review your subscription details to ensure that you have successfully cancelled your subscription and that no further payment will be taken.

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