How to Cancel Your Bannatyne Membership

There are several reviews online about Bannatyne Gym membership. To some, it is a pretty decent gym, and there are big fans of the gym, while others see the gym as a money-sucking venture and won’t take any of your complaints seriously.

However, other things make Bannatyne displeasing, and probably that is why you’re here looking for how to cancel your Bannatyne membership, right?

If so, there are a few rules that govern Bannatyne membership that is not so favourable.

So, if you are surprised as to why you cannot cancel your Bannatyne membership after a few months even after submitting a membership cancellation form, Keep reading as we will be explaining how it works and what you can do if your subscription is not cancelled as agreed.

How to Cancel Your Bannatyne Membership

In case you do not know, when you sign up for a Bannatyne gym membership, you will not be able to cancel it until after nine months. This implies that you’ll have to be committed for at least 9 months before you can’t opt-out or cancel your membership. And to cancel it, you have to give a three-month notice.

How does that sound?

Well, it could be off for some gym users, as this means the subscription locks you in for a certain period before you can cancel it.

For those who started going to the gym to fulfil their New Year’s resolutions, If you give up going to the gym in the 4th or 5th month, Your money might have been wasted away until the 9th month.

That doesn’t sound good, but that isn’t the only reason why some users feel dissatisfied with Bannatyne.

Reports from some users have stated how Bannatyne keeps delaying membership cancellation requests while the money keeps debiting their account after sending a member cancellation form.

This exactly is quite annoying, but there are different means of cancelling your Bannatyne account, and below I will be breaking them down.

How to Cancel Your Bannatyne Membership with a Membership Form

This option doesn’t requires the gym users to walk into the gym centre and request a membership cancellation form. While this is to your advantage if you are not in the city, I doubt if anyone can stand in for you to help request a cancellation form to cancel your Bannatyne membership cancellation form. All you need to do is download the cancellation form and send it to the appropriate email address for cancellation.

  • All you have to do here is download the membership form by visiting this link.
  • Alternatively, you can send it to their local club by mail.

Cancel your Bannatyne membership by calling

If you are not around or have travelled, you can cancel your membership by calling customer support at 344-477-4777

Calling them is effective, but not as effective as the final approach below.

Cancel your Bannatyne membership by visiting them in person.

You can visit your Bannatyne Fitness Limited gyms and let them know that you want to cancel your membership. This method is effective as you will get an immediate response and will know if it is being processed or not.

NB: Before you will be able to cancel your Bannatyne membership, you have to follow the terms and conditions written on the membership form. If you don’t meet the terms, you will not be able to cancel your membership.

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Bannatyne Cancel Membership Online

Bannatyne has made it super easy to cancel your membership, online, offline, or in person. If you want to carry this out online, all you have to do is visit this link to begin the cancellation process.

Bannatyne Cancel Membership Email.

Cancelling your Bannatyne membership via email is almost the same as the one stated above.

There are two ways this can be done: 

  • First, you have to get the member cancellation form online over here.
  • Fill it up with the correct spellings.
  • Send it to the email address listed on the form.

Alternatively, you can provide a written note cancelling your account and then send the note there via email (

Bannatyne Cancellation Fee

Here is the thing: There is no cancellation fee for a Bannatyne membership unless you are transferring your account to another person or freezing your account. These are the alternatives to cancelling your account that are short-term.

Below, I will be digging more into those. 

Alternative to Cancelling Your Bannatyne Account

How to Cancel Your Bannatyne Membership

Instead of cancelling your account, you can decide to freeze it or transfer your membership to another person.

If you don’t know how to do any of these, I will explain each below.

Freezing your account

When you freeze your account, you will be charged $10 per month, and you can only freeze it for one to six months.

All you have to do is send a mail or make a call to send a freeze request.

NB: If you want to freeze your account, it is advised to make the freeze request around the 19th of the month so that the freeze on your account will begin in the coming month.

Transfer Membership

If you can prove that the person is not a previous or current member, you can transfer your gym membership to them.

He or she has to be new. Coupled with that, you will be charged a one-time fee to transfer your membership.

All you have to do is approach the gym with the person and ensure the person is more than 18 years old. 

Bannatyne can Cancel Membership via  Phone Number.

You can cancel your Bannatyne membership by sending a call to Bannatyne customer support. The email might feel slow to you, or you are not getting any response after making a calendar request.

Either way, you can always reach out to them by calling this number: 0344 477 4777.

Bannatyne Cancel Direct Debit

One of the things about Bannatyne that sounds displeasing is the unresponsive customer support.

There are conditions to meet when cancelling your membership. If you do not meet this condition, your membership will not be cancelled.

However, if you meet this condition and your membership is not cancelled on time or at all due to some customer support personnel who does not respond, there are certain things you could do.

One of them is capping the direct debit from Bannatyne.

Doing this will stop the direct debit removal of the membership fee per month.

Why is it so Hard to Cancel a Gym Membership Subscription?

Well, confirming your gym membership comes with some conditions. Such as, you can’t cancel it until 9 months after subscribing, and you must send a refund request 30 days beforehand. There are more than make the whole process a bit daunting.

But all these are put in place to extract more money from users, which is not a prescribed practice.

Can you Join Bannatyne for one month?

No, you can’t join the Bannatyne gym membership plan for one month. But you can join and leave your money wasting for nine months if you do not have the time to commit to your obligation. It does not sound like a wise decision to go for Bannatyne if you are going to be subscribing for just 1 month.

Can I cancel my Bannatyne gym Membership Early?

You could, but the problem is your account will keep getting changed until September when it will be cancelled. It’s not a wise decision for a short-term gym membership if you will be staying for less than a year.

What is the cancellation period for Bannatyne?

According to the terms on the membership cancellation form, you are required to be at the end of your minimum period of membership; otherwise, you will still be liable for the membership fees. 

The minimum period of membership is nine months.


After reading this article, you should have figured out how to cancel your Bannatyne Membership and what conditions you are required to meet before your account can be cancelled.

If you meet these conditions and your account cancellation request isn’t given a timely response, you should give the customer service representative a call or visit them in person.

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